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Malayalam Full Movie Info Solar Swapnam

Movie Name
Directed by Joy Anthony
Written by Raju Joseph
Starring Bhuvana,JanardananHarisree AsokanSona Nair
Music by Jayan B Ezhumanthuruthu
Cinematography Joy Antony
Edited by
Released Year
Language Malayalam

Malayalam movie Solar swapnam (2014) is a Malayalam romantic – drama.Directed by Joy Antony. Starring Bhuvana, Puja, Nandu, Arti Puri , Devan & others. The root story of Solar Swapnam is about the woman harassment, yes in today’s world the attitude of society toward woman has changed a lot.

Haritha nair is the central character of this movie. she is a highly educated woman. But she also had a dark past of child hood. She is still searching for that face. She is pretty bold, smart & good looking. Haritha is a very responsible social animal. Her friend Sandra is press reporter. Both were keenly interested in social disputers, especially in woman rescue and empowerment. Ajay kartha was a cunning person. He is a born criminal. But none of his friends of relatives never know it. He murdered his wife Rajalakshmi, to gain the life insurance money. He had cheated so many women too. But he left no clues. When he came to know about Haritha, he tactically grabbed her attention, eventually it turned into a relation. She got cheated, and betrayed. But his intentions were far more than that, he invited her to join into his ‘Solar Apartments’ projects. He arranged parties and meetings of the big shots and politicians. He used Haritha & Gayatri to gain the approvals and advance cash. Haritha was a smart girl, she never lost her self into the hands of those low lives. She trusted Ajay a lot, but she never realized his black heart. The so called “Business’ grown more and more, company got millions of investments. But they never started any of the construction works. Ajay framed some strange reasons for all. On the other hand Haritha eventually came to know about the forgeries in company. She found the old guy who dislodged her life, he is now a king maker is politics, KRP. But she was too late. She got arrested as the main accused. Adv.Kartha, bailed her out. But it was a trap to kill her. Now Movie leans to the climax. What may will happen to her? Will the law show mercy to her? and punish the real culprits? Watch full movie ‘Solar Swapnam’


Malayalam Full Movie Info Solar Swapnam
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