S “Rajinikanth” The Legendary Hero of Indian Cinema “Rajinikanth” The Legendary Hero of Indian Cinema

“Rajinikanth” The Legendary Hero of Indian Cinema the No:1 Super Star of Indian Cinema

“Rajinikanth” The Legendary Hero of Indian Cinema the No:1 Super Star of Indian Cinema

In the history of Indian Cinema, there was no other star like “Rajinikanth” became the peak of super stardom and obtained the most valued actor position of Indian cinema, his features are very ordinary, Rajinikanth is not a charming personality, he is thin and black in color, not really a stunning personality like other Tamil heroes,

But Rajinikanth is the last word of Indian super stardom. A majority of Rajinikanth movies were obtained extra ordinary success in box office, super-duper hits, he was well accepted by Telugu, Malayalam audience also, still Rejnikanth is the No:1 hero of south India, in Tamil Nadu 70% of the audience are Rejni fans and admirers,

His first sight in the movie screen receives claps, whistling and happy louds, in the theater there will be storm like atmosphere while he perform the first vision on screen. Rajinikanth has not acted in a large number of movies, while compare to other Tamil heroes Rajinikanth was not so busier, he has acted only a limited number of Tamil moves,

But there is a reality the released Rajinikanth movies were the biggest super hits in the history of Tamil cinema, he is really a super human actor, in the screen he has presented the characters hold extra human caliber, he has presented stunning dialogues, there is like an evoke of festival in theatres while Rejni performs,

he is the style king of Indian cinema, there is no other actor who were developed such a talent of his own like Rejnikanth, he has shaped a special aura where style gradually established as Rejni Style –undoubted there is no another hero like Rejnikanth, he is not only the hero of Tamil cinema, he is the hero of Indian cinema,

he has acted in many Hindi films, many of Rejni movies were dubbed in to Hindi and he has been approved all over as the super star of Indian cinema. Rejnikanth is the “Thalaivar” of Tamil citizens, after M.G. R, there no other actor achieved such love and affection like Rejnikanth, he is an actor enjoying tremendous popularity,Now Rejnikant is a famous actor all over the world, his popularity spread beyond the Indian boundaries, Rejnikant is a well know favorite actor of Malaysia, Singapore,

Hong Kong and Japan , he has a vast volume of fans and admirers in the mentioned countries, he is an aged actor over 65 years, even though he still maintains the superstardom and obviously Rejnikanth is the super star of Indian cinema, while considering or evaluate the life history , he was suffered a lot and he was from a poor family, his original name is Shivaji Rao, his native place is Maharashtra,

he was working as a bus conductor while director K.Balachander finds him, he has taken him to Channai and given a role in Apoorva Raagangal.He has completed more than four decades in Tamil cinema, he has been in the film filed for the last 42 years, he has acted an approximate 150 cinemas, Rejnikanths first entry to the tamil film world was in the year 1970,

yeas seventies (1970) was the lucky period of a very ordinary man became an actor in Tamil cinema, in many films h has acted as villain, in the initial stage of Rejnikanth he has acted villain roles in many films, then as supported actor and gradually with his hard work and dedication Rejni entered the hero characters,he was only a successful hero, but then he became the super star of Tamil Cinema,

he has overcome Kamal Hassan who were ruled the entire Tamil cinema once, Rejnikanth has beaten Kamal Hassan in those olden days before 40 years and very successfully obtained the super star position of Tamil cinema, a majority of Rejni fans are middle class and very ordinary people, from the poorest sector who were experiencing poverty and lives in slum, whatever be the reason whether Rejni’s audience are from the poorest sector or from any class,

he is the super star of south Indian cinema , not only for the south Indian audience, but the entire Indian cinema have accepted him as the Indian super star. Now there are many interesting activities while a Rejni movie releases, during the releasing period of Rejnikanth movie, the fans all over Tamil Nadu makes traditional rituals of milk on his cutout, such kind of blind activities shows the deep admiration and respect of the audience to their favorite actor.

The audience of Tamil Nadu loves and admires Rejnikanth too much, A majority of Rejnikant audience repeatedly seeing his movies and enjoys, such a factor seeing repeatedly Rejnikanth movies ia strength of the super star, and the super star Rejnikanth is an actor loves his fans and admirers, he has good opinion about his fans,

he considers their feelings and emotions, Rejnikanth is telling he loves and values all his fans and admirers, he’ll do anything for his fans, Rejnikath is the highest remunerated actor of Indian cinema world, if anyone asks about his remuneration, Rejni would reply like this? Does anyone not accepting the remuneration after job?He continues,

the cinema is reason for all his prosperity, he gets money from cinema, while he came to cinema he is a person who needs much money, and the cinema has given him money while he suffered a lot with financial problems. If I were not entered in to the cinema world, perhaps I’ll be become a smuggler or something like that, and about beauty and charm he is telling like this: beauty and charm needs only in cinema because the audience are coming to theaters not see him,

but to see his characters. So Rejni convers his original entity in to cinema a characters, he wears makeup and become charming and acts as the characters. In his personal life he is not giving much priority for make up or for a change over in look, he is telling due to the reason that he is acting in cinemas, there is no need to perform outside as an actor.

If ask him about his age, he’ll be laughing, while performing action scenes and act for dancing scenes he thinks about his age,the directors and technicians well knows the irritation problems while demanding him to act action scenes and dancing scenes, so they oversees his situation and plans the shooting, in his personal opinion Rejnikanth is saying he fails while acting romance with heroines,

now when participate with romance scenes he feels irritation, Amitabh Bachan is his inspiration, while Amitabh is acting Rejni feels amaze, the role model of Rejnikant, Amitabh Bachan and Ameer Khan is Dilip Kumar, he very accurately follows the meditation and yoga, he is maintaining a Farm house for mediation and yoga practicing.

And he visits Himalaya after he completes a film as hero, he has a very capable mind in control and through meditation he has earned the capacity to control his mind, he reveals the meditation and yoga are secret of his health and good looking, Rejni is going alone to Himalaya, he often visits after completing his moves Rejni meditates in Himalaya for many days,

he is telling while seeing the sages in Himalaya he feels jealous because they’re experiencing the real tranquility and evoke of god and we’re not getting some real peace.Rejnikanth is telling if he loses his fame he has to loss nothing, but the fame is being as the cause to loss many thing for him,

he continues out of cinema he is a very ordinary man handling the family matters , Rejni’s wife’s name is Latha, his marriage was a love marriage, Rejni meets for the first time Latha, while she studies in the law college, Latha has visited Rejnikant for an interview for her college magazine, the same interview lead both of them in to their marriage and joining together,

it was Rejnikant first asked her “are you interested to marry me”? They both Rejnikanth and Latha were married at Thiruppathi, the marriage was with the full support of both families, a well arranged marriage, and they have two daughters, Aiswarya and Saundarya, both the daughter have selected their ambitious field, Aiswarya is a good writer,

she is a dancer, she sings well and she talks well and Saundaraya is in the field of cinemas, Saundarya is a film director, Now Rejnikanth have two grandsons Yenthra and Linga , if anyone asks to Rajnikanth aboust film direction, he would reply like this, I don’t know film direction. Before Rejnikanth entered to cinema world,

he was a daily wages worker, then bus conductor, he has started his acting career through drama troupes, about autography writing Rejinkanth is saying there is no plan to write an autobiography, it has to narrate honestly, and if I narrate my own autobiography, it would pain and hurt many, Mahatma Gandhi has the goods to narrate an auto biography, if such a mental standard of goods came to me, I would be able to narrate my auto biography. Rejnikanth gives a message to all his fans and admirers that ” Live and let other’s to live”.

“Rajinikanth” The Legendary Hero of Indian Cinema the No:1 Super Star of Indian Cinema
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