S The mighty Chaplin of Comedy, in the World Cinema

The mighty Chaplin of Comedy, in the World Cinema

The mighty Chaplin of Comedy, in the World Cinema, charlie-chaplin-hotnsourmoviechannel
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The mighty Chaplin of Comedy, in the World Cinema

As you know, Charlie Chaplin is the most influenced comedy actor of the world, and absolutely, there is no substitute for Charlie Chaplin, he was a great actor and all his comedy films were very relevant with socially prominent themes and he used the techniques to present practical comedies. Charlie Chaplin was born in a very poor family and he was suffered a lot attaining daily bread. Charlie Chaplin’s golden era was from 1889 to 1977 and he influenced the English movie audience long ago, but Chaplin’s films still entertains the world.

Making of Living was his first film released in the year 1914, February 2th and the length of the movie was one reel in his early time of releasing movies. Charli Chaplin is an actor who were used comedy very successfully and captured the hearts of millions in 20th century. Chaplin’s action comedy and dialogue comedy are exceptionally entertained the mass all over the world and he was the world’s most valued comedian actor of all time. The last movie of Charlie Chaplin is Show People and Charlie Chaplin deserves the title “Great Chaplin of Comedy”

The Chaplin films released in the year 1914 was too short movies and length of such movies are only one reel , Charlie Chaplin the king of comedy has acted in action comedies and dialogues comedies and he is world’s No.1 comedian in the history of world cinema. Show people was the last released film of Charlie Chaplin and the film was released in the year 1928. Chaplin’s cinema life lasted to 75 years and he has scripted and directed and acted in 85 films. Charlie chaplin has a customised out look, it includes Chaplin cap on the hear, 11 moustache, suit an coat and the walking stick etc.

The entire world bowed in front of the exceptionally unique talent to performed practical comedies, the entire world honoured him – there is no substitute for Charlie Chaplin and he was the King of Comedy and truly a great artist. Charlie Chaplin achieved the peak of world approval for his un paralleled comedy talent. The 75 years of an enriched cinema life of Chaplin has to special mention, and the all language cinema (not only English) absorbed the influence of Chaplin’s comedy cinema exposures.

The Indian cinema world, especially the Mumbai cinema was under the influence of Charlie Chaplin, once famous late Indian actor Raj Kapoor openly agreed that he is imitating Charlie Chaplin while presenting comedies in cinema and he obviously claimed “Charlie Chaplin is the world’s No.1 actor, not only in comedy, he has presented the un employment problems and poverty after the first world war, Charlie Chaplin was a true genius, if you search his films you’ll never find anything without real life problems like poverty, un employment and negligence of the society.

In olden days, there was no comedy in Indian cinemas, but after seeing Charlie Chaplin movies, the Indian cinema found the relevance of comedy and perhaps Charlie Chaplin will be the main cause to involve comedy in Indian cinemas.

Indian cinema experiments comedy in the year 1930, and the world generations well enjoyed Chaplin movies, and the Charlie Chaplin cinemas are extremely wonderful and still in this modern time the relevance of Chaplin films continues. He has performed the worries and pains of human beings with a mask of comedy, and of course without Charlie Chaplin the history of world cinema never completes. Our new generation have to understand the dominance of Chaplin movies, the English man and Americans most loved Charlie Chaplin, they still believes he is the great artist of Hollywood movies.

The mighty Chaplin of Comedy, in the World Cinema
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