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“Ezra” A Very Different Genre Horror Movie

We have seen so many horror movies in Malayalam, but only a few were good in presentation and almost all the other horror movies where boring, and the audience felt the monotonous because they ‘were in same pattern, but here is a change a new director Jayakrishnan commonly known as J.K directs a horror movie with an intention to release the audience from the frequent viewing of boring horror movies. J.K’s debut venture is Ezra and Prithviraj is the hero in the movie. Ezra is not an Indian or English word, the title has taken from Jew language.

The meaning of Ezra in English is “Help me”, the background of Esra is about the Jews who were lived in Kochi long years back. The film tells about the faith in Jewish religion and also about the myths of Jewish. Prithviraj has acted as hero in some other horror movies like Anantha Bhadram directed by Santhosh Shivan, Velli Nakshathram directed by Vinayan etc. But, Ezra is an entirely different movie from the said Malayalam horror movies. Director J.K has taken a very different style in Ezra the horror movie. Prithviraj is presenting a character Ranjan, and in his own Facebook page Prithviraj has introduced his character Ranjan including first look, there was an small noticing under the first look “ the synonym for fear is Abraham Esra.

But he is not explained about “who is Abraham Esra or What’s the relevance of the character in the movie? etc. The director says Ezra is the most honest horror film in the history of Malayalam cinema, the persons behind the curtain of Ezra believes, the film will catch the super hit list like Hollywood classic horror movie “The Omen”. Prithviraj has mentioned in his own Facebook page that, Ezra will be a movie remains very close to Para Normal activities. The movie Ezra gives much expectation as Ezra is coming after Jithu Joseph’s Oozham . Ezra is filmed not with an idea to deliver frequent horror in every moment, though the film has all the factors for a horror thriller, it has settled as per the development of the story.

The director targets to hold the audience in their seats rather than making them sit with frequent fear. Ezra is the first directorial venture of director Jayakrishnan (J.K.) he was the associate director of Bollywood director Raj Kumar Santhoshi , Rajiv Ravi etc. The first teaser of Ezra is super hit, it lengthens more than half an hour (50 minutes), and the teaser reveals the Para Normal scenes in a haunted house. Within a short time of teaser releasing there were 2 lakhs of viewers had been witnessed the You Tube and the Ezra teaser positioned the 5th position in the Indian trending list and more than 10 lakhs viewers owned the visual joy.

Priya Anand is the heroine of Ezra, and she acts opposite to Prithviraj as his wife. Ezra is the first Malayalam movie of Priya Anand. The film Ezra gives priority to the love and romance between hero and heroine. Tovino Thomas is also acting an important role in the movie; his character is A.C.P Shefeer Ahmed. The story goes through the life situations of a couple ( Ranjan and wife) who were eventually stays at an old Jew Bungalow, a haunted house. During the stay at the old Jew Bunglaow, the couples experienced many abnormal happenings truly Para normal. Tovino Thoma’s character ACP Shefeer Ahmed takes charge of investigation in the Jew Bungalow. The story of Ezra develops surrounding an old Jew family at Fort Kochi.

Vijay Raghavan is acting as the character Fr. Samuel; other important charecters in the movie are Pratap Pothen, Sudev Nair, Babu Antony, Sujith Shankar etc. Ezra is coming under the banner of E for Entertainments and AVA productions. The producers are Mukesh Mehtha, CV Sarathi, AV Anoop etc. Cinematography: Sujith Vasudev, Music handles by Rahul Raj, Hari Narayanan, Hari Charan etc. Background Music: Sushin Shyam, Besides Malayalam, the film Ezra will be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Prithviraj is the same who’ll be dub the movie in Tamil.


“Ezra” A Very Different Genre Horror Movie

We have seen so many horror movies in Malayalam, but only a few were good in presentation and almost all the other horror movies where boring, and the

“Ezra” Shooting: Original haunted effect in the Bungalow

Two weeks after started the shooting for the movie Ezra, in the location especially at the bungalow there were many thing happened un usually, a majority

Malayalam Full Movie Info Ezra

Upcomming Malayalam Movie 2016 - Ezra. a prithviraj movie Director: Jayakrishnan Cast: Prithviraj...........
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“Ezra” in the line of Prithviraj

Ezra in the line of Prithviraj Ace actor Prithviraj Sukumaran, who is on a roll with back to back hits is teaming up with Tamil actress Priya Anand for an
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