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Poompattakalude thazhvara

Poompattakalude thazhvara
Movie Name
Directed by V.M.Akhilesh
Written by V.H. Dirar
Starring Rajesh Mohan, Prethiknjan, Dhirar,
Music by Rajesh Mohan
Cinematography Chandrabose
Edited by Renjith.
Released Year

Malayalam Full Movie Vilakkumaram
“Poombattakalude Tazhavaram” (2013) is a Romantic & Dramatic Movie directed by V. M Akhilesh. Starring Nima, Rajesh Mohan, Prethiknjan, Dhirar, Prasad Raman, Pazhani Swami Attappady, Sandhra & Others.  The is narrating the life of tribal people in one part. The movie illustrates the way, how tribal people integrated to the mainstream society in Kerala. The story thread emerges through a Typical Tribal Home in Attapaadi. Muthu is Tyre Puncture repairing man also an Orphan, even if he rough in outer image he was very soft in heart. He very much quenching for love. Pappathi &  Vennila are the daughters of “Mooppan’. Moooppan’s wife left him years back. He is a good father but he is a hard drinker of Liquor. “Chithal” is his helper who is appeared to be semi normal throughout the movie. Jayasurya is a Taxi Driver who is font of with woman. Reshmi is his so called “Lover”.
The Movie starts with a song. Muthu always screws the fellows who comes to his village for woman. The Movie starts with such fight. Mooppan is presently doing farming works for daily bread. Muthu have a silent love towards Pappathi. But she don’t like his rough nature and Drinking habit. Mean while Pappathi joins for a Tailoring shop and there she met Reshmi. Reshmi introduce her to Jayasurya. His eyes starts glittering in the joy of getting a new pray. When Muthu see this he wars pappathi but she don’t mind it. One day Muthu saves Vennila from Drowning which alleviates Papathi’s attitude to him. One day she dream bad about her father and she runs to jaya’n home. He take that as a chance and try to molest her. Some how she ran from the house and Muthu saves her. Muthu opens his heart and she realized the trues love of Muthu. They got married. When things going good Chithal stabs Muthu with a knife at night. The story gets into a twist in here. What is that? What will happen to Muthu/ What about PapppathI? To reveal the mystery go to full Movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


Poompattakalude thazhvara
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