S Second Marriages in Malayalam Cinema Second Marriages in Malayalam Cinema

Second Marriages in Malayalam Cinema

Though life and cinema are entire different, the real life of cinema actors and actresses are little bit complicated, like in cinema many actors or actresses were facing something not familiar in common life, their marriage, second marriage, and third marriage etc are common, still in the film field marriage and divorces are happens frequently, in this features we’re going to introduce certain second marriage parties in Malayalam cinema.

Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair

There were some actors in Malayalam, who contributed some good films in the black and white era, Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair was one of old hero actor, he has acted as hero in the film Jeevitha Nauka, the film was a super hit all over Kerala and the star Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair became popular all over Kerala, he was actor married two times, his first wife was Sarojinikkunjamma, her family was from Alappuzha, Karuvatta, Thikkurisi has two daughters in the relationship with Sarojinikkunjamma, elder daughter is Shyamala Devikkunjamma, younger daughter is Geetambikakkunjamma, Thikkurisssi Sukumaran Nair divorced his first wife Sarojinikkinjamma, then he married to Ambalappuzha Meenakshi, she was an actress, in this relationship Thikkurissi has a son Raja Hamsan, within a short span their relationship spoiled and Thikkurisi married for the third time, his third wife was K. Sulochana Devi, their relation ship long lasted, theiy lived together for 41 years, until the death of Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair.

Vayalar Rama Verama

Once, the Malayalam Cinema World was enriched with beautiful Malayalam songs, and the lyricist was legendary writer, poet Vayalar Rama Verma, he married two times, his first wife was Bharathi Amma, she has given birth to 4 children, Vayalar Sharath Chandra Verma, Indulekha, Yamuna, Sindhu etc.

Are the children of Vayalar Rama Verma, his son Valayalar Sharath Chandra Verma is a well know lyricist of Malayalam cinema, after the death of Vayalar Rama Verma’s wife Bharathi Amma, he has married Bharathi Thampuratti, she has wrote a book “Indradhanussin theerathu” based on the complicated life of Vayalar.

M.T Vasudevan Nair

Malayalam’s most valued narrator and Novelist, script writer, director M.T Vasudevan Nair (Jnaanapeedom Achiever) has married for two times, his firs marriage was in the year 1965, his first wife was Prameela, in the year 1976 he has divorced Prameela, in the year 1977 M.T Vasudevan Nair has married for the second time, he married Kalmandalam Saraswathi , she still continues her credit as the spouse of M.T Vasudevan Nair.


There was an evergreen heroine in Malayalam cinema, she has acted an approximate 295 Malayalam films as heroine opposite to ever green hero Prem Nazir, she is none other than Sheela, the cute beautiful heroine of Malayalam cinema in sixties (1960) Seventies (1970), in eighties (1980), Sheela has married for two times, her first husband was Tamil hero actor Ravichander, she has a son in this relationship, his name is George or Vishnu, he has acted in one or two Malayalam cinemas, after divorced Ravi Chander Sheela married to Xavier (Vijaya Movies) , thus actress Sheela married two husbands.


Once, there was a handsome hero in Malayalm cinema, he was Sreenath, he has contributed so many notable Malayalam cinemas, he was a hero and sub hero, after some years he has changed his acting’s in to character roles, Sreenath’s first wife was Shanti Krishna, she was a heroine, they both have acted as hero and heroine in many Malayalam cinemas, her films were nostalgic, Sreenath has married Shanthi Krishna in the year 1984, after 11 years in the year 1995, Sreenath and Shanthi Krisha were divorced, he has married Latha in the year 1999, Latha was the second wife of Sreenath, he killed himself in the year 2010.

Shanthi Krishna

In eighties (1980) there was a heroine in Malayalam cinema, she was really looks like a village girl, though she is not much glamorous, she has look of local slim beauty, she was Shanti Krishna, Sreenath was Shanthi Krishna’s first husband, it was in the year 1984, Shanti Krishna became the wife of Sreenath, she then in the year 1995 after 11 years they’re divorced, Shanthi Krishna and Sreenath were separated, then shanti Krishna has married Sada Shivan Bajore,( secretary to Rajiv Gandhi Group of Institutes) she then divorced her second husband Sadashivan Bajore.


As an actress Gauthami has contributes so many good films in Malayalam and Tamil, His Highness Abdulla is one of the best films of Gauthami, Gauthami’s first husband is Sandeep Bhattiya, it was in the year 1998 Gauthami has married to Sandeep Bhattiya, after one year they separated their married life and became divorced, then Gauthami started co habituated with Kamal Hassan, they lived together without marrying, un fortunately she then surrendered to cancer decease and after some years she has been overcome cancer.

Jagathy Sreekumar

Malayalam’s most valued comedy artist is Jagathi Sreekumar, unfortunately after a car accident Jagathi Sreekuamar injured and became a victim of bed ridden. Jagathi Sreekumar has married four times, his first wife was Mallika, Jagathi Sreekumar married to Mallika in the year 1976, in the year 1979 they’re separated, then jagathy married to Shobha, from 1984 he has an illegal relationship with Kala, he secretly married her and in Kala there is daughter Sree Lakshmi, she is a well-known anchor, presenter and heroine.

Mallika Sukumaran

It was Jagathy Sreekumar the comedy king of Malayalam cinema married first to Mallika Sukumaran, she became the wife of Jagathy Sreekumar in the year 1976, but in the year 1978 Mallika has divorced jagathy Sreekumar and in the same year she married and became the wife of actor Sukumaran, he was one of the busiest hero actor in Malayalam cinema, in the year 1997, due to certain decease Sukumarsan became bed ridden and died, Malayalam younger super star and well known hero Prithviraj and Indrajith are the children of Mallika and Sukumaran.


In the last of seventies (1970) and in the beginning of eighties (1980) Ambika was the super heroine in Malayalam cinema, she has acted with many super stars of Malayalam cinema, the first husband of Ambika was Shinu John, he was an American business man, in the relationship Ambika has given birth to two children, then she divorced Shinu John and married Ravikant , the both now lives in Chennai.


In seventies (1970) Lakshmi was a super heroine in Malayalam cinema , her first husband was Bhaskar, the marriage was an arranged marriage with the support of her parents, Lakshmi was a busiest heroine and she has acted frequently in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu, Lakshmi has acted more than 300 films , she divorced her first husband Bhaskar, and started co habitation with a young hero Mohan (he was a hero in seventies , 1970), hence they both separated and lakshmi married Shiva Chandran, he is a director and actor.


In eighties (1980) Malayalam cinema accepted a younger hero Shankar, he has acted in many super hit movies, Shanker’s first wife was Roopa Rekha, once Shankar was super Malayalam star , Manjil Virinja Pookkal was his first film in Malayalam, after he married Roopa Rekha his career downed Shankar lost all his charisma in Malayalam cinema, he then divorced his first wife Roopa Rekha, in the year 2013 Shankar has married dance teacher Chithra Lakshmi.


In eighties (1980) and nineties (1990, ) actor Mukesh shined as a hero and romantic comedy actor , Mukesh’s first wife was Tamil/Malayalam heroine Saritha, they have two children, he divorced Saritha and married well known dancer Methil Devika, Now, Mukesh’s wife is Methil Devika.

Sai Kumar

In nineties (1990), Malayalam cinema there was an actor entered with the movie Ramji Rav Speaking, he was a handsome, curled hair hero with dreamy eyes, he is Saikumar, he then acted in many films as hero, then changed his career to handle villain roles, Sai Kumar’s first wife was Prasanna Kumari, he then divorced Prasanna Kumari and married Malayalam’s character actress Bindu Panicker and continuing a family life, Saikumar is now active in Malayalam cinema.


There was an actor in Malayalam cinema with enormous talent, he is none other than Thilakan, he was really a super actor, he handles so many character roles in Malayalam cinema, his first wife was Santha, they have three children shaji Thilakan, Shammi Thilakan, Shobi Thilakan and after actor Thilakan has married a drama actress Leela, she has given birth to three more children of Thilakan, they’re Shibu Thilakan, Donia Thilakan, Sophia Ajith etc,

K.B Ganesh Kumar

There was an actor came years back , he first acted in Irakal a K.G George movie, he is K.B Ganesh Kumar, he has acted as hero in many Malayalam films, then he turned as Villain, he took character roles, he is the son of Kerala’s former minister Balakrishna Pillai, and Danesh Kumar entered in Kerala politics, he became the transport minister and MLA, he married for two times, he first married to Dr. Yamini Thankachi, he then divorced yamini Thankachi and then married Bindu Menon , now ganesh Kumar’s wife is Bindu Menon.

Manjoj .K. Jayan

Manoj.K.Jayan is a very favorite actor of Malayalam audience, he is actor with enormous talent, years back he has married to Urvasi, the younger sister of Kalpana and Kala Ranjini, Urvasi was also a very talented heroine of Malayalam cinema, the audience love her most and admired. Manoj K Jayan married to Urvasi, Unfortunately urvasi was a permanent drunken and Manoj.K Jayan being forced to divorce her, they separated and Manoj.K.Jayam married to Asha, now asha is Manoj.K.jayan’s latest wife.


Urvasi was once Malayalam cinema’s favorite heroine, she has acted in many super hit Malayalam movies, Urvasis ’s first husband was Manpj.K Jayan, he was one of the strong actors in Malayalam, Urvasi and Manoj K Jayan were divorced, then Uravsi married to Shivan a Chennai based Builder, Now Shivan is Urvas’s husband, Urvasi has a son in Shivan.


Baburaj is a well known Villain in Malayalam cinema, buthe successfully proved that he is a hero, comedian and character actor. He then became a producer and director, Baburaj divorced his first wife and then married vani Vishwanath, she was one of the well-known actresses in Malayalam cinema. Baburaj has two sons in his first wife, and daughter and son in Vani Vishwanath.

Prathap Pothen

Malayalam, Tamil actor Prathap Pothen has married two times, his first wife was Radhika Sharath Kumar, then he harried to Amala Sathyanath and prathap Pothen divorced the two wives.


Zeenath is a character actress of Malayalam cinema , her first husband was late K.T Mohammed, she then divorced K.T Mohammed and married Anil, the couple Zeenath and Anil have a son Nithin.

Meera Vasudev

Meera Vasudev is a well-known Malayalam heroine, her first husband was famous cinematographer Ashok Kumar’s son Vishal, she then divorced Vishal and married south Indian actor John Kokkan.

Second Marriages in Malayalam Cinema
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