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2017: The Heroines Who Were Shined in the Half Portion of the Year

If we have search on the history of Malayalam cinema, there is the presence and involvement of beautiful and strong heroines and their unique contributions would found, the heroines well maintained their talent exposure in the film industry of Malayalam. If we search the half portion of the year 2017, we’ll see the dedication of the beautiful Malayalam and other language actress who were performed best in Malayalam cinema, though many are from Kerala at the same time many are from other languages like Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. Any way we’re going to meet them and it starts with Meena.


Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor has acted as the cheater Chanthu in the northern traditional stories, though Kunalk Kapoor tis a Bollywood actor he very effectively handles the character the deceiver Chanthu, he is a person with healthy beautiful body very suitable for the character, he has overcome the limitations of the language and performed the mental struggling he experiencing, he has expressed all his emotions within the control of acting limitation.

Priya Anand

The next heroine is Priya Anand, she has acted as heroine opposite to Prithviraj in the film Esra, the film was based on a Jewish family background with horror, Esra was a super hit in Malayalam, the film is basically a horror thriller movie, Priya Anand is an outer language artist, Esra directed by JK, he is new director, the debut movie Esra became a success, Priya Anand performs for the first time in Malayalam cinema,

her character in the first movie esar was very different and strong, she performed with full responsibility and seriousness to make her character superb and she definitely succeed in her effort. Her character Priya was a pregnant woman haunted by the ghost, her character might be consider as one of the best in her short acting career. From the beginning part she was very calm and in the second part her character experiences the mental complications, she exposed best through her body language and with her facial expressions, whatever be Priya Anand is a talented artist, she is in the front line of heroines.

Anna Rajan

There was a film released titled as Angamally Diariues directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, the film was a super hit all over the released stations, the said film was Anna Rajan’s debut movie, she has acted very easier like a well experienced actress, she never tells her love to hero and she stood with hime in his miserable situations without abandon him, her character’s name was Lichi, the heroine Anna Rajan has to special mention, she never showed embarrassment in front of the movie camera, she acted simpler and tensed free, she shares her love very naturally to the hero , Anna Rajan is an enriched character in the film Angamally diaries, obviously Anna Rajan is a promising heroine, she’ll be tomorrows busier artist.

Manju Warrier

In her second coming to Malayalam cinema actress Manju Warrier, she is very care full to select the movie with heroine importance. The released movie C/o” Saira Banu, Manju Warrier has acted very well as the character Saira Banu, the film’s director was new film maker Sony, his debut movie beiong noticed. In the first half Manju’s character Saira Banu has to act comedy and her humor presentations are well exposed,

in the second half of the movie Manju has to express the complication mind of a house wife, What ever be Manju acted very matured and the character was very safe in her hands, in the climax she has performed her character sufficient to touch the hearts of the audience, her performance was stunning, Manju Warrier really conquered the audience and they whole heartedly accepted Manju, the film has given everything from Manju, more than a star she dexterous handled her role as an actress , she fulfilled the expectations of her fans and performed best in the movie C/o: Saira Banu.


As a younger Malayalam heroine Parvathy stunningly performed in many Malayalam movies and all her movie were super hit including Ennu Nite Moydeen. Parvathy is lucky heroine that she obtained so many very good characters, In the first half portion of the year 2017, Parvathy became very noticeable, she has acted in the film Take Off, the film directed by Mahesh Narayan, Parvathy’s character was Sameera, the character in the film Take Off goes through many miseries and complications,

she beautifully exposed her physical and mental mannerisms, she has acted much better than any other heroines, the character Sameera was very safe in her hands, her character is a pregnant nurse, she strives hard to get back his husband from IS captivation. The film critics said the character of Parvathy in the movie Take Off is one of the best in the recent history of Malayalam cinema. She performed as Sameera, hiding all worries in her heart in conflicted terrain where IS rules.

Anu Sithara

In the first half portion of 2017, the sub actress Anu Sithara obtained the heroine role with the movie, film Raamante Ethenthottam, her charecyers name is Malini Elvis, Anu Sithara has been uplifted in to the phases of acting possibility roles, she was a dancer in the move trapped between her husband and lover, she has the responsibilities to her family as a home wife, but she is in love with Raman, Anu Sithara well exposed her complicated mental situations in the film. Any way Anu sithara well proved she has the capcity and the stock to perform important roles.


2017: The Heroines Who Were Shined in the Half Portion of the Year

If we have search on the history of Malayalam cinema, there is the presence and involvement of beautiful and strong heroines and their unique

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