S The stars that were changed their footsteps in to Politics The stars that were changed their footsteps in to Politics

The stars that were changed their footsteps in to Politics

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The stars that were changed their Footsteps in to Politics

Politics is field of prosperity in every aspect, and may be the stars believe, it’s a better way to express their love and affection to the society. The Indian cinema has an enriched background, where actors turned politicians, and perhaps north Indian cinema (Bollywood) has been started such proceedings of “Actors entry to politics”, and Sunil Dutt is an example, he entered in politics from cinema and Sunil Dutt was a successful actor.

In fifties and sixties (from 1950 to 1960) Sunil Dutt was a busiest actor in Mumbai cinema and he has acted below than 150 films, and his “Mother India” became a milestone in Indian film history. Sunil Dutt has married to Nargis who were also an actress and she played as heroine in many films opposite to Sunil Dutt. They loved each other and married. Sunil Dutt was a person, who believes in true patriotism and became active in politics;

he was member of Indian National Congress. He entered in Politics without expecting any advantages, but only to serve the people, he has contested in Maharashtra constituency and became winner and obtained the Congress MP Position. Sunil Dutt was an approved person all over India. Actor Sanjay Dutt is the son of Suni Dutt – who was died years back. Anyway late actor Sunil Dutt’s entry in politics was a big success and he was a best MP in Indian Parliament.

Then many actors from Mumbai cinema has showed their interest in politics, they are like Vinod Khanna, Shathrughnan Sinha, Hema Malini, Govinda etc. Vinod Khanna and Govinda were congress MP’s. And Shathrugnan Sinha and Hema Malini were BJP MP’s. The same process of cinema starts in to politics still continues in every language cinemas. In Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and now in Malayalam, the same attitude from cinema world is thoroughly continues.

The former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh was active in politics and Telugu Desham was his party, he ruled Andhra Pradesh more than 15 years and initially the whole Telugu people were approved N.T. Rama Rao, but his strict political activities has been forced him to dim his political aura. Jaya Prada, the stunning beautiful heroine of Telugu was also entered in Andhra politics, she became an MP and she was also very favorite to Andhra people.

A majority of cine actors (heroes and heroines) entered in politics and they have reaped good will as politicians. In Chennai, what is happening still, a majority of Chennai people are still under the mesmerism of cinema politics? The legendary actor M.G. Ramachandran was once the chief minister of Tamil Naadu. The Tamilians are still enjoying star political activities and they’re happy to surrender under star politicians.

Tamilians are blind fans of actor politicians; they’re a genre of people even to die for stars and star politicians. M.G Ramamchandran , the legendary star of Tamil, who were successfully ruled Tamil Nadu, and it was the most prosperous period of Tamil Nadu. He was a person who studied the pulse of Chennai people, he loved the laymen and poor’s and under the governance of ADMK (Annad Dravida Munnetta Kazhakam).

Which was the party founded by M.G. Ramachandran , has given so many advantages and conveniences to the last sector, very poor and to laymen class. In the MGR movies, there will be a hero (MGR) who lives for justice and serve the people and such characterizations are with intuition and a keen observer could find the sparks in movie to become entry to politics and then to Chief minister ship. MGR was very wise and a true humanitarian and philanthropist.

He loved the people of Tamil Nadu, he served the people of Tamil Nadu, He submitted his entire life for serving the people of Tamil Nadu. The opposition leader Karuna Nidhi and MGR were close friends, and they were cinema personals, While MGR is in acting, Karuna Nidhi was a script writer with clear political ambitions. Karuna Nidhi has scripted for many MGR movies and once, they were a team of success.

Not much years back, there was a movie”Iruvar” was released in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and the film was based on the true story of MGR and Karuna Nidhi, in this movie Mohan Lal casted as MGR, the film was a failure in box office. But, Iruvar the political movie was very different from main stream cinema and it was a Mani Ratnam film. Tamil Nadu is very typical with blind admiration to stars and a majority of

Tamil people are illiterate and living in very pathetic condition, they are at poverty and maintain a low standard life. They once believed the heroism in films is real and their entire hero in film and life are MGR. Anyway, the first super star in India and the legendary actor MGR became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu and he has presented best Governance which has seen never before in Tamil Nadu.

To fooling the people of Tamil Nadu are not a difficult task, they are not politically wise or motivated; they want to live without starving. MGR, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu were once a super star, later turned legendary and became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Now, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu is Jaya Lalitha who was an actress and the heroine of MGR in several Tamil movies and she follows the footsteps of her former hero.

Jaya lalitha is not the chief minister of Tamil Nadu alone; she is the Amma (mother) of Tamil Nadu, she very successful governs the Tamil Nadu, she gives everything to common people of Tamil Nadu, she gives rice and home appliances to every home at Tamil Nadu and may be after the death of Jaya Lalitha, she will become a diety or goddess of Tamil Nadu.

The political entry is very easier to actors in Tamil Nadu, because the Tamil people are blind admirers and fans of stars. They very easily surrender in front of stars. Kushboo is an actress and once a super heroine of Tamil movies, later she entered in politics and Tamil people have built a Temple for her. Actors like Sharath Kumar, Vijay Kant, Nepolian etc. are too active in politics and they have thousands of admirers in Chennai.

The stars in India believes political entry will be chance to serve people, they are thinking, politics is a resort and the field is sturdy to uplift their image in to a new dimension. After MG Ramachandran, the politics in Tamil Nadu surrounds actors and they influences the people so much, perhaps beyond the expectation and after entering in to politics the actors soon rising to new heights of leaders.

Prem Nazir

Prem Nazir was the evergreen hero of Malayalam cinema and he was not only an actor, he was a great humanitarian and philanthropist. Prem Nazir was a person, truly loves everyone without caste/religion barrier, he was never a person with religious spirit, though he was an Islam, he loved everyone without considering caste or religion and he is pure in heart. Prem Nazir is the first person who entered in Kerala politics from cinema;

he has a clear vision about the Kerala peoples and society. Late K. Karunakaran, the former Chief Minister of Kerala who had invited Prem Nazir in to Kerala Politics and Karunakaran was Prem Nazir’s political master and Guru and he thought to become active in Kerala politics. With the blessing of K.Karunakaran and A.K.Antony, Prem Nazir tried his political interest to bloom, but it was not a success. Prem Nazir contested with congress party ticket.

But he was defeated by the opponents and his political entry was a pathetic failure, he then abandoned politics and being active in cinema and continued acting heroism. Prem Nazir, was a successful hero in Malayalam movies, but he was not a successful politician in Kerala, and he learned the lesson that Keralites are not like Tamil Nadu people, Kerala people are wiser than Tamil Nadu people, and Kerala people are not blind admirers or fans of cine actors.

Or in other words, Kerala is Kerala and it’s not easier for an actor to become a successful politician. Though Prem Nazir was a personality approved by Kerala in every aspect, his political entry was a failure, and the dream of Karunakaran , the former chief minister of Kerala is also broken. The Kerala people enjoyed the acting of Prem Nazir, they loved him and admired him, but not found suitable in politics.

The Keralites never accepted Prem Nazir as a politician and they simply avoided him, but allowed and whole heartedly accepted his talents and acting. Anyway, Prem Nazir the talented actor and evergreen hero of Malayalam cinema has at last undoubtedly found politics is not better for him. While comparing to other language cinema, in Malayalam – the actor’s entry in to politics is very few and in the history of Malayalam cinema,

the actors who’re shown the political entering tendency is low in number. Hence, some actors from Malayalam cinema industry have entered in Kerala politics and became success and achieved certain positions like MP or MLA etc.

Ganesh Kumar

Anyway some actors in Malayalam cinema has shined in Kerala politics and Ganesh Kumar, the son of Balakrishna Pillai was a successful politician and he has followed the steps of his father, the Kerala Congress leader K. Balakrishna Pillai. Once ganeshan was very busy acting with Malayalam movies, he has acted as hero in some Malayalam films, but he alone was not capable to contribute anything to Malayalam cinema.

Ganeshan was a person born with golden spoon in mouth; he was very rich and wealthy, and family member of landlords in Kottarakkara. Balakrishna Pillai, the father of Ganeshan was a well-known political party’s leader (Kerala Congress) and the cinema entry of Ganeshan was with “Irakal” – a K.G George directorial venture, and after this movie Ganeshan became busy, and he has acted in so many films and which includes the

famous directors like Priyadarshan and Joshi and he has acted with superstars Mammootty and Mohan Lal and became the part of Trivandrum circle cinema party. They’re like Mohan lal, Priya Darshan, Suresh, Jagadeesh, Jagathy Sreekumar, Maniyan Pillai Raju etc. Ganeshan has acted as hero, anti – Hero, Villain, Comedian roles and once Ganeshan was the integral part of Malayalam cinema. His entry in to Kerala politics is comparatively simple,

because he was the son of K.Balakrishna Pillai, the Kerala Congress leader and the said party was the part of ruling Congress in Kerala. Ganeshan has contested and he won and then became MLA and then entitled as a minister in Kerala state, his position was Transport Minister, he has shined in Kerala politics and Ganeshan was a good minister and he uplifted Transport Corporation in to profit, and the

Transport Corporation of Kerala has given import order for 1000 German Volvo Chasis. In the history of Kerala, the roads have witnessed Air conditioned Volvo buses. Due to certain political conflicts Ganeshan has been forced to confront many hassles and problems. His father Balakrishna Pillai turned against him as main political rival and some women issues are also caused him to spoil his image, slowly Ganeshan became the victim of ill fate realities and he lost his powers in politics.

Now, in the year 2016, the things have changed, Ganeshan again contested and his constituency was Paththanaapuram, he defeated another actor candidate Jagadeesh. This time he has contested with red party ticket (Marxist) and he has been elected with majority votes.The well-known actor of Kerala and Malayalam cinema again in the track of success, he contested in Pathanapuram (Marxist) and he has defeated Jagadeesh and Bheeman Raghu both are also well known Malayalam cinema artists.

Ganeshan, the son of K.Balakrishna Pillai, is very crooked like his father and he know the pulse of the people in Pathanapuram. As everybody knows, former Kerala Minister and the father of Ganeshan – Shree K. Balakrishna Pillai is person easily handling every political hassles, because he is crooked like a fox and the same breed Ganeshan has the power to absorb such political tricks. The three well-known actors of Kerala are contested, and they were the candidates of the same constituency Pathanapuram.

The climax being happened and Ganesh Kumar defeated the two Jagadeesh (congress) and Bheeman Raghu (BJP) and the sitting MLA Ganesh Kumar retained his position again, Ganesh Kumar is person, very favorite to Pathanpuram people and he know them, their pulse and he has the freedom to every home in Pathanapuram as his own home. Ganesh Kumar believes, the people of Pathanapuram loves him and respects, and they’ll never abandoned him and Ganesh Kumar is very familiar to Pathananpuram,

he know, each and every corner and every homes in Pathanapuram and whatever be the party, the people of Pathanapuram would never try to leave him, they will select him and lead him to attain MLA or Minister position in Kerala. There is something interesting, last year he has contested in the same Pathanapuram and his party ticket was Congress, he defeated the rivals and became winner.

But, this year the things have changed and Ganesh Kumar contested in red party ticket (Marxist) and he has been proved he is like a family member of every Pathanapuram resident. He proclaimed, the people of Pathanapuram and Kerala have approved his party change in to LDF and the Keralites are waiting for good governance without corruption. Now the election scenario in Kerala has proved, the conclusion of Ganesh Kumar was absolutely correct and the LDF came in to power. The Congress party of Kerala lost the aura as good political party, because it has full of corruption.


Innocent, the comedian in Malayalam cinema who tried his luck in Kerala politics and he became a success in Kerala politics. Innocent himself acted in many films as politician or many political films in Malayalam used Innocent to act as a politician. He was a success in acting political roles, and Innocent has an approved actor in political cinemas.

The Marxist party of Kerala has given party ticket to innocent and he has contested in Chalakakkudy opposite to Congress party’s P.C Chacko, and Innocent defeated him with a volume majority votes. Innocent achieved the position of Marxist party’s M.P and now he is enjoying the thrill of left political tactics. Innocent was the president of Malayalam Movie Actors Organization “Amma” and due to the busy schedules in politics, innocent has been forced to resign the post of Amma president.

Now, Innocent the best comedian in Malayalam cinema is a successful democratic up lifter and he is spending much time for politics and as an MP he presents best caliber and capacity. Whether actors or not, Politics is not an easy task, politics needs great influence in the society, and those who‘re planning to enter in politics have to prove their interest to serve the people, they should be lovable and mercy full to everyone, any way

Innocent is now a successful politician and the people of Kerala respects him, love him and they believe innocent will bring developments especially to Trissur district and he could do so much in Kerala.

Suresh Gopi

Now, it’s the turn to super star Suresh Gopi, who was a person with enough political ambitions and Suresh Gopi has started trying his effort, years back to enter in Kerala politics. Suresh Gopi has acted as fierce hero in so many films threaded with political scripting. Suresh Gopi is a patriotic, and we have to consider him, he loves India the mother land.

As a hero and actor in Malayalam cinema, Surech Gopi was a success to certain extent and once Suresh Gopi was a super star in Malayalam cinema, he has good connection and relationship with the north Indian political personalities, and at last he attained the target in politics. Suresh Gopi has bloomed his political ambition and he is now in Delhi, the controlling station of Indian politics.

He loves lotus and BJP is his up lifter in Indian politics, we can believe Suresh Gopi will do so much to Kerala especially with the support of BJP Government. He has an image of Mr. Clean and a majority of Keralites, especially from the women sector loves him enormously. Suresh Gopi is now an MP, he is a person suggested by Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister. Now, the super star Suresh Gopi is enjoying

Delhi political tactics and right now he is in the position of prestigious Indian Member of Parliament. The Indian president has the special power to nominate artists and creative personals to Indian Parliamentary and the Indian President has nominated Suresh Gopi by considering this factual. This is really a proud occasion to every Malayalees in India and abroad.As everybody knows Suresh Gopi is very active and energetic like a forcible youth, and he Keralites believes

Suresh Gopi will inform and present all relevant matters and problems in the parliament and would strive to achieve the deserved advantages to Kerala state. Suresh Gopi has earned enriched experience as an actor in Malayalam cinema, for the past 35 years, he was engaged as an actor, it includes Tamil and Telugu movies. Suresh Gopi is an actor who has achieved the national award for “Kaliyattam”, the movie directed by Jayaraj and also he has achieved the “the best actor” award of Kerala.

He has special interest in social activities and he involved in many contemporary relevant subjects in Kerala, and there is no doubt Suresh Gopi is a real Indian with enough patriotism. Moreover he has acted in many patriotic movies include Bharatheeyam and Suresh Gopi is an actor and besides he is a good humane. In the Indian political field, Suresh Gopi particularly tried to become impressive and he has shared the venues with prominent Indian leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While enjoying the dream world of cinema, Suresh Gopi has a keen eye in Kerala politics, he involved in contemporary socio-politic problems especially with environment and ecofriendly matters. He was a forefront person protesting against the Kerala Government, related with Silent valley issue. He voiced loudly to protect Kerala from plastic usable and always Suresh Gopi stood for the goodness of Kerala without expecting personal advantages.

We have to consider him very specially for his attempt to protect Sabirmala from ill-treating activities without ecofriendly tactics. Suresh Gopi , never thought that cinema is his world, but he found politics is his arena to serve the people. He very effectively worked to keep Sabarimala clean without wastes and plastics. He definitely deserves the prestigious position of the Member of Indian Parliament and Kerala expects a lot from Suresh Gopi, because he is right now in a position to voice loud in parliament and he is a person capable to present the problems yet to solve in Kerala.


Malayalam cinema accepted Jagadish, because he has been proved that he is talented especially to perform comedy roles, also he has acted in many roles without comedy, he was not a successful hero in Malayalam cinema, but his comedy recognized. This Jagadish the actor is a good anchor in TV programs and also he presents some entertain programs in the mini screen.

Now, he is trying his luck in Kerala politics and few years back Jagadish has proclaimed his political ambitions and in certain public meetings he opened his mind and revealed the special interest to work with Congress party. He has been preparing for enter in Kerala politics and he is a congressmen. But his entry in Kerala politics was not a success, Jagadish may be a good comedian actor, but politics is not comedy – it need the approval people and society, before enter in to Kerala

politics at least he has to involve with certain contemporary relevant matters in Kerala like Jisha case of Perumbavoor or in to environment matters, or in some humanitarian aspect situations. Jagadish has acted as successful politician in some Malayalam movies, but life and living is not cinema and to succeed in Kerala politics is not so simple. He contested opposite to two well-known Malayalam actors Ganeshan and Bheeman Raghu and the election in Pathananpuram is very particular with its contesters.

All the three contestant candidates are famous all over Kerala, because they’re popular actors in Malayalam cinema. The three were once very busy acting with cinemas and Bheeman Raghu and Ganeshan were talent convinced actors as Hero and Villain, and Jagadeesh is a good comedian actor. He strived very much to attain a political position, but all are in vain only because of Ganesh Kumar the selected candidate of Pathanapuram. Jagadish, the comedian actor of

Malayalam was once a College professor and he was a state rank holder for M.Com, he has taken long leave and tried his luck in Malayalam cinema, it was a success and Jagadeesh became an actor and too busy in cinemas. He has acted below 300 films and earned a good name in cinema industry. He has acted with Super stars Mammootty and Mohan lal and a majority of his films are success and some films became hits and super hits, but it was not due to the capability of Jagadish,

but he was acted with high talented actors. Anyway, the Malayalam film actor Jagadish has forced to meet with the fate of bitterness, the election candidature ship of Jagadish became meaningless and he has been defeated by Ganeshan the son of Balakrishan Pillai and the Kerala Congress leader. The congress party’s leadership thought the candidature ship of Jagadeesh is a wise decision and definitely in Pathanapuram , the chance of success is only to jagadeesh.

His election campaign was very colorful where Jagadish sang and danced, he speech a lot and he has taken classes – But everything was worthless, Jagadish became the victim of failure. The people of Kerala are not like Tamilans, they’re something wise and Keralites are not in the arms of blind star admiration or fan ship, they’ll choose the really deserved one.

They selected Ganeshan because he has the experience as Transport Minister of Kerala and also he is the son of prominent party’s leader and above all Ganeshan is coming from the political tradition. The actor Jagadish’s political entry is not accepted by everyone in Kerala, they thought Jagadish is only a comedian and not suitable to cope with Kerala politics. He was a good professor in commerce, He is a good comedy actor in Malayalam cinema,

But he has to convince the he is good for politics, unfortunately nothing does – he has the chance yet awaiting. Jagadish has to involve in contemporary relevant Kerala subjects, he has to show his humanity and serving mind. May be in future or in coming years Jagadish will become an MLA or Minister. Again the reality glitz, Kerala is Kerala and the people of Kerala are politically wise and not so easy to cheat them like Tamil Nadu politics.

So before enter in to politics, the stars must do something advantageous to the public or society. Any way Jagadish, the successful Malayalam comedy actor tried his entry in to Kerala politics, though it was a failure, there is enough time in front of him to became an MLA or Minister. Nowadays, Kerala is witnessing the star strikes especially with political entry where winning and defeating are factual deciding one’s rise and fall in political future.

Bheeman Raghu, the hero turned villain of Malayalam movie hugs Saffron dreams

Year’s back, after the tragic death of Jayan, the action hero of Malayalam movies – so many new comers entered in Malayalam cinema to capture the blank of Jayan and Bheeman Raghu were one of the actor tried his luck as substitute for Jayan. But nothing has happened, Bheeman Raghu has acted in some films as hero, but gradually he has been forced to acting in villain roles. His debut film was Bheeman, directed by his uncle K.S. Gopala Krishnan, the film Bheeman was a hit.

Raghu has got certain chances to act as hero in Malayalam films, but all are broken failures. Raghu has a stout body and he is also a body builder, before he entering into cinema he was a circle inspector of police. Any way all his heroic dreams were in vain and he has become a successful villain in Malayalam films. Right now he is very popular all over Kerala and south India, and he has played as villain opposite to super stars Mohan Lal and Mammootty.

The same Bheeman Raghu, the well-known Villain of Malayalam cinema has achieved the candidature ship from central ministry of India. The Narendra Modi Government has given party ticket to Bheeman Raghu, he was a contestant in Pathanapuram and his rivals are in the same cinema field. Raghu was in very confident and while asking him, he is telling “Njanoru Kalakku kalakkum Mone” – meaning, I will become the successor, and he added he will follow the development concept of Modiji.

He were told everyone that he’ will get a minimum of 20,000 majority votes, and now he is the hero of Pathanapuram and everywhere a huge crowd is surrounding him and especially with women crowd. The political rivals of Bheeman Raghu were Jagadeesh (Congress) and Ganeshan (LDF) and as everybody knows the seat Pathanapuram became Ganeshan’s own and he was the winner. Anyway, the political entry of Bheeman Raghu was appreciable and he has his own individual ambitions on Kerala people and society. He has offered the complete development in Pathnapuram and he firmly believed the lotus will bloom in Pathanapuram, but nothing has happened he taste the bitterness of failure

Mukesh, the hero, antihero, comedian of Malayalam cinema experiments Kerala politics

Perhaps the actors are not safe in Malayalam cinema, now, the cinema field is full of talented new comers, and once shined heroes are over middle age and they believe that a changed is needed. It was not a mistake that Mukesh has decided to enter in Kerala Politics. Mukesh has contested in Kollam under LDF party ticket and the sturdy LDF leader P.K Gurudasan who were taken the charge of the LDF election campaign for Mukesh.

The winning of Mukesh is a fact almost known to everybody and he was the son of O..Madhavan the famous professional stage artist and the founder of Kalidasakala Kendram. And as an actor Mukesh has a great volume of fans in Kollam and moreover it has the specialty as native place. Before Mukesh has participated in election campaigns, he bowed and touched the feet and seeks the blessing of shri. P.K. Gurudasan.

Mukesh has presented a lengthy speech in every political stage, and he obviously proclaimed that he is a complete communist and the blood passing though his veins are the blood of a communist. And he also said, he has studied the communism from his father O.Madhavan who was a rock minded communist. Mukesh is expecting 150% possibility for winning the election. Mukesh stands in the platform of sturdy confidence and he is believing Kollam,

the land would never cheat him, and Kollam the place has witnessed many blood sheds of comrades and political bitter experiences. Though he is from the dream world of cinema, right now Mukesh is like a philanthropist and a public servant. Perhaps he may be a success in politics, but its field beyond prediction. Any way Mukesh, the well-known actor in Malayalam cinema indisputably proclaimed that he will be a communist forever and he likes to follow the footsteps of his father O.Madhavan.

The Result and Reality: Actor Mukesh has conquered the politics and he was succeeded in Kollam and all the other political rivals including Congress party and BJP were surrendered in front of Mukesh.

A director’s effort to became a successful politician

Not only the stars, but a director also planning to enter in Kerala politics, and it’s none other than Rajasenan – the godfather of actor Jayaram is also contesting in election. He got the BJP ticket and he is contesting from Aruvikkara, Rajasenan was once a valued director in Malayalam cinema and he casted jayaram in several movies and a majority of Rajasenan film were super hits.

Rajasenan’s directorial venture “Melepparambil Aanveedu “ was the film which caused Jayaram to get superstar position and Jayaram has then acted in so many Rajasenan films and a majority of such films were super hits. The same Rajasenan the director of many super hit films now turns to become politician and he contests in Kerala election, his constituency is Aruvikkara. Rajasenan is a good humane, he is a humanitarian and he believes serving the people is better than any profession.

Perhaps Rajasenan will be a success in Kerala politics, and he will get any suitable BJP positions. The best quality of Rajasenan can be say as he is a philanthropist. Rajasenan believes the Malayalam cinema and Kerala are accepted him and he is expecting his political entry will be also accept the Keralites, whatever be Rajasenan is contesting as BJP candidature and the wise politically thinking people of Kerala would have the mind to support him as a politician in every aspect.

Aruvikkara is a place where certain histories sleeping and if Rajasenan wins , he could do a lot of advantageous matters to the voters of Aruvikkara. But there is a fact has to repeat all time that Kerala is Kerala and the people of Kerala are politically wise, it’s not so easy to convince them like Tamil Nadu where illiteracy and blind star admirations, fan ship etc. are taking a prominent part for the success of contesting candidate in elections. Rajasenan is very confident and he firmly believes he’ll be succeeded.

The stars that were changed their footsteps in to Politics
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