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The mysterious deaths in Malayalam Cinema Industry

Deaths are painful, and there is no escape for human race from this inevitable bare reality. The deaths of cine stars are like something very related to us. Because the influence of cine stars in our life is too much and they’re very familiar to us as close as a relative or friend. The characters of the stars take very resemblance to our daily life and perhaps we’ll be forced to feel as a family member, while the stars performing certain characters.

The character will be very close to us as our brother, sister, father, friend, mother or any. This is a psychological impact where we believe the stars are our own family member or relative or friend and we deeply loves them, respects them. The stars have the power within them to make us happier and sorrow, they cause laughter and tearing our eyes, stars are the people makes much influence in our life. So the death of an actor or actress would be painful and sorrow.

Kalabhavan Mani

Recently, Malayalam cinema has the worst fate to confront the bare reality, it lost a very talented actor “Kalabhavan Mani” and he was a person maintained huge friendship in the cinema industry and the unexpected demise of Kalabhavan Mani was a shock to Malayalam cine lovers and also in the film industry.

Mani is a person who experienced the miseries of poverty, bitterness and many and lived with all sufferings from very low class. But, Mani is a person born with talent and blessed with acting ability and he reached Malayalam cinema industry, and then become a successful actor.

In Chalakkudy , the native place of Mani, he unmasked the charisma of a cine actor and lived very ordinary with his family and friends. The death of a versatile actor like Mani made Malayalees to felt grief and mourn; the unpleasant reality has to reveal the truth behind the un timing demise of Mani, the artist. He was a Liver cirrhosis patient and suffering so much includes experiencing savior pain and other un merciless disease impacts. The doctor stringently restricted him not to use liquors, but Mani denied the advices and continued a life without caring himself and at last surrendered in front of the inevitable reality.

Still, in Kerala the media is simply not sitting, they enjoy the scoop and Kalabhavan Mani is the center of news. The death may be natural due to the ailment cirrhosis, but there are some other things have to consider while observe the death of Mani. The postmortem report of Mani unwraps certain factors like consuming of poisoned local alcohol might be the cause to breathing the last or somebody purposefully tried their effort to kill him through poisoned arrack (local liquor), whatever be the reason the expiry of a talented actor from Kerala still continuous as smoky mysterious and of course, something hidden yet to reveal.

There is certain other talented artists from Malayalam cinema industry who were being the prey to become dying early in mysterious surroundings.

Silk Smitha

Once, there was a gorgeous sex symbol in south India and her name was Smitha, sooner became Silk Smitha and this actress was an integral part of south Indian movies including Malayalam.
She was acted in almost alllanguages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and many more and perhaps an excellent actress dancer after India’s no. 1 Helen and Bindu, Jyothi Lakshmi etc.

A dance performing by Silk Smitha would be inevitable in those early days of south India and she was like Marlin Monroe of Hollywood an in south India, the men in youth were addicted to her cinemas and Silk Smitha, the sex bomb of south Indian cinema has been caused reducing the sleep length of youngsters of south India and Kerala is not an exemption. She was influenced the whole south Indian cinema Industry and she was also the heroin in rumors and gossips.

Silk Smitha was very sexy in look and her eyes were be witched with lust, her body shape and curves were extreme inspirational. She was not mere an actress focusing only dance sequences, but she has proved as an actress capable to involving full length role of heroines. Yes. Silk Smitha was an excellent dancing artist and also a good actress. Her popular Malayalam movies are Adharvam, Spadikam, Pushyaraagam, Karimpana, Vayal, Sarswatheeyaamam, Sneham Oru Pravaaham, Pinneyum pookkunna kaadu, Theeram thedunna thira, Kaalan, Idavelakkushesham, Bullet, Revenge, Chorakku chora, Jeevante jeevan ,Annoru raavil , Kulampadikal,Layanam ,New year etc. and she has been acted more than 200 movies .(Tamil,Malayalam, Telugu,Kannada, Hindi)

The earlier happened death of Silk Smitha was a huge loss in south Indian cinema Industry and in those days of Smitha , Malayalam cinema has been force suffered without the presence of her. Silk Smitha was an actress with star value and if there is a dancing sequence of Silk Smitha , the movie will be success perhaps hits to box-office. The producers were tensed free, because they were sure about the success of the movie only because of the Smitha presence alone.

But she has been forced to take her life herself, revealed a s a suicide the death of Smitha really shocked the entire south Indian cinema Industry. The news spread was Smitha has hanged herself and she has been suffered with internal problems including financial miseries. But, at the same time there was another rise of sayings like Silk Smitha was killed and tied hanged. Anyway, the saga of Sik Smitha finished, but her death is covered under unrevealed smoke of hidden and undoubtedly there is mystery on whether her death is a suicide or ruthless man made killing?


Sreenath was a charming actor and too sensitive, his debuted movie “Shalini ente koottukari” was a big hit in Malayalam. The wedding of Sreenath was a talk and discussion in Kerala, he has married to Santhi Krishana the actress after intense love from both side.
Actress Shanthi Krishana and Sreenath were once happy couples, then they were divorced and detached their relationship, anyway Sreenath finally surrendered to self-decision on destiny, he killed himself due to mental agony.

Sreenath was very polite and innocent, but he has many mental disturbances from inner Malayalam movie circle. He has been threatened for acting both in TV serials and cinema. The suicide of Sreenath is certainly a loss to Malayalam cinema and TV serial industry , his mind is too thin and weak where resistance is a problem and he was in a position quiet unable to face the situation, he thought dying is better and decide for a self-finish. He acted in lot of Malayalam and three Tamil movies (Rail payanangalil, Chinnamul periya mul, Kal vadiyum pookkal) and he was the hero of “Kalika” directed by Balachandra Menon.

Sreenath has acted in 85 Malayalam films including some hits like “Ithu njangalude katha”. Though Sreenath was not a complete success as a hero star, he effortlessly played other roles and proved his talents as an actor. At the time of his self-deny to life, he was under over drunken and mentally suffered. Sreenath’s death is a serious subject and not to consider as a simple happening, but those who forced him to take such a decision to end himself are culprits.


Nandu was young and beautiful, and as hero, he was a promising actor. But he was forced to die himself at very young age of 27. Nandu has acted only few films and he was the brother of famous trio “Kala ranjini, Kalpana and Urvasi” and they were busy artists in Malayalam and other language films including Tamil and Telugu.

Nandu’s debuted film is “Layanam” and he was the hero opposite to Silk Smitha. This venture directed by Thulaseedas was a hit, and Layanam has been come under criticism of sexual visualization and deeply involving sequences of hero and heroine. While, after the releasing of Layanam, Nandu being harassed in home and family circle , there were un pleasant problems. Nandu later acted as hero in another Malayalam film, but he was not a rising star. Nandu has gone to the world of dark, he hanged himself. The reason is still fade and hidden, there was a talk of a failed love affair and Nandu was mentally worried. Anyway Mlayalam film industry has lost a charming hero.


Once, there was an actress in Malayalam film industry, she was very sexy and beautiful, known as the “Marylin Monroe’ of the south. She is Vijayasree has been forced to suicide at very younger age of 21.
Vijayasree was a successful south Indian actress with enormous beauty and sexy physical curves. She has acted not less than 60 Malayalam films, the entire Malayalam cinema industry has surrendered in front of her. Vijayasree has acted a majority of Malayalam films opposite to Prem Nazir, and she was a heroine of Malayalam hits.

Her suicide was a shock to Malayalam film industry and the entire south Indian film industry has been sleepy and gloom. Vijayasree and her sex appeal were very unparalleled, once she ruled the Malayalam film industry with her magnetism and aura. Seventies (1970) were her golden time of performance and she has acted in lot of Malayalam hits. She was an artist who loved the children very much and of course she has an innocent mind like children.

She was a perfect artistically creation of god and the men in youth were addicted to her beauty and sex appeal. She was the sensation of seventies and the most popular actress of south India. Her suicide was due to the impact over certain black mailing of nudity picturing (while shooting of “Ponnapuram kotta) and the producer of the movie played a villain role in real life to end her last breath by herself). Whatever be the reason, the death of Vijayasree made the south Indian film industry into strong crisis.


Shobha was an actress who has been started her career as a “child artist” in the year 1965. The film is “Jeevitha yaathra” means the journey of life. But in real life, she was a victim of suicide, and Shobha was a very talented actress and has acted not much Malayalam movies. Shobha is the first Malayalam actress who has been achieved the ultimate Indian award for acting “Urvasi” and it was a credibility uplifting to Malayalam cinema industry. Her last film was in Tamil (Anpulla aththan) and it was also a success.

Shobha entered in cinema industry at too younger age of only four and became popular and achieved India’s highest approval “Urvasi award”, she was absolutely a prey of situational pressures. Renowned cameraman and director Balu Mahendra has been a key role player in her personal life. She has acted in Balu Mahindra’s films and became lovers, but Balu was a person aged like Shobha’s father, but the blind love succeed and Shobha and Balu Mahendra became husband and wife. Balu was married and having children. The harsh realities are too much, problems aroused the situation and Shobha has been forced to die herself. The un expected suicide of Shobha was a shock to Malayalam film industry and she was at the peak of fame and popularity, she was a busy actress.

Rani Padmini

It was a good start as an actress, in the year 1981 Rani Padmini entered in to Malayalam cinema and the film was “Samgharsham” and her span of acting continued to seven years. She has acted in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada movies. Rani PahmaniHer popular Malayalam films are Paranki mala, Samgharsham. Sharam and Kilikkonchal. She has acted not less than 40 Malayalam films including many hits. Her film “Kathayariyaathe”, directed by Mohan is a big hit.Rani Padmini was too young like a sophomore, and she was cute in eighties (1980) while she was dying.

She was a victim of murder along with her mother. She was busy with glamour roles and maintained close relationship with politicians and cinema technicians. She has vast number of friends from cinema industry and the outer circle. She and mother were blindly believed their servants from Tamilnadu, they have servants stayed at their rental home. Later the police found their role to assassination of Rani Padmini and her mother. Rani Padmini and her mother kept 15 lakhs (in eighties it worth’s too much) and they were planned to buy their own home.

Anyway, young and cute Rani and her mother were killed while the servants (3 persons) attacked them to snatch the amount, which was too big at that time of eighties. The driver, cook and watchman are the persons behind the merciless killings to Rani Padmini and her mother. 1986, Oct. 15 was the day of black when a beautiful young Malayalam heroine and her mother being forced to die un natural.


Malayalam cinema world is very particular with open mind and Priyanka , the actress has entered through the same access and she became popular all over south India.
She was busy with lots of films at the time of disaster, she has been taken. Priyanka has found dead in her flat at Kozhikkode .She was only 21years old while death snatched her and the reason of her un timely death still not revealed and mysterious. Priyuanka has certain other activities, and she was business minded also, but her relationships are not reliable.

She blindly believed everyone and at last she has been forced for involve with illegal gold transactions. It was the day Nov. 26th 2011, Priyanka found dead in her residing room, and there was some suspicion that she was a victim of cheating and a gold smuggler has an important role to push her into such an unpleasant situation. Anyway Malayalam cinema has lost a future promise and the hidden reality behind the death of Priyanka still not in the light of facts.


In the year 1998, Mayoori has entered in cinema industry debuted as heroine, the film is “Kumbhakonam Gopalu” and in the same year she has acted in Summer in Bethlehem directed by the famous Sibi Malayil and this film was the first Malayalam film of Mayuri. She was getting popularized in Tamil films and the Tamilians called her Shalini, while in Kerala she was “Mayoori” and the Malayalam cine world accepted her with full support and love. Mayuri has acted in films like Akaasha Ganga, Prem Poojari, Arayannangalude Veedu etc, and she has become very popular and these films are hits. She has acted in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada films and really she was very busy at that time. But, unfortunately in her very youthful 22, she has been came under the fate of suicide. She hanged herself and the cause of her death yet to be revealed and the mystery continues.

Santhosh Jogi

In the year 2005, Santhosh Jogi has acted in Raja Maanikyam” and this was the debuted film and he was a promise in the cinema industry.Hence he has acted many films and his most succeeded film is “Raajamaanikyam” the Mammootty starrer. He was lucky enough to work with Malayalam’s biggest Mammootty and Mohan lal. As he convinced, Santhosh Jogi was a good actor and besides he is good singer. From Raaja maanikyam to Christian brothers, Santhosh jogi has acted in 30 films. He sang in the movie “Keerththi Chakra”the biggest hit of Mohan lal. The song of Jogi got much appreciation from all corner and of course he was a good singer also.

“Gudaase” the song of “Keerththi Chakra” is widely spread all over India. He was too young and energetic actor and his death was un expected. If he lives right now, perhaps he would be a very busiest actor. Santhosh jogi’s popular Malayalm films are Raaja maanikyam, Keerthichakra and Maayaavi. He has become a successful villain in Malayalam films. Santhosh jogi hanged himself on April 13th 2010, in friends flat at Thrissur. While the incident occurs his friend (the owner of the flat) was not in the premises, when he arrives and knocked the door, the door is locked inside and due to no response, he called the police and found Jogi hanged. The reason of his suicide not yet revealed. His wedding was in the year 2001, he has two daughters.

The mysterious deaths in Malayalam Cinema Industry
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