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The Malayalam Heroines boosting young spirits

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The Malayalam Heroines boosting young spirits

Recently, Malayalam cinema has witnessed the entries of so many youngster heroines, and almost all are with good acting talent and with smartness and it’s the better time to meet them.

Swathi Narayan

Have you seen the movie Su su Sudhi Valmeekam, in the film there are three heroines and Swathi Narayan is the one among them. Perumbavoor is the native place of Swathi, and now Swathi resides at Thykkaattussery in Thrissur. It was the friendship with Asha Sharath became getting opportunity to act as heroine in Su su Valmeekam, Asha Sharath is also a Perumbavoor native. Swathi has acted in movies at her younger sage as child artist. In the film Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanaum, swathi has acted the childhood of Kaveri.

From her childhood, Swathi has practiced dancing and she has showed much interest in Kuchupudi dancing, and Anupama Mohan, the wife of Mohan is the dance teacher of Swathi, she presented her dancing talent in the venues in front of former Indian president APJ Abdul Kalam and she performed Kuchchuppudi at the public venues of Thanjavoor, Chidambaram etc ans she is telling such opportunities are the turning point of her artistically performing life.

After the plus two educations, swathi has obtained the Ayurveda Doctor degree from Cheruthuruththy PNM Ayurveda college, and at the same time she was practicing the classical dancings. In Andhra Pradesh, there is a village named Kuchippudi, and the origination of Kuchchippudi is from the same village in Andhra Pradesh.

Due to the irreversible interest in Kuchchuppudi , Swathi has gone to the Kuchchuppudi village, and she has authentically studied and practiced the classical dance art form Kuchchippudi. She has studied the Kuchchuppudi under the dance teaher Chinna Ravi Balakrishan, at the same time she gained a degree in Kuchchuppudi. After Su su valmeekam, swathi has acted in a Tamil movie Ela, and then she got an offer from another Tamil movie. Germany is the location of the said movie, and swathi successfully continues her acting career.

Malavika Nair

Director Kamal has introduced Malavika Nair to Malayalam cinema, her debut film was “Karuththa Pakshikal”, and she has acted as a blind daughter of mega star Mammootty in the film. She has acted very well and achieved the state award for the best child artist. And after the film Karuththa Pakshikal, Malavika has acted in many Malayalam films as a child artist, and the films are Maaya Bazaar, Yes Your owner, Shikkar, Kandahaar, Vaadhyar, Naughty professor etc.

Now Malavika is a major artist, and recently she has acted I a movie”Akkal Damayile Pennu and right now, Malavika is acting in a movie “Safedar”, and the director is Johnson Esthappan. The shooting of the movie finished, and the post production of the movie still on move. Malavika Nair is a plus two student and this year, she prefers her study first. Malavika Nair’s native place is at Thrissur and she is waiting for good films to prove her acting prominence.

Anu Sithara

Pottas Bomb is the debut movie of Anu Sithara, and she has started her career in acting through dancing venues. She has been practicing dancing from childhood, and her dance teacher is her mother Renuka, she has born and brought up at Vayanadu’s Kalppatta, she has participated in dancing with festival venues, and she once won the title top “Kalathilakam”, and due to the intense love to dance, she runs a dance school “Nava Rasa” and her mother is also associating with this venture.

She enters in to cinema, after completed the dancing course at Cheruthutuththy, Kalamandalam. After Pottas Bomb, she has acted in a Sathyan Anthikkadu movie “Oru Indian Pranaya Katha”, and it was the childhood time of Lakshmi Gopala Swami, hence she has acted in Anarkkaly, and right now she is acting in certain films like Naval enna Juval, Marupadi, Sarvopari Palkkaran etc,

and she has acted well in the movie Happy Wedding. In the film Naval enna Juval, Anu is presenting the childhood days of Shwetha Menon.Though Anu’s mother is her teacher practicing dancing, it was her father Abdul Salam encouraged her much to act in cinemas. Abdul Salam, now the municipal council secretary, was a good drama actor and Anu Siththara is saying , if she gets good opportunities she likes to continue in cineas.

Nikhila Vimal

Sathyan Anthikkadu has directed a movie, casting Jayaram as hero and the film is “Bhagya Devatha” , in this film Nikhila Vimal has acted as the sister of Jayaram. The film Bhagya Devatha was the debut movie of Nikhila Vimal. And then she has acted as a major artist, the heroine opposite to Sree Bala and the film is Love 24×7 and soon after this movie she has acted as heroine opposite to Sasi Kumar in the film Vetrivel,

and after she got opportunity to act with the same team, a new project of Sasi Kumar, the shooting of the movie finished in July. Nikhila likes to act both in Malayalam cinema and in Tamil cinema, she gives equal priority to act in both languages. Nikhila is a dance teacher and she intensely loves classical dances and she is interested to act in different type of characters and with different movies.


Actor Jayasurya has close relationship with Sharanya, and she is the own sister of Jayasoorya’s wife. Sharanya’s first film is Su su valmeekam, and the film is directed by Renjith Shanker and also he shared the producing of the movie with Jayasoorya. Her second film was Pretham, by the same team Renjith Shankar and Jayasoorya and Sharanya is telling, their teachings benefited Sharanya a lot. In the movie, Su su valmeekam, Sharanya has acted in a very small character.

She is telling, in the movie Pretham, her character was something heavy, the film has two heroines and Sharanya was one of the two heroines. Sharanya, right now works in a Mumbai Advertising company, she works in the production department. Till yesterday, she was worked behind the camera, and while she came in front of the camera, she really understood the sufferings. As an actress she is very much satisfied with the character in the film Pretham. Sharanya is telling, if she gets opportunities to acting with good characters , she likes to continue in the film field.

Mereena Maichel

A beautiful young girl “Mereena Maichel” participated successfully in modeling and then she entered in the cinema world. Her debut movie was in Tamil “Ennul Aayiram”, but she acted in more Malayalam cinemas, she has acted in films like Mumbai Taxi and Happy Wedding, her debut movie in Tamil not yet released and she is eagerly waiting for the releasing of her debut movie. She is now focusing on modeling and Advertising movies and at the same time Mereena the cutie is waiting for good characters and for good films.

Sruthy Ramachandran

“Njan” a Dulqar Salman movie has released and it was Sruthi Ramachandran played the heroine role opposite to Dulqar, only in some scenes.Njan was the debut movie of Sruthy and her second movie is “Pretham”, directed by Renjith Shankar and Jaya Soorya played the hero role. The film Pretham has two heroines and one is Sruthi Ramachandran and the other heroine is Sharanya. In the film Pretham , the heroine character of Sruthi is very different,

she practiced dancing at the age of only 5 years. Her dance teacher was Shyamala Surendran from Dharani Dance School. Presently Sruthy Ramachandran practices dancing at Punarjani dancing school and her teacher is Narayani Aunti, Sruthy specially concentrates on Bharatha Naatyam and Kuchchippudi. Sruthi is the granddaughter of S.K. Nair (he was once a poster designer and an enriched artist in the golden time of Malayalam cinema), Sruthy is residing at Ernakulam, and she is working as a college lecturer in Ernakulam.


Happy Wedding is the debut movie of Drisya and her home is at Thrissur, and she has great passion to cinemas from her childhood. There is nobody in her home involving cinemas, and with the same reason Drisya got no support from her family to act in cinemas, they opposed her for not to act in cinemas. Drisya has born and brought up in Mascut, there was a club Kerala Wing and Drisya has participated in many programs arranged by Kerala Wing.

The friends of Drisya from keral wing has given support to Driisya to act in cinemas. They recommended Drisyas parents to permit her to act in films, that’s why Drisya got an access to act in cinemas, Drisya believes professionalism in cinema acting, her father is at Mascut. Drishya goes to shooting locations with her mother and her father givces her all supports. Driisya is waiting for good characters and for good cinemas.

Anu Immanuel

The film directed by Kamal “Swapna Sanchari”, was the debut movie of Anu Immanuel and she has acted as the character Jayaram’s daughter. The father of Anu Immanuel was the producer of Katha Thudarunnu, directed by Sathyan Anthikkadu, and Swapna Sanchari directed by Kamal etc. Her father’s name is Thankachan Immanuel, and Anu deeply loves cinema, and may be the reason because of her father is a film producer.Anu has born and brought up at America’s Texas, After the movie Swapna Sanchari and after completed her basic education she again flew to America.

She, then returned back to India, to act in the movie “Action Hero Biju, and Anu Immanuel was ther heroine opposite to Nivin Poly in the movie. And, then she acted as heroine in two Telugu movies. One of the Telugu movie titled as Oxygen, and the other Telugu movie’s title yet to decide. Anu Immanuel got an opportunity to act in an Amal Neerad movie, the hero was Dulqar S.alman. But due to certain reasons Anu can’t completed the move, she has acted 10 days shooting. Anu is telling she likes to act in cinemas, language is not a problem, but the opportunity must be for good cinemas and for good charecters.

Prayaga Martin

Pa. Va is the debut movie of Prayaga Martin, But her first released movie in Malayalam was her second movie”Oru Murai Vandu Paarththaya”and she played the heroine character opposite to hero Unni Mukundan, She has acted as heroine in the movie Ore Mukham, But she acted first in tamil movies, In the Tamil movie Pishaachu, she has acted as heroine and the director was famous Mishkin and producers of the movie are Bala and Mishkin. Her latest movie is Ore Mukham and the film would enlarge good messages to the Malayalam audience. Prayaga Martin likes to act continuously in cinemas, but she prefers good characters and good cinemas.


Dileesh Pothen has directed a movie, Maheshine Prathikaram – Fahad Fazil was the hero and in this film Aparna has entered to cinema world. It was with the recommendation of the wife of the script writer (Shyam Pushkaran) of the movie Aparna became the part of the film Maheshinte Prathikaram. Aparna is a very talented actress who knows acting, singing and dancing and all these three talents are like a package,

and she got to perform an opportunity in Maheshinte Prathikaram. She has practiced dancing, but singing is hereditary and after to calibers acting came as a detour in to Aparna’s life. She sang a song in Maheshinte Prathikaram , and Aparna is saying,if she gets good opportunity she w’ll be continue with acting in films. She is continuing acting with her studies and her latest movie is Sarvopari Palakkaran.


The Malayalam Heroines boosting young spirits
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