S The Villains enjoying conquering women The Villains enjoying conquering women

The Villains enjoying conquering women

The Villains enjoying conquering women,Jose Prakash,K. P. Ummer,G.K Pillai
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The Villains enjoying conquering women

A majority of films in Indian languages, the thread and story hugs the hero and heroine. Without a protagonist and woman centered character, Indian films have no visual effect. In case of Malayalam 95% of the movies are hero oriented and there would have the presence of a heroine. And without a negative character, which we says villain – the Indian audience shows reluctance to cinemas, and there is no doubt the villain role is also very important in Indian cinema as well as in Malayalam.

So there is a hero, heroine and villain in almost every movie. As you know, abnormal women affection is a habitual part of every villains and in many films raping science comes (in olden days movie) as per the characterization requires. Lust is an emotion not only for human beings, but animals also follow the inspiration to opposite sex. It’s a fate of heroin or any character in the movie to experience rape by villain. The lustful villain approached the heroin and tries to conquer her, and at the same time there is chance for stunt (if the hero arrives in time to save her). The young generation likes to see rape scenes and it was a cinematic formula to achieve the hit graph of the movies.

The villain removes the clothing of the heroin and stripes her, and then only the raping improves. The young audience of Kerala likes to see rape scenes. Before the new Generation cinemas, Malayalam cinema has some permanent villains who were expert in raping. In olden days, the directors shoot the visuals of raping as per the importance of story and situation requirement, and the audience especially youngsters enjoyed such raping scenes and they have again come to theaters to enjoy only the same raping scene and the movie became success. And of course, some directors thought raping scene has the power to attract youngsters in to theaters and they concluded raping and sex scenes in to their cinema. Such films became super hits.

Some directors purposefully shoot raping scenes only with a view to success their movie in box office. In olden days Malayalam cinema has certain permanent villains especially character for raping sequences. Un disputably, they’re good villains and best rapist artists. K.P. Ummer, the beautiful villain of Malayalam cinema has ever seen, coming among the first.

Jose Praksh

It’s about another beautiful villain Jos Prakash, he was also a rapist in olden days of Malayalam cinema. In the year 1952, Jos Praksh entered in the Malayalam cinema and he was beautiful. His debut film was Prema Lekha directed by M.K Mani, and he has acted as hero in the film. Then he acted some other films as hero includes Snapaka Yohannan. Gradually he turned as villain in Malayalam cinema.

After started his career as an actor and hero, at the age of 40 Jos Prakash has started acting villain roles and at the same time he was getting raping scenes. He has raped heroines like Sheela, Jayabharathy, Vidhubala, Lakshmi, Unni Mary, Prema, Usha Kumari, KPAC Lalitha, Kanaka Durga, Anu Radha, Vara Lakshmi, Seema, Nanditha Bose, Jaya malini, Madhavi, Suma Latha, Swapna atc. He was a good villain always keeps a gun and often he used the weapon to rape the heroines in the Malayalam cinema.

K.P. Ummer

Beautiful as hero, unfortunately he became a villain K.P. Ummer – he was a talented actor. While telling about the villains spirited for rape, perhaps K.P. Ummer will be the fore fronted. The hero Prem Nazir and K.P.Ummer were charming and beautiful personalities and both were enriched with acting capacity.

K.P Ummer was an actor who was expressed villainess in Malayalam cinema and raping women is a habitual, part of his character. He entered in the Malayalam cinema industry in the year 1956, and the film was Raarchcan enna pauran. K.P Ummer deserves the title for the experienced rapist of Malayalam cinema and perhaps he will be the person who raped most number of heroines in Malayalam cinema.

K.P.Ummer was the permanent villain opposite to Prem Nazir and a majority of Malayalam heroines surrendered him and enjoyed his raping. The heroines like Sharada, Sheela, Jayabharathy, K.R.Vijaya, Shobha, Rajasree, Ragini, Sujatha, Sreevidhya, Lakshmi, Ranichandra etc. we’re being raped by K.P. Ummer. He died in the year 2001 Oct 29th, and as a beautiful villain Ummer will be remembered.

G.K Pillai

Once, there was a golden time in Malayalam cinema, and the industry ruled by Sathyan and Prem Nazir. At the same age and back to decades, there was a manly villain, it was G.K. Pillai. He was a permanent villain opposite to Sathyan, Prem Nazir, Madhu, Thikkurishi etc. G.K.Pillai entered in the Malayalam cinema industry through the movie Sneha Seema,

it was in the year 1954. He was a 6 foot 3 inch villain and he raped many heroines in the Malayalam cinema in olden days. He raped the heroines like Padmini, Mrs. Kumari, KPAC Sulochana, Ambika, Sheela, Sukumari, Prameela, Vijayavaani, Lakshmi, Jayabharathi, Sharada, K.R. Vijaya etc. G.K.Pillai was a super villain in olden cinema, he still alive healthy and lives at Thiruvananthapuram.

The Villains enjoying conquering women
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