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Prem Nazir The Great Avatar

Malayalam cinemas late great actor and evergreen hero Prem Nazir was born in the year 1927,April 7 at Chirayankeezhu Thaluk, Thiruvananthapuram, if Nazir still lives today, he’ll be 90 years age. He was the only one hero denoted as “Evergreen”, in the history of Malayalam cinema; he was a legendary actor and great humanitarian. Prem Nazir has so many other merits; he was the most beautiful actor in the history of Malayalam cinema. While we search is life story, there are many incidents to special mention about his extra ordinary glitz of character, he was really a golden personality. Years back while he was acting in movie, his character has to use both hands locked device.

Prem Nazir was in a situation of tightly hand locked, the director said break in the noon, the key of the hand lock was kept by an assistant. He was gone out of the location for some other purpose, without removing his hand locks he never had to ate the noon food lunch, Nazir has waited for the arrival of eh assistant, but the boy never returned back in time. But, the great actor never get angry – he waited for some more time and left home with the hand lock in his car. He was too hungry and his wife served him the lunch in his mouth, between these time span the boy assistant who kept the key of the hand lock returned back to the location, he feared and trembled about his mistake and being tensioned. After consumed the lunch and he again came back to the location, while he seeing the actor with hand locks he run and reached him lying to feet’s and tried asking pardon.

But, Prem Nazir the unique personality raised him and hugged him and said it was because of you my wife has given me food directly to my mouth, while hearing this the boy lost his control, he wept and tear emotionally. The boy received sweet response rather than fury from the great actor. This is an example of godly behavior from an un paralleled personality like Prem Nazir, he was truly a great actor with love and patience, he left us in the year 1989 January 16 , he was only 62 while he breath his last on earth. The Malayalam cinema has lost it’s great soul and the entire Kerala mourned, in a movie he acted and sang a song “can I get another life in this beautiful shore”? Should god sanctions a reincarnation to Prem Nazir? If so, the Malayalam cinema would again in the golden days back.

Prem Nazir The Great Avatar
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