S Super Star Mammootty Plays Super Achayan Roles in Malayalam Movie

Mega Star Mammootty Plays Super Achayan Roles in Malayalam Cinema

Original Kottayam/Pala “achayans” fails in front of Malayalam cinemas super achayan mega star Mammootty, there is no wrong with the findings about the achayan characters performed by Mammooty, everybody knows he is an enormously talented actor of Malayalam cinema, a majority of his performances were memorable and unparalleled. This feature is a journey though the volume of Mammootty’s Achatan characters, just imagine an the actor as an achayan , very short hair cropped head head, upward curled moustache, wearing jubah and folded veshti, with half black shoes on the foots – Mammootty were performed many achayan characters, all he played characters were stunning and extra ordinary, yeas it’s an un disputable matter, there is no other actor suitable to act achayan characters like Mammootty.The actor maintains a special style of his own while performing achayan characters, his exceptionally manliness and mannerism creates an aura around his achayan characters.

Mammootty shined superb as achayans in many films, his performance was remarkable while taking achayan characters, for example: have you seen the movie Kottayam Kunnachan?in the movie Mammootty played stunningly his character as Kunnachan, in the movie Sangham – Mamootty performed superb as Kuttappai the character, in the movie Nasrani , he acted well as Davis the son of richest achayaan family, the Malayalees of Kerala would never forget Mammootty’s achayan characters, though many actors and heroes in Malayalam have taken and acted the achayan characters including Mohanlal, but none of them never met with the characterization of Mammootty as achayan, while hearing about a Mammootty film is coming and his character is an achayan , the Kerala audience would eagerly wait until the releasing of the film, Mammooty has the special tactics to perform exceptionally best as achayan , obviously the Malayalam audience likes to see repeatedly the achayan characters of Mammootty. In the first half of 2016 Mammootty has acted in so many malayalm filkms as achayan , in the same year 2016, the first released movie of Mammootty was Puthiya Niyamam and in this movie his character Advo.Lewis Pothen was an achayan ,

he is a wise and intellectual personality in the film. And there are three films released one after one and all the said movies were hold Mammootty’s achayan characters, but the three movies were three different types and with three different characters. The three achayns were bold and brave like tigers. The audience of Kerala have been witnessed the versatile performance of one and only Mammootty and his three different achayan characters. The first released movie in which Mammootty is acting as an achayan was Kasaba , his character was Rajan Sakkaria, he is a Circle Inspector of Police, even though he is a police he has all the tricks and hocus pocus, he has his own way and decisions, he even not consider his senior police officers, his achayan character is rough and tough, thick moustache , police cut hair style, cooling glass etc made him typical, he works in Palakkadu district, the film touches the detour at the Karantaka border where Rajan Sakkiria arrives to find out the backgrounds of a disaster confronted his senior police official.

The film is very interesting filled with humor and action. Another movie “White”directed by Uday Anandan also an achayan character hold by Mammootty movie, his character is Prakash Roy, he lives in London doing business , the film goes through the situations business magnet Prakash Roy’s personal life and love affair, the film White is romantic thriller movie, Mammootty’s character in the film White is a millionaire, middle aged, more over Praksh Roy the character is a cunning wise individual who loves a young woman only 25 years, she is an It Professional, her name is Roshni, the film’s story can be defined as a romantic thriller, it well exposes the romance and love of millionaire Prakash Roy with Roshni the young IT professional, the film White is a fully shot in London movie, in this movie the audience can enjoy Mammootty’s newest getup and stunning charming look and enchanting makeover has to special mention. The makeup man presents Mammootty exceptionally charming , trimmed bearded and newest hair style, beautiful costumes, and a variety of cooling glasses ,

Mammootty’s achayan style and appearance being talk all over Kerala, the heroine is Huma Khureshi, the film released and being noticed, the trailer and songs of the film already entered hit, the third achayan is Thoppil Joppan , the film directed by Johny Antony, the character is very interesting, it’s about a richest planter “Thoppil Joppen””, he is person very much interesting in Kabadi , the physical effort needed game especially meant for healthy lung powered men. His character is un married, he is a person experienced love failure, every time there will be a surround of friends with Joppen, the wives of Joppen’s friends were telling it’s Joppen the only man behind their husband’s liquor consume habit, the film have two heroines Andriya Germi and Mamtha Mohandas etc, Thoppil Joppen is absolutely a comedy family entertainer, The film fully shoot in the background of a local village, The released movie was a very good achayan movie handled superb by Mammootty.

Super Star Mammootty Plays Super Achayan Roles in Malayalam Cinema
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