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Malayalam Film actresses, Love married with Directors
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Malayalam Film actresses, Love married with Directors

In the cinema world, there are so many actors who were married to directors and it was a habit nothing new, but from the initial times of cinema such marriages were continued till today as a process. The actresses who were married to directors is a common habitual phenomenon in the cinema industry. Today our subject reveals the real story of directors who were married actresses. In Malayalam cinema, there are so many marriages happened in the same genre and as you know directors were the superiors of cinema.

The director who finds the script writer, who selects the story, who casts the hero and heroine and other actors suitable to characters in the script, who shoots the film, and he handles the post production of cinema – even the publicity and marketing until reach the cinema in to theatres, everything is under the dexterous guidance of director and it means the director is the king of every cinema. Love is very special and it can be define as an emotion which has godly given. The chances are enough with heroines to sprout romance and love to directors and at the same time the directors also surrendered to heroines with their romantic emotions. Certain romance became the status of true love and then it will create a non-detachable situation and finally the marriage happens. In Malayalam cinema, there are many directors – heroine couples and these write –ups gives you lightings in to the life of director – star couples.

Bheem singh and Sukumari

While considering the seniority, Bheemsing and Sukumari was the director – heroine couples better to start with and BheemSingh and Sukumari were married in the year 1959, Bheem Singh entered in cinema world in the year 1954 directing a movieAmmay, appan and Sukumari, the actress continued acting until her death. They have a son, he is a doctor.

Bharathan and KPAC Lalitha

Then it comes the list with Bharathan and KPAC Lalitha and everybody knows Bharathan was a sturdy presence in popularcinemas and as a director Bharathan has the enormous creativity, and the Malayalam cinema believes Bharathan is a geniusdirector. KPAC Lalitha has acted in so many Bharathan films, but her acting career has started with Koottukudunbam, a Sethu Madhavan directorial venture and her character was Saraswathy. In the year 1975, Bharathan entered in the Malayalam cinema with a movie “Prayanam” and the important roles were played by Mohan Sharma and Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair he has been known as classical director or the director of popular cinemas.

Then he convinced his sturdy presence in the Malayalam cinema through so many good films and he has earned all India popularity.In the year 1978, Bharathan met and proposed KPAC Lalitha in the set of Rathinirvedam, the film was a super hit and basically it’s the film of Jayabharathi (the hero Krishnachandran was a lad, and the script was taken from the fabulous wrier Padmarajan story). During this time of Rathinirvedam they had taken a decision and Bharathan and KPAC Lalitha were married and became


I.V Sasi and Seema

During this season, the director I.V Sasi and Malayalam heroine Seema were married and as a director I.V Sasi, was a hit maker and he was very busiest with so many films and also famous all over south India. Seema is also in the No.1 position as a heroine actress in Malayalam cinema. I.V Sasi has started his career as a director in the year 1975 and his debut film is Ulsavam. Then he became the top director with lot of super hit Malayalam movies. He has directed Malayalam,Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies and a majority of his films were hits. Seema has debut in Malayalam film with “Achante bhaarya” and she was once the super heroine of Keralites. In the year 1978, she has acted in Avalude raavukal and Anumodanam, both were directed by IV Sasi.

He is the true up lifter of Seema the actress and his Avalude raavukal became super hit all over Kerala. In the set of these films I.V Sasi and Seema were in romance and at the peak of their love, they decided to become husband and wife, and then they married. It was in the year 1980, Seema and IV Sasi became couples and before they marry each other, Seema has acted in many films directed by I.V.Sasi.

Priyadarshan and Lisie

As everybody knows, Priyadarshan has contributed lot of Super hits to Indian cinema and he is known as a hit maker, he entered in Malayalam movie directing with Poochchakkoru Mukkooththy. But, Lisie the actress and once the super heroine of Malayalam cinema was an invention of director Balachandra Menon, the film Iththiri Neram, Oththiri Kaaryam. Lisie has acted as a heroine in this movie and the film was a super hit. Then in the year 1985, Lisie has acted in a Priyadarshan movie Punnaram chollichcholli and in the set of the same film Priyan and Lisie were became close friends, and she has acted in many films directed by Priyadarshan , during these season the romance and love sprouted and in the year 1990, Priyadarshan and Lisie were married and became couples. Hit maker of films Priyadarshan is good Ad Film maker also and he has directed India’s No.I Pepsi brand advertising. Lisie is a talented actress and after the marriage, Lisie has slowly abandoned cinema acting.

Mohan and Anupama

In the year 1978, Mohan entered Malayalam films and his debut film was Randu Penkuttikal and the film was a success and noticed. Anupama, is the heroine of Randu penkuttikal, and she was from Andhra and this film was her debut film. While the shooting is growing, at the same time the romance between Mohan and Anupama were entering at the peak. After finished the shooting of Randu penkuttikal, Mohan has married Anupama and they became couples. The super hit films of Mohan are Vidaparayum Munpe, Pakeshe, Isabella, Mangalm Nerunnu etc. and Mohan was a popular cinema maker and all his films werekept some quality.

Shaji Kailas and Annie

As everybody knows, once Shaji Kailas was a most valued director in commercial Malayalam cinemas and he has directed the biggest hits in Malayalam like Nara Simham and AAram Thampuraan. He used Mohan Lal very particularly with characters as

under world prince with stubborn mental capacity, perhaps they may be super humans. Any way the said films of Shaji Kailas were the milestones in his career. He has married to Annie, who was once a busiest heroine in Malayalam cinemas and was very beautiful.

Annie has acted in some Shaji Kailas directed movies and in the sets of such movies they have developed a relationship, initially it was friendship, then to romance and love, and the finals everybody knows – Shaji Kailas and Annie were married and they became Couples. Shaji Kailas entered in cinema field in the year 1989, and his debut film was news.

The entry of Annie in to Malayalam cinema is a special story, in the debut film of Annie, she has acted as a boy – So Annie was girl who came in the film as a boy. The debut film of Annie was “Ammayaane sathyam”, which has directed by Balachandra Menon, and the film was a super hit.

Though Annie was the heroine in Ammayane Sathyam, she has acted as a boy in majority sequences. Hence in the year 1994, she has acted in a film “Rudraksham” directed by Shaji Kailas, and super star Suresh Gopi was the hero opposite to Annie. In the set of the movie, Shaji Kailas and Annie were meeting together and Rudraksham is the movie became the reason to the marriage of Shaji kailas and Annie. It was in the year 1996, June 1st they have joined together.

Anil and Kalpana

In the year 1977, Malayalam cinema has witnessed an entry of a talented artist and it was Kalpana, and then she conquered Malayalam cinema, became a busy artist. Her debut film is “Vidarunna Mottukal”, Anil is the first one of the directors Anil Babu, the movie Anantha Vruththandam is the debut directorial venture of Anil.

The directors Anil Babu were talented and they have contributed some good films in Malayalam cinema. Kalpana has acted in certain Anil Babu films and they loved each other and became married. Kalpana has continued her acting career until to her death.

Baiju Kottarakkara and Sonia

Sonia has entered in Malayalam cinema in her younger time as a child artist. Mizhineerppoovukal is her debut film and Kamal was the director of the movie. But, Baiju Kottarakkara has acted first in Kambolam and Sonia came to act as a major artist in Kambolam and in the sets of Kambolam the love affair of the two were get started, initially it was good friendship, but gradually their relationship became sturdy with new meanings and they were loved and became married.

Ranjith and Chippy

Ranjith has entered in the cinema industry as a production executive and then became a producer. But in the year 2013, he as

has experimented direction also, Black Butterflies is his debut directorial movie. Chippy has debut in Thalasthaanam, a movie directed by Shaji Kailas, the film was a super hit. Then she acted in certain good films and Patheyam has to special mention. Earlier Ranjith has produced some films, and it was Chippy who was acted as heroine in the said movies.

They met together in the sets of Ranjith producing films and their relationship became romance and love. Ranjith thought it’s better married to Chippy, he approached the family of her and proposed Chippy.

Both family were agreed their ambition to marry each other. In the year 2001, Ranjith and Chippy were married and they became couples. Now, they have a daughter, her name is Avanthika, and Ranjith started a cinema producing company “ Avanthika Creations”, now there are many films are under production and coming with Avanthika.

Aneesh Upasana and Anjali

A successful photographer, turned director and he is Aneesh, he has directed the movies Matinee and Second Show. Now he is engaged with the film Kinder Joy as the director. Second Show was a hit and Dulqar Salman starer.

Anjali has started her career as an actress with modeling and then she got chance in acting movies. Her debut film was in Tamil “Unne kathalippen” and she has acted in films like Veneesile Vyaapaari and ABCD and during this time span she has met with Aneesh Upasana and they became friends and then romance, the climax – they became married and now leading a family life.

Rajiv Ravi and Geethu Mohan Das

Both are talented and convinced their caliber as good artists, and they’re Rajiv Ravi and Geethu Mohan Das, they are well known allover Kerala and the Malayalam film industry. Rajiv Ravi is a good cinematographer and he entered in the film industry in the year 2001, the film was Chandni Bar and the director was Madhur Bandarkkar.

In the year 2013, Rajiv Ravi has directed a movie “Annayum Rasoolum” and the film was a successful movie. The debut movie of Geethu Mohan Das was Onnumuthal Poojyam Vare, it was a film directed by Raghunath Paleri. In this movie,
Geethu Mohan das has acted as a child artist and she was very talented. They have (Rajiv Ravi and Geethu Mohan Das) a mutual bond out of the cinema world and they married in the year 2009, November 14th and became couples and now leading a happy family life.

Ashiq Abu and Rima kallingal

In the year 2009, Ashiq Abu has directed a movie “Daddy Cool” and it’s his debut movie, Mammooty was the hero, the film has run good all over Kerala. At the same year in 2009, Rima Kallunkal has acted in Rithu,
it was her debut film directed by Shyama Prasad. They both met with 22 Female Kottayam, a very different movie threaded with psychological subject, this Ashiq Abu directed movie has been discussed in the cinema industry only because of its bold theme.

At the same set of this movie. Ashiq Abu and Rima Kallunkal have begun their relationship, friendship to romance and love and then to marriage. In the year 2013, Nov.1st, Ashiq Abu and Rima Kallunkal were married and became couples, they are participating with contemporary relevant subjects in the Kerala society.

Malayalam Film actresses, Love married with Directors
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