S M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies
M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies
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M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies

In the Malayalam cinema world, there are many talented music composers and Sri. M.K Arjun is one among them with exceptional composing caliber. Everyone in the film industry calls him respectively as Arjun mash and obviously he well knows the pulse of Malayalam cinema music lovers. M.K. Arjun is a musician of melodies and the Malayalees not only in Kerala, but from all over the world whole heartedly accepted him, he has created hundreds of memorable sweet melodies.

The musical contribution of M.K.Arjun has to special mention, through his dexterous musical composing Malayalam cinema continually achieving a standard apart music experience, decades back M.K . Arjun entered to Malayalam cinema and throughout the years his musical contributions being a part for the uplift of quality Malayalam cinema. Malayalees respects him, Malayalees loves him, Malayalees admires him and in Kerala alone there are hundred thousands of fans for M.K. Arjun.

He has created beautiful melodies like “Maanaththin muttaththu”, “Ottuvalayedukkan marannu”, “Paadaaththa veenayum padum”, “Paurnamichchandrika thottu vilichchu”, “Mallee saayakan”. “Sindooram thudikkunna thirunettiyil”,”Yadukula rathidevanevide”, “Kuyilinte maninaadam kettu”, “Chempakaththaikal pooththa”, “Anuvaadamillaatheyakaththuvannu”, “Neela nisheedhini”, “Nin maniyarayile”, “Chandrakkala maanaththu”, “Kasthoori mankkunnallo”, “Ezhu subdara raathrikal”, “Randu nakshathrangal kandumutti”, “Thalir valayo”, “Kaananazhakulla maanikyakkuyile” etc. are some of M.K Arjun’s popular Malayalam songs.

The said songs are very sweet and melodious and it’ll remain forever beyond time, perhaps the new generation film songs would have no scope in future, but the songs of M.K. Arjun will be relevant for all time. The songs composed by M.K. Arjun, never dies and he is an up lifter of Gandharva gaayakan K.J. Jesudas. M.K. Arjun, the music composer has owned a position when the Malayalam cinema was under the musical ruling of masters like K. Raghavan, Dakshinamoorththy swamy, K. Baburaj, Devarajan etc. The mentioned musical masters were like shining stars in the Malayalam cinema world, they were busy engaged with music composing – whatever be M.K. Arjun un doubted proved that, as a music composer he deserves a position not below to them.

It was in the year 1968, M.K. Arjun entered to Malayalam cinema as a music director composing the songs for “Karuththa paurnami”, the film directed by Narayanakutty Vallaththu. The actors in the movie were Madhu, Sarada, P.J. Antony, Bahadoor etc. M.K. Arjun has created good songs for “Karuththa paurnami”the debut film of him and he was noticed. P.Bhaskaran was the song lyricist of the film “Karuthta paurnami” and M.K Arjun composed 7 songs in the film, a majority of the songs in Karuththa paurnami were noticed and he got appreciations for the song presentations. Certain songs in the film “Karuththa paurnami” became hits and they’re “Maanaththin muttaththu”, Hridayamuruki nee” etc.

Hence, it was like a procession, M.K. Arjun became very popular all over south India, he has presented so many super hit songs, he has composed beautiful melodious songs for P. Bhaskaran master, Vayalar Rama Verma, Sreekumaran Thampy,O.N.V, Poovachchal Khader, Bharanikkaavu Shivakumar, Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair, Mullanezhi, Pappanamkodu lakshmanan etc. Singers like K.J. Jesudas, Jayachandran, Brhmanandan etc. were beautifully sang under the dexterous composing of M.K. Arjun and a majority songs are still enjoys by the music lovers of Kerala.

The late actor and Malayalam’s evergreen hero Prem Nazir sang and acted with beautiful melodies of M.K. Arjun, and stars like Madhu, Kamal Hasan(still lives), late Vincent, Jayan, , K.P Ummer etc. were sang and acted for M.k. Arjun songs. It was Prem Nazir who acted and sang a vast number of M.K. Arjun composed songs in Malayalam cinemas, and K.J. Jesudas is the most benefited singer of M.K. Arjun songs.

M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies
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