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Sex Movies: Hits & Box Office disasters

Cinema is an art, and as a visual treat, we have to enjoy the physic, sexual exposures in the movie with an angle of artistically inspired. Then only a viewer of the cinema gets satisfaction, the viewer should enjoy the art in sex, without finding the art in sex, no one can enjoy the sex in the movie. Cinema, the visual art is a combination of art, sex and love. An average cinema viewer believes cinema as a device to enjoy sex, the audience likes and enjoys the body curves of the less costumed actress and the women nudity (of actress or heroine) in the celluloid makes lust provocations and a majority of cinema audience likes to see their heroines without wearing dresses.

The film actresses short lengthen their clothing’s as the increase of their remuneration. In the history of Indian cinema, from seventies (1970) there were glamour cinemas. The audience never minds the story (whether good or not) of the cinema, they like to see their favorite heroines wearing small volume of clothing’s. If the heroine shows some nudity in the film, the audience hits the theatres and the movie would enter the hit chart. In glamour cinemas, the audience like to view hot seen, they even not prefer the story.

Indian cinema has a history where hot seen involvements in good cinemas, and the film Mera Nam Joker is an example. In the film Mera Nam Jocker, there is a lip locking kissing scene, the hero Rajkapoor kisses a Russian artist and the scene involves the white milky beautiful thighs of her and the bond of lip locking and sexy thighs wholly changed the nature of the movie, what to say more, one of the secret of the success of Mera Naam Jocker was such a kissing scene and the Russina artists thighs. A large volume of audience hit to theatres only to view the said kissing and Russian thighs.

Raj Kapoor, the hero and director of the film Mera Naam Jocker has accepted the same sexual scenes as the succeeding formula of the film. And many producers in the Indian cinema tried the same cinematic formula and produced many super hit films. The nude scenes of heroines, bathing scenes, hot bed room scenes (where the lovers/couples uses maximum body involvements) etc are the succeeding cinematic formulas continues forward in cinemas.

Another film Sathyam Shivam Subdaram has to special mention, in this film heroine Zeenath Aman were lit the fire of controversies, she was a super heroine in Bollywood and in the movie, Zeenath enormously showed her beautiful thighs. The film was discussed all over the Indian film world. These were the cinematic formulas and the tricky intellect of the director and producer to attract the audience and to hit the theatres.

A majority of Indian males were enjoyed the movie in eighties (1980), though they don’t know the language, the audience hit the theatres to enjoy the thighs and nudity of Zeenath Aman. In the year 1994, Shekhar Kapoor has produced a movie Bandit Queen, based on the story of Chambal bandit Phoolan Devi, the film Bandit Queen was enriched with the bitter sexual experiences (Zamindar rapes and harassments to Phoolen) of Phoolan Devi in her real life. The initial days of Indian cinema, there was no sex in films, and the producers and directors force to exhibit sex in their movies for the financial success.

When the heroines like Madhubala and Meena Kumari entered to Indian cinema, the sedx became a success formula of Hindi movies, and in the earlier times, the released Hindi movies were standard sex movies. But, the above said films and the actresses are trapped in controversies, But now in Indian cinema, sex is very common and a majority of actresses are acting with less clothing and they have no hesitation to show nudity. There is changes happened in the taste of audience, though the things are like this, all sex movies are not became success, many are un noticed. As told earlier in this article, a combination of sex and art is needed, other ways the film will be a failure in released theatres.

Recently, a Ketan Mehta film released “Rang Razia” and the film faced the fate for an utter failure, the film doesn’t run even for a week. In nineties (1990) and twenties (2000), the AShakeela wave in Malayalam and A.T Joy movies met with similar fate like Ketan Mehtha movie. In the film Rang Razia, the heroine Nandana Sen exposed maximum sexy, Bollywood heroine Raakhi Savanth acts sexy roles without limitations and she is a good dancer too, in cinemas and in real life(public functions) she performs less dressed and sexy. So her sex is not a successful factor in cinemas.

There is hot scene in the giant super hit movie “Bahu Bali”, the scene is breast clothing removal of Tamanna , the heroine , and in the old Kamal Hasan movie “Indian”, the heroine Maneesha Koirala’s breasts very freely exhibited in a song scene, without the knowledge of Maneesha her breast being cinematographed. In the film Bahubali, there is no breast show of Tamanna, the scene shows only the brassier removing of Tamanna. Sex is pure, it has to add in cinemas properly as per the situation requires. The perfect combination of sex and artistry is ideal and such films undoubtedly became hits.

Sex Movies: Hits & Box Office disasters
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