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Un Known Realities of a Legend

Ever Green Hero Prem Nazir

As an actor with a charming and beautiful face, Prem Nazir once stepped in to Malayalam cinema world – decades back and became the most pleasant part of the Malayalam cinema industry. Not only in Malayalam cinema, but the Indian cinema has only one Evergreen Hero none other than Prem Nazir. He was the most beautiful hero actor in the history of Malayalam cinema and the perfect gentleman in the Malayalam cinema world.

In some occasions he was criticized as a feminine beauty holder heroine, whatever be Prem Nazir was a complete actor in every aspect. The original name of Prem Nazir was Abdul Khader and after he entered in the Malayalam cinema world, it was Thikkurishshi Sukumaran Nair who changed his name in to Prem Nazir. He was very efficient especially to perform in song sequences, his lip movements were 100% correct and his sound was equal to K.J. Jesudas to a certain extent.

Once late action hero actor Jayan told in a press meet that he loves and admires most Nazir sir, because of his politeness, Jayan told he likes to lead a life like Prem Nazir keeping all decency and well manner. Prem Nazir was an ideal actor never disturbs the producer or director, he was very accurate and never comes late in the shooting locations, he was very generous to everyone Prem Nazir behaved better to each and everyone in the industry, from producer to the light boy he has extended quality behaviour.

It was in the year 1929, December 16th Prem Nazir born at Chiranyankeezhu in Thriuvananthapuram district. His father Aakkodu Shahul Hameed and mother Asma Beevi, Prem Nazir was one of the nine children and he has six sisters and on brother (Prem Navas). Prem Nazir’s schooling was at Kaddinamkulam lower primary school and Shri Chiththgira Vilasam School. After schooling Prem Nazir has finished the college education (S.D. College, Alapuzha and S.B College, Changanacherry) and tried to became a cinema actor.

In the year 1950, Prem Nazir first attained his ambition as an actor , he got an opportunity to act in a movie “Thyaga seema”, and unfortunately due to certain technical problems the film “Thyaga seema” doesn’t released, hence he concentrated to act in dramas. In his college days, at S.B College auditorium – Prem Nazir has acted as Shylock in the drama “The merchant of Veneece”and he has achieved tremendous applause from all corner.In the year 1952, Prem Nazir has acted in a movie “Marumakal”, Paul kallunkal was the producer and the directer of Marumakal was K. S. Chari.

PremNazir’s acting as a hero in Marumakal (1952) was a historical event and a good start for a victorious journey of an un paralleled hero actor. Marumakal was the first released movie of Prem Nazir. At the same year in 1952, Prem Nazir has acted in “Vishappinte Vili”, produced by Udaya Studio under the banner of K.K. Combines. The Telugu film director Mohan Ravu was the director of Vishappinte Vili. While acting in this movie Vishappinte Vili, it was actor Thikkurishshi Sukumaran Nair change the name Abdul Khadar in to Prem Nazir.

Hence Prem Nazir became busy acting with the productions of Udaya Studio and Merry land Studio, he obtained the hero image of Malayalam cinema, gradually attained super star position. Habeeba Beevi is the mother of Prem Nazir, and he has four children Laila, Razia, Shanavas and Reeththa and Shanavas is very familiar to Malayalam audience, Shanavas once acted as a hero in a Malayalam movie directed by Balachandra Menon. Shanawas has acted in so many TV serials and once in eighties (!980) Shanavas was a shined hero artist in the Malayalam cinema.

Prem Nazir has acted approximately 1000 cinemas and he obtained the world record as the most numbered performed hero actor in cinema. Yes. One and only Prem nazir has acted as hero in 1000 cinemas, and it’s a world record.

The life of Prem Nazir was truly blessed with god, and it can be say as a victorious journey. In fifties (1950) Prem Nazir has acted in 120 films in a year and he worn the crown of Malayalam cinemas all time romantic hero. The films like Vishappinte Vili, Balya Sakhi, Avan varunnu, Manthra Vadi, C.I.D etc. are the super hits of fifties (1950) and the other shined hero actors contemporary to Prem Nazir was Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair and Sathyan.In sixties (1960) Prem Nazir was not only a chocolate hero actor, he has acted in various type of roles, with acting possibilities, action roles etc.

In the same year Prem Nazir crowned the super stardom and he has acted with Sathyan the other super star of the Malayalam cinema. He was a frequent acting star and he continually acted in 120 films just within a short span of few years. In this acting journey the films like Unniyaarcha, Bhaktha Kuchela, laila Majnu, Ninamaninja Kaalppadukal, Kaatu maina, Oralkoodi kallanayi, Kuttikkuppayam, Bhargavi Nilayam, Ayisha, Rosi, Odayil Ninnu, Murappennu, Kaavya Mela, Ina pravukal, Iruttinte Aatmaavu, Kunjali Marakkar, Ramanan, Naadan pennu, Kottayam kolakkesu, Baalya kaala Sakhi,Veluththa kathreena, Thula bharam, Ashwa medham, Thokkukal katha parayunnu, Asura viththu, Bhaaryamar Sookshikkuka, Nadi, Mooladhanam, Kallichchellamma, Kadalppalam, Danger buiscut, Adimakal, etc were super duper family hits.

And a majority of these said films were the films Prem Nazir participated with super star Sathyan. Thikkurissi, Sankaradi, Adoor Bhasi, K.P. Ummer, Madhu, Bahdoor, G.K Pillai, Muththaiyya, Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair,Paravoor Bharathan , S.P. Pillai etc. the best actors were acted in Prem Nazir movies as character roles, Villain and comedy roles. In the year 1960, the new hero’s like Madhu and K,P Ummer etc. were entered Malayalam cinema. They’re good looking and healthy with body curves, but they were not capable to shook the stardom of Prem Nazir. In the sixties there were so many beautiful heroines acted with Prem nazir and they are likeMiss Kumari, Ambika, Ragini, Padmini, Vijaya laxmi, Sheela, Sarada, K.R. Vijaya etc.

Prem Nazir was a rare breed actor like Krishna in Indian mythology, Prem Nazir was the true up lifter of singer ,K.J Jeshudas – Prem Nazir recommended K.J. Jesudas to every producers, he was like his brother and Prem Nazir personally believed Jeusda’s singing voice is most suitable for him.

Un Known Realities of a Legend
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