S The malayalam stars that left us and now in heavenly abode The malayalam stars that left us and now in heavenly abode
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The stars that left us and now in heavenly abode

Death is a reality, where there is no escape and once we’ll be forced to surrender the inevitable phenomenon. But, the expiry of a star is not like a common finished part, it has so many specialties, because they are not ordinary in their life span. They are stars; they are the people who have the power to influence anyone. The death of a film star will be more painful than other demises.

We believe the cine stars are our own, and we consider them as our family member. It’s because of the influence of their characters in the celluloid. In our mind the cine actors were deeply rooted and throughout the years the stars get a position un detachable from our mind and heart. The stars who’ll do everything in the cinema, perhaps not possible in real life. The stars influence us and the stars are the true inspiration, it’s a psychological effect.

Jayan, the actor who born for success..

There was an action hero in Malayalam cinema, manly and healthy with sweet hard voice and he captured the hearts of whole cinema lovers of Malayalam cinema. He is none other than Jayan, once the most valued super star and action hero of Malayalam cinema and he was an actor never used dupe in action scenes and very popular all over south India.

Un fortunately he was became the victim of a copter accident and died young. The entire Malayalam cinema lost its most courageous and healthy action hero and perhaps until today there is no other action hero has come as equal to Jayan. After his death, so many actors tried their effort and talent to perform and to shine as action hero, but all are in vain and no one reaches near to his caliber.

In eighties, Jayan was the super star and the dare action hero in Malayalam cinema, he was a star with thousands of admirers and fans and a majority of his fans were women. Once in Kerala, there were Jayan wave hits everywhere, and the adolescents and youth were deeply loved him and Jayan was their real hero in life.

There was a talk in the Malayalam cinema industry the Jayan was the second gentle man in the cinema industry after Prem Nazir and Jayan’s character was very good and he was a Mr. clean. Once Jayan told in a press meet, that his ideal person is Prem Nazir and he loved and respects him. His earlier years were in Indian Navy and he was much disciplined, every day he rises from bed very early in the morning at 4. AM and begun his day and he was an ideal actor to others in the cinema industry, without exercising and participating gym activities Jayan never comes to cinema sets.

Kollam was the native place of Jayan, after finished his 10th standard study in Kollam Govt. Boys High School, he then joined Indian Navy and served the nation 16 years. After the retirement from Indian Navy, Jayan came to Ernakulam and involved in small business, but this mind was full of cinema dreams. During these years, he was stayed at Cochin tourist home.

He was acted in a movie Postumaane kaanaanilla and it was in the year 1972 and his character was a naxalite in this movie, Jayan has to wait two years to get a good chance in cinema and become busy with films. While he stayed at Cochin Tourist home, he got certain opportunity to have friendship with Rajan Prakash the son of Jos Prakash who was very busy and popular in Malayalam cinema and …

Rajan Prakash introduced Jayan to Jos Prakash and as a well-known actor in Malayalam cinema he has good connections in the cinema industry and with the recommendation of Josprakash, the chance to act in Shapamoksham bloomed. Jeycee was the director of the film and in the year 1974, he acted in film Poonthenaruvi.

Then the good time of Jayan was getting start off, he acted in so many films in small roles like Tourist Bungalow, Soorya vamsham, Ullaasa yaathra, Dharmakshethre Kurukshethre , Pick pocket, Raajanganam etc. But, these roles in films were not noticeable and then certain films like Panchami, Amrithavaahini, Aashirvaadam, Tholkkan enikku manassilla, Ivananete Priya puthran, Abhinivesham etc. has given Jayan to noticeable from all corner of Malayalam cinema industry. The directors of the above mentioned movies were Shasikumar,

IV Sasi. Hariharan etc. and they were hit directors in the cinema industry and these directors helped Jayan to become a well-known Malayalam star. Then he got the films Anumodanam, Randu penkuttikal, Madanolsavam, Etho oru swapnam, Jaikkanai janichchavan, Ithaa oru manushyan, Pennorumpettal, Sayoojyam etc. and he has fixed his position in Malayalam cinema. In the middle of the seventies, Jayan has become un detachable from Malayalam cinema.

Hence the golden time of jayan has come with Sharapanjaram, Angadi, Venalil oru mazha, Puthiya velichcham, Etho oru swapnam, Kannappanunni, Thacholi Ambu, Panchami, Adavukal pathinettu, Kaantha valayam, Iththikkara pakki, Maammaangam, Anu pallavi,Karimpana,Chakara, Meen,Kazhukan etc are the films which were consider as the milestone of Jayan movies.

In these said movies Jayan has performed very well as hero, villain. Antihero, character role etc and all this movies were super hits and earned big profit in box office. He then acted many actions films like Aavesham, Shakthi, Theenanalgal, Angaadi, kaantha valayam, karimpana, Meen , Chakara, Benz vaasu, Deepam, Moorkhan, Manushya Mrigam, Thadavara, Chuvanna chirakukal etc. and all the movies were super hits.

Jayan has achieved the position as the first Action Hero in Malayalam cinema and he has overcome and defeated the shined stars in that era like Madhu, Soman, Sukumaran, Vincent, Jose, Sudheer, Raghavan and shared the super star position with Prem Nazir and it was a big honor.

The multi star films of super stars Prem Nazir and Jayan were biggest hits and it’s like Ivanenete Priya putrhran, Randu lokam, Kannppanunni, Shathru samharam, Adimakkachchavadam, Thachcholi ambu , Jaikkaanaai janichchavan, Aanappachan,lLsa, Mamangam, Sarpam, irumpazhikal, Chandrahaasam, Palaat kunnikkannan, Iththikkara pakki, Karipuranda jeevithangal, Naayatu, Anthappuram, Love in Singapore etc. are the biggest super hit films in Malayalam cinema with super stars Prem Nazir and Jayan. Besides he has acted two films in double role and the films were Aakrosham, and Manushya Mrigam.

The song scenes acted by Jayan has to special mention and the song Kannum kannum in Angadi will be remembered and Kasthuri manmizhi in the film manushya mrigam and cham cha chacha, chumaru cha chacha cha in Love in Singapore, Oru mugham maathram kannil in Etho oru swapnam, Ezham maalika mele in Sarpam, kanninte karppooram in Saayoojyam, Paurnami ppenne in Benz Vasu, Nin swaram in Anpallavi etc –

Are the beautiful song sequences of Jayan and all these song scenes were very beautifully played by Jayan with his beautiful manly face and with his beautiful body. Jayan has lived only a very short time on earth, but he has achieved fame of 3 full length life of a star and he was a real super star and action hero in every aspect as he never used duping and he was bold and brave and Jayan is jayan and of course there is no substitute for Jayan.

Without this rare born of action, the history of Malayalam cinema never completes. Though Jayan was lived only in a short life span in the world, he has contributed a charisma, definitely unbeatable by other actors and Jayan was a very rare breed of brave and manliness. He achieved the peak of super stardom, and he was like Hollywood stars especially without duping and for perfection in action scenes.

Jayan’s action scenes were created a theater shaking experience, sweet hard dialogues echoed in the theatres, the acting moments were really touching and impressive, and the audience will feel they were in the thorn points and above all beautiful performance in song sequences – and Jayan enjoyed the peak of super stardom in a very thin duration years, and it was a very rare achievement.

Unfortunately the entire Malayalam cinema has the worse fate to confront the sad reality, the accidental death of Jayan, It was in the year 1980, while shooting the climax fight sequence at Sholavaram, Chennai, Jayanstood on a riding bike and jumped to hold the helicopter (the villain is inside) and due to the imbalance, the copter collapsed and Jayan has become the victim, the total weight of the copter hit on him and he breathed his last.

Malayalam’s pet super and action hero has died and it was in the year 1980, November 16, the black day in the history of Malayalam cinema and in India, there were no such an actor died while involving shooting. If Jayan was still alive, no doubt he will be the number one Malayalam action hero and there were a large number of Jayan films with his own entity, It’s an unlucky, Jayan has gone to heavenly abode, we pay our homage to the great soul of Malayalam cinema.

Rani Chandra

Did you remember Mrs. Kerala Rani Chandra, once she was a busy heroine in Malayalam cinema, and she has played opposite to the main heroes of Malayalam cinema. She has her own dance troupe and she was a student studied in St. Theresa’s College, Ernakulam, she was very beautiful and her native place was at fort Cochin and she born in the year 1949.

She was crowned as Miss Kerala in the year1967 and hence in the next same year she got opportunity to act in a Malayalam movie, her debut film is Paavappettaval, and then she has acted in so many films like AnchuSunadarikal, Anachchadhanam, VivahamSwargaththil, Chembaraththy, Devi, Guruvayoorappan, Puthrakameshti, Brahmachari, Omana, Driksaakshi, Jesus, Pachchanottukal, Kaalachakram, Raging, Nellu, Kaattuvithachchavan, Kaamini, Yauvanam, Shaapamoksham, etc, and …

undoubtedly she was a busy artist and she was positioned near to the super heroines in Malayalam cinema like Sharada, Sheela and Jaya bharathi etc. and she was really became famous all over in south India. And it was good time to her and she continued her acting through Ullasayaathra, Bhoogolamthiriyunnu, Boyfriend, Swarnavigraham, Ulsavam, Chalanam, Muchcheettukaarantmakal, MallanumMadhevanum, Anaavaranam, Swimming pool, Madhuramthirumadhuram, Ayalkkari, AmbaAmbikaAmbalike, Ayalkkari, Swapnadanam, Sindhoorametc.

A majority of Malayalam films in which Rani Chandra acted were super hits. She was very busy acting with super stars PremNazir and Jayan and with Madhu, Soman, Sukumaran, Raghavan,Vincentete. And she has earned a great volume of fans all over Kerala and she was really a glittering actress of Malayalam cinema. She has achieved the Kerala State’s Best Actress Award in the year 1975, the film was Swapnadanam, a K.G .George directorial venture and she also achieved the Kerala Critics Award,

She has acted in Tamil films also she were successfully run a dancing Academy and she were participating in dance programs. As an artist Rani Chandra was at the peak of fame and shine while she was facing her last time of disaster. In the year 1976, Rani Chandra reached Mumbai for some dancing programs, accompanied by her three sisters and mother and after finished her dancing program they have to come back to Chennai,

and they flew – unfortunately their flight ablaze with fire and the aircraft fully burned and exploded, Rani Chandra including her three sisters and mother were died and the total passengers have met with similar fate. Thus Rani Chandra, once the famous Malayalam heroine was bitter experienced her demise by air calamity and Malayalam cinema has lost one of its promising heroine. It was in the year 1976; Rani Chandra surrendered to the accidental death.


The death of actress Shobawere a suicide, she hanged herself and she was an actress with much talent and her smiling was very attractive and famous, her character was like a child. Shobha was the daughter of a well-known actress in fifties (1950) and her name was PremaMenon. Shobha’s life span was very short and she lived only seventeen years.

She was a very talented actress, and she contributed some good Malayalam films like Enteneelaakaasham, Shalinientekoottukari etc. In her very younger age in the year 1979, she won the National Award for the best actress and film was Pashi,

it was a Tamil Movie. The life and death of Shobha the young actress were like a short story filled with sorrow. The popular cinema director K.G George of Malayalam successfully filmed a movie based on the life story of Shobha. The film was “Lekhayudemaranamoru flash back” and this movie revealed the life story and the secrets behind her death.

About Shobha, she started her acting career in the year 1965, and she was a child artist. Her debut film was Udyogastha (in 1965) and she was a child artist. The she has acted in so many films as a child artist until Udyogastha (In the year 1967) and then she became matured; she continued her acting as sister and daughter in Malayalam and Tamil cinemas until 1974.

These said roles are small characters. and in the year 1975 she acted in many films like Ayodhya, Chottanikkaraamma, Amrithavaahini, Dweep, Ormakalmarikkumo, Raja parampara, paadasaram, Randupenkuttikal etc. and she became noticeable all over south India, and she was very talented and she were thoroughly getting films in Malayalam and Tamil.

She continually acted in films as heroine in films like Uthradraathri, Ulkkadal, Ekaakini, Bandhanam, Lillippookkal, Ishtapranneshwari, Enteneelakaasham, Jeevithamorugaanam, Venalilorumazha, Shalinientekoottukari, Daliappookkal, Aniyaaththavalakal, YauvanamDaaham, Manjumoodalmanjuetc. and she has acted very well in the said movies in which she was acted as heroine and she became very popular in Kerala, and the college students found her as an ideal actress.

At the same time, Shobha were acting in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada movies. Her personal life is very particular and filled with immature instincts especially with love affair and she was too sensitive and her mind was very thin to resist tough life realities, and besides Shobha was very innocent like a child. Perhaps, Shobha will be the only actress who achieved the National Award for the best Actress position at a very younger age below eighteen years (18) and the Indian cinema has amazed and bowed in front her enormous talent and acting career.

It was a great honor to her that she has successfully touched the ultimate approval for acting at age only 18 and no doubt Shobha was a genre certain different in every aspect. Shobha was very sensitive and innocent actress, and she fell in love with director BaluMahendra , a person like grandfather aged over sixty, in the year 1978 BaluMahendra has married to Shoba and they became husband and wife.

Shobha, the actress who have achieved the Best Actress National Award in her very younger age was a very rare achievement and so many other heroine chances and achievements in Malayalam and Tamil are awaiting her way, but unfortunately she has choose the fate kill herself and the Malayalam cinema lost a promising heroine actress. Whatever be the reason, Shobhachoosed her decision to hanged herself, it was in the year 1980 may 1st. We pay our homage to Shobha, the great artist.


There was a sensitive actor in Malayalam, he was talented and good looking, his name is Sreenath, once in a black day he killed himself, and as an actor he was a success. Sreenath entered in Malayalam cinema in the year 1978 and the film was Shalinientekoottukari, hence he acted in some films like Sathyam, Kalika, Arayannam, Attimari, Thalammanasitnethaalam,Oothikkachciyaponnu, Pooviriyumpulari, Ithunjangaludekatha etc.

and Sreeenath acted in these films as hero and antihero, and it was a period when Soman and Sukumaran were burning stars and in same period Mammooty and Mohan lal were just entered in cinemas. Sreenath was an actor with all suitable qualities for a hero, like good looking face, good health and also with sound and he acted in many films as hero.

His films are Visa, Eenam, Kinginikkombu, BeltMaththai, SagaramSaantham, NH 47, Mangalamnerunnu, Sandhyamayangumneram, Piriyillanaam, Muththodumuththu, and thus Sreenath acted in so many films and once he was very busy with acting in Malayalam.

Within this time span of acting, Sreenath being addicted to a love affair, and it was with Shanthikrishana and she was the heroine in certain films like Shalinientekoottukari, Ithunjangaludekatha and while in the sets of these films Sreenath and Shanti Krishana met together and they loved each other and finally married. In the year 1987, Sreenath and Shati Krishna were married and became couples.

After their marriage, the things have changed and Sreenath became changed in to character roles and then Sreenath very specially concentrated on character roles and he has acted in Ayanam, Koodumthedi, VivahithareIthileithile, Nirbhedangal, Thoovanaththumpikal, Vratham, Sarvakalasala, Oru CBI diarykkurippu, Vicharana, August 1 and in all films he has acted in character roles and he shined in character roles. In the year 1995, Sreenath and Shanti Krisha were divorced due to certain family disputes.

This separation disturbed him very much and Sreenath became depressed always and he has addicted to drunken every day. He felt the chance loses in Malayalam cinema, But he got enough opportunities to act character roles in Super star films includes Mammootty, Mohan lal, Suresh Gopi, Jayarametc and the films are Kireedam, Malootty, Chenkol, Devasuram, Vazhunnor, Agni Saakshi, Sketch etc. Between these period of acting Sreenath has married to Latha her second wife,

it was in the year 1999 and in this relation he has a son, his name is Vishwajeeth. As a senior actor in Malayalam cinema and of course he is an actor with sufficient talent there are several movies are waiting for Sreenath in Malayalam. And in Malayalam TV serials also hugged him with most acceptability. But Sreenath has abandoned everything and he decided his destiny.

He was suffered a lot from cinema associations and it restricted him not to act in TV Serials. Anyway, he thought better dying and he choose his way. It was during the shooting session of Superstar Mohan lal’sShikkar,Sreenath was staying in a lodge at Kothamangalam and died himself by slash his artery on arm. He was good actor and a nice personality and we extend our tribute to him.


Nandu was very youngster at the time of his suicide, he was the younger brother of Kalpana, Kalaranjini, Urvasiactress trio, and Nandu’s debut film was Layanam directed by Thulasi das. The famous Silk Smitha was the heroine of Nandu in Layanam.

After the releasing of Lyanam, there were so many problems related with the film and Nandu has been mentally tortured from family and also from outside and Nandu felt resisting is not possible and he hanged himself. More over Nandu has a love failure, and perhaps it may be a reason for such a decision to end his life. Whatever be the reason for his death,

Nandu was a promising actor in Malayalam cinema. He simply abandoned his future in the cinema industry and has gone to the other world and Nandu was only 27 while he finished himself, we pay our homage to Nandu.

Rani Padmini


Did you remember Rani Padmini, the beautiful heroine in eighties (1980) and her entry in to Malayalam cinema was in the year 1981, it’s with Samgharsham, a PremNazir starrer and then she acted in many Malayalam films like Thusharam, Thenusmvayampum, Tharaavu, Paranki mala, and her role was as heroine and anti-heroine.

Then she fixed her own position in Malayalam cinema, Rani Padmini has become a busy artist in Malayalam cinema and she was the heroine in majority films, and her films are Mauppachcha, Aadivasam, Aacrosham, Anuragakkodathy, Vidhichchathumkothichchathum,Sharam, Bheeman, Himavahini, Kuyilineththedi, Bandhanam, Iniyenkilum, Eeyugam, Kadamaththachchan, Ammenarayana, Krishna guruvayoorappa, Kilikkonchal, Ithainnumuthal, etc.

A majority of the mentioned Rani Padminimovies were super hits and she was really too busy with films and she got plenty of opportunities in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. Hence Rani Padmini has changed her staying to Chennai and it was her mother Indira also accompanied her. The have rented a Bungalow in Anna Nagar at Chennai and Rani Padmini and her mother were reside there I the new building.

The her career is rising amazingly with lot of chances, every observer can easily certain factual about Rani Padmini, that she was ready to accept any glamorous roles , but she need only money. In some films like Uyirththezhunnelpu, Vampan, Ida Nilangal,Kilikkonjal, Annoruraavil, Karinaagam, Bheekaran, etc. are Rani Padmini’sabsolute glamour roles. She was so many commitments for Glamorous roles and she was very flexible for adjustments with money. In Chennai Rani Padmini maintained good relationship in cinema and politics.

An own home in Chennai was her dream and she assigned so many films just for earning money without ethics. Anyway Rani Padmini was as an artist with lot of talents and she was young and beautiful, but the mother of her and Rani Padmini were blindly believed everyone around them and it was a mistake from their part. She then acted in many films exposing glamour roles and the films are like Vampan, Idanilanagal, Kilikkonjal, Annoru raavil, Karinaagam, Bheekaran etc.

It was a period she tried her talent misused for earning money and her ultimate aim is to become rich and wealthy. In Chennai she has good relationship with politicians and also in the film field. In that period , she was busy with acting films Rani Padmini and her mother earned and collected 15 lakhs of Indian rupees and it was a big amount in eighties (1980) , they kept at their home not in bank. As we mentioned earlier Rani Padmini and her mother were blindly believed everyone around them and it was a mistake from their part and they became the victim of killings.

The driver, cook and watchman, the three were Tamilians and of course with criminal mentality, they the trio killed Rank Padmini and her mother to rob the money and as a part of the theft attempt, the three servants were being forced to kill Rani Padmini and her mother. The murder of Rani Padmini was a shock to the entire south Indian filmdom especially with Malayalam and Tamil cinema world. The culprits were then arrested and they were sentenced for life long imprisonment. We pay our homage to Rani Padmini gone earlier from the glamorous world of cinema.


Did you remember Shivaji? There was an actor slightly look like super star Mohan Lal and he was an effective villain artist in eighties and nineties (1980, ’90) and once he were busy with acting in Malayalam cinemas. He was shined as a villain and also in certain films he acted in character roles.

In the year 1982 Shivaji entered in to Malayalam cinema and the film was Kaliya mardanam and hence he has acted in too many films like Enikkum oru divas am, Iratti madhuram, Nulli novikkaathe , Akalaththe ambili, Ee shabdam innaththe shabdam, Kaanan kothichchu, Mukthi, Peruvannapuraththe vishesnagal etc. and to all these films he has acted as villain characters in a particular way, he has the talent to act any roles,

but unfortunately he has type casted as villain. Shivaji has acted as villain opposite to super stars Mohan lal, Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, Jaya Ram and Dileep etc, and he has been noticed as a good villain and character actor in the Malayalam cinema world. Shivaji acted very well in certain films like Sukrutham, Mayapponman, Niyogam, Varum varaathitikkilla, Pallavoor Deva Narayanan, Soosanna, Mekha malhar, Nizhalkkooththu, Manasinnakkare, Perumazhakkaalam, Kadhavashesan etc.

His death was at the peak of his change from villain characters. Shivaji was demised at a younger age only 48 by heart attack (in the year 2004 September 30th in Thiruvananthapuram) and he was a good artist and if he still alive, he will be busier with acting films. But the ruthless hands of death taken him to far away. We pay our homage to shivaji and may his soul rest in peace.

Santhosh Jogy

It was in the year 2005, Santhosh Jogi has entered to Malayalam cinema and his debut film was Raaja maanikyam, the mega star Mammootty movie. He was a talented actor and he has acted in films like Ponmudippuzhaypraththu, Puli janmam, Raashtram, Keerththi Chakra , Ali bhai, Big B, Chotta Mumbai, Mayaavi, Julai 4, Mulla, Christain Brothers etc.santhosh Jogi has acted approximately in 30 films and he is an actor proved his talents.

He has started career as a villain, but he has been forced to kill himself at a younger age. Santhosh Joggi was a good actor and a good singer. He was married and having two children, her wife is Jiji and her daughters are Chithra Lekha and Kapila. The reason of his suicide still remain un revealed, anyway the Malayalam cinema has lost a future promise youngster artist.


In the year 1977, Kalpana has entered in the Malayalam cinema world as a child artist, her debut film was Vidarunna mottukal, and she established her career as an actress through the films like Paathira sooryan, Anthi veyilile ponnu, Pokku veil, Panchavadippalam, Paara, Choodaaththa pookkal, etc. And the film Anthiveyilile ponnu is the film in which she played a major role of an actress and then she acted in certain films like Ithu nalla thamaasha, Peruvannaapuraththe visheshangal, Orukkam, Malayogam, Dr. Pashupathy, Sauhrudham, Pookkalam varvaayi, Ottyal pattalam, Cheppadi vidhya, Ennodishtam koodaamo etc are the films in which she has acted comedy roles very effectively,

and then she became renowned as a comedy artist. She was very familiar to Malayalam cinema audiences and she captured the hearts of Malayalees all over the world. Then she acted in Pai brothers, Parvathi parinayam, Kattile thadi , thevarude aana, Kudumbakkodathy, Anubhoothy, Ancharakkalyaanam, Aakasha ganga, Ishtam, Krishna Gopala Krishna, Kannaki, Velliththira, Mister Brahmachari, Nerkkuner, Twenty twenty, Paleri maanikyam etc. are the milestones in the acting career of Kalpana.

And then she changed and specially cared to act in to character roles and mother roles. Kalpana has performed excellently in certain films like Indian Rupee, Makeup man, Salt and pepper, Spirit, Thanichchalla njan, ABCD, Bangalore days, The Dolphin, Charlie etc. she has proved undoubtedly that she was an actress with unparalleled talent. While she was dying due to heart attack she was at the peak of popularity as an actress. Kalpana was a heart patient and finally she surrendered to death after the heart attack.

She was a multi linguistic cinema artist , she acted not only in Malayalam cinema, she acted in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu movies also and earned lot of fans all over south India. She was involved and anchored with so many TV programs, and also she acted in some TV serials. Kalpana has achieved the second best actress national award for the film Njan thanichchalla, in the year 2013. She has acted in 300 movies which includes Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu etc.

While she acting in a Telugu film Ooppiri, she was accommodated in a hotel at Hyderabad and the room boy found Kalpana move less and died in the room. After postmortem, the doctors cleared the fact that the cause of her death is heart attack. She was aged 50 while she dies, and there are so many characters suitable to Kalpana are awaiting, but unfortunately she left us,

She was a good comedy artist, she made us laughter a lot , she made us think a lot, she made us cried a lot – and she was like a real shining star , the un timing death of Kalpana si really a huge loss to Malayalam cinema industry. We pay our homage to Kalpana, may her soul rest in peace.

Kalabhavan Mani

The unexpected demise of Kalabhavan Mani was a shock to everyone, not only in the Malayalam cinema industry, but to every man and women who loves art and cinema. Kalabhavan Mani was an artist who earned hundred thousands of fans in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He has acted more than 200 cinemas from 1995 to 2016 and the death of Kalabhavan Mani still remains as mystery. Whatever be the reason of his death, the absence of Mani in the cinema is a loss and he was a good humanitarian and philanthropist.

As everybody knows, Kalabhavan Mani was a person came from sufferings and poverty and he is a person much experienced the starving. But he was ambitious about his enormous talents and there was a spark of creativity in him from childhood age. In the initial stage of investigation, the Kerala police have registered a case as un natural death and it has taken one month police dealings.

The internal parts taken from Mani has send to labs in Kakkanaadu and Hyderabad, and the results came from Hyderabad proven he was an acute addict of liver cirrhosis. Kalabhavan Mani’s initial step in to the field of art begins from Cochin Kalabhavan and he was a Mimicry artist. Before he entered in to Kalabhavan, he was an auto rickshaw driver in Chalakkudy and he came and joins as a mimicry artist in Kalabhavan from a very down situation of miseries and poverty. He has the knowledge over local traditional songs and he very beautifully sung the same songs and he has introduced a new method where mimicry and local traditional songs blended.

He has launched some local traditional song cassettes like Thoosheemme koonthaaro and Poolumma poolumma choppulla maanga and the production company “Maruthy Cassets’ are the people who marketed the programs of Kalabhavan Mani and these cassettes heavily sold out and became hit.

Hence there are so many local traditional songs came from Mani – in the form of cassettes and all are became hits. Malayalees all over Kerala, whole heartedly accepted the traditional song cassettes of Mani. Malayalees all over the world enjoyed the cassettes of Mani and they loved to hear Mani’s voice in the cassettes of the local traditional songs.

The cassettes of Kalabhavan Mani spreader all over Kerala and it were created waves everywhere. In the year 1991, Mani has acted in a Tamil movie: Captain Prabhakar and it was a junior artist’s role. Kalabhavan mani’s debut Malayalam movie was Aksharam , directed by Sibi Malayil and this was the first film with dialogues.

And hence he acted in certain films like Samudaayam, Porter etc, and he has noticed with the movie Sallapam, directed by Sunder das and the movie became super hit all over Kerala. Sallapam is the film which has given him approval as an actor and it was a break as a beginner in the cinema industry. Sallapam has given him a label as a comedian actor and then he got so many films to act as a comedian like Samoohya paadam, Swarna kireedam, Kireedamillaaththa raajaakkanmaar, Kalyana saugandhikam, Udhyaana paalakan, Dilliwaala raajakumaaran, Kudamaattam, Kaarunyam, Gajaraajamanthram, Guru shishyan,, Sammaanam, Bhoothakkannadi etc, and Kalabhavan Mani very successfully proved his comedy talents and fix his position in the Malayalam cinema.

But, the year 1999 was very special and Malayalam cinema witnessed a new facet of Kalabhavan Kani, it was director Vinayan who were casted Mani to act in his film Vasanthiyum Laxmiyum pinne njaanum. In this film Mani acted as a blind character Ramu, the film was a super hit all over Kerala. This film was a detour in the career of Kalabhavan Mani, and he acted excellently as blind Ramu.

The Kerala cine lovers have expected a national award to Mani and he himself believed a lot for national award. Anyway, Mani proved himself, he is not so far behind to the super stars of Malayalam cinema. At the final round Mani’s “Vaasanthiyum Laxmiyum pinne njanum”contested opposite to Mohan Lal’s “Vaana prastham” and with a thin distance the national award gone to Mohan lal. In the year 2001, Vinayan casted Mani as hero for his Karumaadikkuttan and both films directed by Vinayan and Kalabhavan Mani as hero became super hits.

Then he acted in a large number of movies as hero and villain and he has proved his talents as a good actor and he played memorable villain characters in certain films like Vakkalath Narayanan kutty, Raakshasa raajavu, Malayaali maamanu vanakkam, Velliththira, Chotta Mumbai, Maya bazar, Chekavar, Vallyettan etc. Kalabhavan Mani also acted in so many films as stunning character roles , the films are Ananda bhadram, Kannezhuthi pottumthottu, Amen, Ayaal njanalla, Rebeca Uthupp kizhakke mala, Veera puthran, Aadaminte makan Abu, Yuga purushan etc and in these mentioned films Kalabhavan Mani has performed best and un paralleled. Kalabhavan Mani was an integral part of Malayalam cinema and he has acted as hero and many of his films were hits. Some of his hero films are Aakaashaththile paravakal,

The guard, Ee naadu innale vare, Vaalkkannadi, Kanmashi, Pauran, Ben Johnson, Maanikyan, Lokanaathan IAS, Kisan, Chakko randaaman, Red salute, Rakshakan, Paayum puli, Chempada, Oru Black and White kudumbam, Aayiraththil oruvan, Malayal, Pramukhan, Pulliman, MLA Mani, paththam classum gusthiyum, Achchneyaanenikkishtam, Lokanathan IAS, Aandavan, Black Stallion etc.

Undoubtedly, Mani was a capable actor to handle hero roles and during his short period of life span he has proved, as an actor he’ll do any roles and whether it’s comedy, villain or hero, he has the stock and talent to fruit the characters. In the year 2000, Kalabhavan Mani has recognized very much, his Vaasanthiyum Laxmiyum pinne njanum achieved approvals, for his acting excellence he got national and state level special jury awards.

Mani has acted in multi linguistic movies include Tamil, Telugu, Kannada etc. and he has proved his acting talent all to these states other than Kerala. Anyway, Mani was a complete actor and without substitute, more over Mani was a good singer, a best actor and a very good humanitarian – he loved Chalakkudy his native place and he helped the poor’s and the deserved ones.

Kalabhavan mani has died in the year 2016, march 6th , and he was 46 while abandoned all of us and his lie was only reaching interval and if he lives now, there will be lot of characters on his way. Unfortunately, Malayalam cinema has lost Kalabhavan Mani and he left us without joining many characters and cinemas. Though Mani is not living on earth, his characters are still in our heart, and in our ears we, can still hear his innocent Mani special laughter and of course his traditional songs.

Jishnu Raghavan

Nobody will forget Jishnu, his beautiful eyes and cute, charming smiling face are memorable, Jishnu is the son of Raghavan who were a busiest Malayalam hero in seventies (!970) and Jishnu came in the cinema field from an acting background.

Jishnu entered in Malayalam cinema as a child artist in the year 1987, and the film was Kilippaattu. Jishnu was very talented and once mega star Mammooty said, Jishnu has a spark in his mind and certainly he deserves a position in the Malayalam cinema. In the year 2000, Jishnu got an opportunity to act in “Nammal” directed by Kamal the valued cinema personality in Malayalam. In the film Nammal, there are two heros and one is Jishnu and the other one is Siddarth, director Bharathan’s son,

Jishnu became a major artist through the film Nammal and it was a super hit all over Kerala. The he acted in so many films like Choonda, Parayam, Nerariyan CBI, Chakkara muththu, Ordinary, Ustad Hotel, Pauran, Nidra 2, Banking hours, Rebeca Uthup kizhakkemala, Annum innum ennum etc.

Jishnu has acted as hero, second hero and also in character roles and villain roles, and he was too busy with acting movies, but the ruthless fate game on him and Jishnu turned with health problems, he has admitted to hospital and after diagnosis, the doctors found him cancerous invasion. The medical science confirmed he has lung cancer.

Jishnu strived for resisting and fight till his last breath; he was suffered from the year 2014, but all in vain he has to surrender before the inevitable reality. He died 2016 March 25th and Malayalam cinema has lost a charming acting promise.

Jishnu was too young and only 36 while facing his death and it’s really painful; there are so many roles and characters in the list awaiting for Jishnu, but he has gone abandoned everything. Un doubted, the death of Jishnu is a lost to Malayalam cinema and the cruel fate is in follow seeking others in the cinema industry. We pay our homage to Vishnu, may his soul rest in peace.

The stars that left us and now in heavenly abode
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