S The Milestone Movies of Megastar Mammootty & Charecters The Milestone Movies of Megastar Mammootty & Charecters

The Mega Star

The Milestone Movies of Megastar Mammootty & Charecters

As everybody knows, Mammootty is one of the best actors in India and of course he is an actor with enormous talents. Mammootty is an active participant in Malayalam cinema lengthens back to four (4) decades and un doubted he uplifted Malayalam cinema in to the forefront of Indian cinema. As an actor in Malayalam cinema he has contributed hundreds of visual treats and he has entered to superstardom, and then to a megastar image. Mammootty is a great actor and he is the private pride to every Malayalees, not only in Kerala – but all over the world. Mamootty is a multiliguistic actor, he has acted in Malayalam, Tamil, Teleugu, Kannada and Hindi.

Mammootty is an actor remains at the peak of creative acting talents and he is one of the best actors in India. He has achieved the national awards three (3) times, Kerala State Awards five (5) times, File fare award eleven (11) times, Film Critics Award 5(five) times and more over Asianet Film awards etc and such an actor is really a rare phenomenon in the Malayalam cinema world. Mammootty is a complete actor and our nation India has given him Padmashree honour and Calicut, Kerala Universities honored him extending Doctorate.

We have to go through the inroads of the acting career and characters of Mammootty, the great actor, it was in the year 1971 Mammootty has begun his acting career with a small role in the Malayalam film Anubhavangal Paalichchakal, but Mammootty has noticed as an actor from eighties. (1980), in the same year Mammootty has acted in a Sreekumaranthampi directed movie”Munnettam” and it was the film given him a break. Mammootty well played the character Rajappan.


At the same year (1980) he has acted some films like Mela, character bike jumper Vijayan (directed by K.G.George), Thrishna, directed by IV Sasi, character Das etc. are the starting milestone movies of Mammootty at his acting career. In the year 1981, IV Sasi has directed a movie Ahimsa and the character Vasu , also a mile stone movie in the acting career of Mammootty. By considering the best acting in the said three movies in the year 1981 Mammootty obtained the best supporting actor award of Kerala State.

In the year 1982, he has acted in Yavanika, (director K.G. George) character police officer Jacob Eeralai , Aa Divasam (directed M.Mani), character Balachandran, in the year 1983, Rachana (directed by Mohan),character Gopi, Naanayam (directed by IV.Sasi), charecter Raju, Lekhayude maranam oru flashback (directed by K.G.George),character Prem sagar, Koodevide (directed by Padmarajan) character Captain Thomas, Aa Raathri (directed by Joshi)character Balu, Aadaaminte vaariyedllu (directed by K.G.George) character Jose etc are filmed in eighties(1980 to 1983)), th mentioned films are the milestone movies in the acting career of Mammootty.

In the year 1984, the film Sannarbham (directed by Joshi), character Ravi, Mangalam nerunnu (directed by Mohan) character Babu, Kaanamarayaththu (directed by IV Sasi),character Babu,Iththirippoove Chuvanna poove (directed by Bharathan) character Balagopalan, Athitaathram (directed by IV Sasi) character Tharadas etc. are the milestone characters and movies of Mammootty and the films were released in 1984.

The Milestone Movies of megastar Mammootty and Characters
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