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Malayalam Full Movie Info Koottathil Oral

Malayalam Full Movie Info Koottathil Oral

Movie Name
Directed by Kp Padmakumar
Written by
Starring Siddique,Rajasree
Music by Santhosh Kesav
Edited by Rathish Mohan
Released Year
Language Malayalam

Koottathil Oraal (2014) is a Malayalam dramatic movie. Directed by K Padmakumar . Starring Sidhique ,Soja Jolly ,Divyadarshan ,Rajashree Nair ,Sadiq ,Chali Pala ,Chemban Vinod Jose & others. Movie discusses about the pathetic attitude of society towards women.

In Koottathil oral, the story thread is simple. Viswan is taxi & goods driver. He is living with his daughter Vismaya. In fact she is not her daughter. Years back, Viswan was coming back after a trip, on the way he saw a pregnant woman who was laying unconscious on the road. He took her to hospital and she give birth to a child. But before he came back, she had left the hospital leaving the baby behind. Viswan adopted her and take good care of her, like his own daughter. This incident is the reciprocal of the quote ‘Blood is thicker than water”. Viswan stayed unmarried for he daughter. He hided this past from her. After years, she is now a grown up woman. From her childhood Vismaya was a talented girl, she glowed in literature. Her poems were outstanding. Visamaya loved her father very much. This movie is basically the story of this father and daughter. She is now a social activist. She & her father head into many social issues. They stand against the landlords and mafias. A cement factory was announced as coming in there, but since it was a farming village, they al afriad about the upcoming pollution. On the other hand Vismaya was called for channel interview after declaring the national award form literature. The cameraman Darshan felt a crush on her. Even though he was from a rich family, he was good in heart. He was doing that job because of his passion to cinematography. They got more close. But she insisted for her father’s permission. He called his parents for the marriage fixing. But things all got worse so fast. Visamaya’s mother was a blue film actress, some one has uploaded her old footage in web. Since the resemblance between them was so high. People thought her as Visamaya. Now a crucial points comes in.So what may be her destiny? will she face it with courage ? Will Darshan accept her? Find out, watch full movie.


Malayalam Full Movie Info Koottathil Oral
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