S Heroines Entered to Malayalam Cinema from Other Language Movies Heroines Entered to Malayalam Cinema from Other Language Movies

The Heroines Entered to Malayalam Cinema from Other Language Movies

From the starting stage of Malayalam cinema (perhaps from Balan), there was many beautiful and talented heroines who were acted in Malayalam cinema, but there were some other actresses who also contributed their talents as heroines in Malayalam cinema, many of such migrated heroine actresses from other languages (especially from Tamil and Telugu) were beautiful and talented, they very successfully handled the roles of heroines and earned their own non detachable part in Malayalam cinema, they ruled the Malayalam cinema, the became ever green heroines in Malayalam cinema, and some of them still acts in Malayalam cinema as mothers, the Malayalaee audience always approved talented and beautiful actresses , in the case of actors the same method followed, I am introducing certain other language actresses who conquered the Malayalam cinema, and in this range, we present Sharada, from Andhra Pradesh, she has acted in so many Malayalam cinemas, she has obtained the national award (urvasi)for the best heroine actress of India.


Her native place is Andhra Pradesh, she was started her acting career through acting in drama troupes,
Sharada has started her acting in cinemas in the year 1955, her debut movie was in Telugu, she has acted as child artist in the movie Kanya Salkkam, she assigned a contract under Telugu producer L.V.Prasad and continues acting, hence in the year 1961 Sharada became heroine in a movie Idaru Mitrilu and the heroin the movie was Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, and the said movie was one of the major hit in south India, and after the super success of the movie Sharada the heroine being noticed by Tamil and Malayalam cinema, she continued acting in Telugu cinema, the films like Thandralu Kodukkalu, Aatma Banduvu,Valmeeki, Thobuttabulu,etc.

were hits, she has acted as heroine in some Tamil films like Kumkumam, Arunagirti Nagar, Vazhkai Vaazhcha Padarke etc, she has performed best in the Tamil films, hence in the year 1965 she has started her acting career in Malayalam cinema, her entry to Malayalam cinema was acting with Sathyan and Prem Nazir, they both were the super stars in Malayalam cinema in 1965,Shararada then acted in many Malayalam cinemas like Shakuntala, Murappennu, Udyogastha, KaattuThulasi etc her heroes were Sathyan, Prem Nazir, Madhu, K.P Ummer etc, and Sharada has performed best in the Malayalam movies and she achieved a main position in Malayalam cinema, and in those olden days some heroines Sheela and Jayabharathy were tried their best talents to stay equal with Sharada, thye were the permanent heroines of old Malayalam cinema production companies, Sheela and Jaya Bharathy are Malayalees, Sharada was born in Andhra and she came to Malayalam cinema from Andhra (Telugu), whatever be Sharada conquered the Malayalam cinema industry and once obviously she ruled the Malayalam cinema.

the Sathyan – Sharada star pair was contributed many super hit Malayalam movies, as Prem Nazir – Sheela star pair, Sharada shared with Sathyan, and the team achieved great popularity all over south India, Sharada has acted in 127 Malayalam films as heroine, and after a long gap of years she again acted in a Bharathan directed Malayalam cinema, ”Oru MinnaMinunginte Nurungu Vettam”, Sharada has acted a mother role opposite to Nedumudi Venu, Sharada has acted in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada movies, but she has acted maximum numner of movies in Malayalam, she has acted total 137 Malayalam cinemas, a majority in Malayalam was heroine and mother roles, Sharad is a best actress and she has acted with best directors in every languages,especially in Malayalam cinemas, in the year 1968, she has acted in a movie Thulabharam directed by A.Vincent, the film obtained a national award, Sharada became the best actress in IndianCinema.

In the year 1972, she has acted in an Adoor Gopala Krishnan movie Swayamvaram, Sharada has achieved the national award again, in the year 1977 B.S directed a Telugu movie, Niranjana and Sharada obtained the national award for the third time and in the sixties (19600 and seventies (1970) Sharada was a heroine without substitute in Malayalam cinema, three time national award winning is not a simple thing, and two of her national award films were from Malayalam cinema, Thulabhaaram and Swayamvaram,Sharada has obtained the Kerala state award in the year 1970, the films are Thriveni and Thara, though she was came from other language, she became Malayalam cinema’s most valued actress and she very successfully ruled the Malayalmcinema, she has acted with super stars Prem Nazir and Sathyan, the Malayalam cinema audience whole heartedly accepted Sharada, undoubtedly Sharada is one of the best actress of India.


Once in Malayalam cinema , there was a beautiful cute heroine who were conquered the audience and became very favorite to Malayalees, she was Lakshmi , born in Tamil Nadu in the year 1952, December 13th was her birthday. Lakshmi started her acting career with a Tamil movie “Jeevanaamsham” , and in the same year she has acted in a Tamil movie opposite to Dr. Rajkumar, the film Goa Delhi C.I.D 999, the film became hit and Lakshmi shined in Kannada cinema, hence in Tamil and Kannada Lakshmi has handful of cinemas, and in the year 1974, she has acted in a Malayalam cinema for the first time, Chattakkari was the film, the movie was a super hit all over Kerala and the film remake in to Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi,

the film Chattakkari became the blockbuster movie in Indian cinema, and after the film Lakshmi became a too busier heroine in Malayalam cinema, hence hs ehas acted in many Malayalam films like Picinic, Ponni, Raagam, Chuvanna Sandhyakal, Pranayam, Chalanam, Swami Ayyappan etc, she has frequently acted in movies until 2014, she has acted in an approximate 65 movies, she was the heroine, mother and grandmother, all her characters being approved. She has acted as heroine opposite to forefront hero actors like Prem Nazir, Mohan, Soman, Sukumaran, Madhu, Nedumudi Venu, Mohanlaletc, and Lakshmi obtained the best actress award from the government of Kerala, it’s for the best performance in the film Chattakkari, in the year 1977, she has achieved national award for her best performance in the Tamil film Chila Nerangalil Chila Manitharkal, K.R Vijaya is another heroine who came to Malayalam cinema.


As an actress K.R.Vijaya is half Malayalee and half Telugu (Andhra), her father was an Andhra native, mother is a Malayalee, she was born and brought up in Andhra because of her father was an Andhra native, and the Andhra native K.R Vijaya then came to Palani at Tamil Nadu and settled permanently at Palani, and hence with the drama Troup of M.K Radha, K.R Vijaya has started her acting career, in the year 1963, her debut movie released Karppakam in Tamil, and in the year 1965, K.R Vijaya has acted as heroine in a Hindi film Oonche Log, Raj Kumar and Feroz Khan were the heroes, hence so many opportunities to act in Hindi movies came at her way, if she decided she could be a super heroine in Hindi movies, but K.R Vijaya, focused to act in south Indian movies, she has acted in so many tamil movies like Ninavin Ninandraval, Then Mazhai, Ootty Varai uravu, Manam oru Korangu etc,

she has acted as heroine opposite to M.G.R, the movies are Vyavasaai, Panam padaithavan, Njan Aanayittal etc, and all the mentioned movies K.R Vijaya has acted with M.G.R were super hits all over south India, she became too busy and frequently acted in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu movies, and during her busy acting schedules in the other language cinemas, K.R Vijaya came to Malayalam cinema, K.R Vijaya has acted approximately 400 movies in south India, her noted Malayalam films are Odayil Ninnu, Jeevitham, Justice Raja, Anveshichu Kandeththiyilla, Aadya Kiranangal, Bharyayum Kamukiyum, Shakunthala, Ayodya, Tacholi Ambu, Kudumbam Namukku Sreekovil, Kolilakkam, Mukhangal, Ezham kadalinakkare, Keni, Aalolam, Aayudham etc, and she is a beautiful heroine actress with enormous talent, she has acted as heroine and mother roles, in the year 1984, K.R Vijaya has obtained the Kerala Government’s second best actress award for her best performance in the film Ithiri Poove Chuvanna Poove.

Zerina Wahab

Malayalam Cinema have no hesitation to accept talented other language actresses, and Zerina Whab is one of the heroine actress came from other language and the Malayalam cinema whole heartedly accepted her. Zerina Wahab has born in Vishakha Pattanam at Andhra Pradesh, in the year 1974 she has acted for the first time in front of camera, the film was in Hindi Ishq Ishq Ishq, it was Dev Anand the hero in the film, and then Zerina Wahab has acted in so many Hindi films, in the year she has acted in a movie directed by Basu Chatterjee, and the film was Chitchor, and in the movie Amol Palekar has acted as hero opposite to Zairna Wahab, the film Chitchor was a super hit movie, the songs in the movie were also super hits, it was K.j Jesudas the male Malayalam singer who sang for Chitchor,

and after the movie Chitchor, Zerina Whab being too busier artist in Hindi cinema, she has acted with Vijayendra, film: Agar, opposite to Raj Babbar as heroine, film: Sajbath, with Arun Goel, film: Savan Ko Aane do, and a majority of Zerina Wahab movie were super hits in Hindi, moreover she has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada movies and she shined in all language movies, in this situation of her glitz in many language movies, Zerina assigned to act in a Malayalam movie, the film is 1978 released Madanolsavam, tamil super star kamala Hassan was the hero, Madanolsavam became a super duper hit all over south India, hence she has acted in so many good Malayalam movies as heroine,

she has acted in an approximate 77 Indian movies, Zerina Wahab’s Malayalam movies are Madanolsavam, Chamaram, Nayattu, Swaththu, Pratheesksha, Mr. Michael, Ammkkorumma, Paalangal, Sharavarsham, Enthoino pookkunna pookkal, Football, Veedu, Parsparam, Mansariyaathe, Punnaram chollicholli, Choodaatha pookkal, Kaalangal, Aagathan, Adaminte makan abu, Aaru sundarimaarude katha, Olipporu etc, she has acted in 21 Malayalam cinemas, Zerina Wahab was a successful actress in Indian cinema, she has acted as heroine and mother characters in Malayalam cinema, a majority of Zeriba Wahab’s Malayalam cinemas are super hits, though Zerina is now an aged actress, she still acts in cinemas, she came from other language and contributed so many super hit Malayalam cinemas and undoubted she conquered the hearts of Malayalam audience, she is an actress contributed lot of memorable characters in Malayalam cinema.


It was in the place Hyderabad, Madhavi the actress was born, she was a very talented heroine, also looks beautiful and with good body curves, Madhavi is a good dancer – in her childhood she has learned Bharatha Natyam and Folklore dances etc, Madhavi has started her acting career through the Telugu movie Thurp Padamar, she then acted as heroine in many Telugu movies, and she has acted as the heroine in the Hindi film Ek Duhje Keliye, she has acted as heroine opposite to Kamal Hassan, she has acted as heroine opposite to super star Rejnikant in Thillu Mullu, in the Hindi movie Agnipath, Madhavi has acted as heroine opposite to Amitabh Bachan and then she became a very busy heroine in Indian cinema including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi movies, she has acted above 200 Indian cinemas (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Bengali), in the year 1980 she has acted in a Malayalam movie “Lava”, she has acted as the heroine of Prem Nazir and K.P Ummer, the film Lava was her debut movie in Malayalam, Madhavi then acted in so many Malayalam cinemas,

she has acted as heroine opposite to Mammootty, Mohanlal, Bharath Gopi, Prem Nazir, Jayaram, Sukumaran, Suresh Gopi, Murali, Nedumudi Venu etc, she has acted as heroine in an approximate 42 Malayalam cinemas, she became an enriched actress of Malayalam cinema, she was a very favorite actress of Malayalam, certain movies of Madhavi has to special mention and the films are Ormakkai, Novembarinte Nashtam, Shobha Raj, Kurukkante Kalyanam, Sindhoora Sandhaykku Maunam, Prem Nazeerine Kaanmaanilla, Changathtam, Mangalam Nerunnu,Noparathi Poovu, Oru Vadakkan Veera Gadha,Aakasha Doothu etc, in the year 1981 Madhavi obtained the Kerala State award for the best actress, in 1993 for the film Aakasha Doothu, Madhavi obtained the best actress award, in the year 1982 Madhavi obtained the best actress award from Kerala government, the film Ormakkai, though Madhavi is an other language actress, she conquered the Malayalam cinema, still the Malayalam audience all over south India likes and love Madhavi, only two films of Madhavi in Malayalam is enough to remember her forever, the films are Oru Vadakkan Veera Gadha and Aakaasha Doothu, what ever be Madhavi is one of the favorite other language actress, the audience still loves.


The Bangalore city of Karnataka is the native place of Geetha, she has started her acting career with the Tamil movie Bhairavi, Geetha has acted as the sister of Rejnikant, the film released in the year 1978, the film came under the banner of Oscar movies, hence she has acted in many Telugu, Kannada, Tamil movies, Geetha entered in Malayalam cinema by acting in the movie Peruvazhiyambalam, directed by Padmarajan, it was in the year 1979, Geetha then acted in films like Pappu, Garjanam, Malikapaniyunnavar, Panchagni, Sukhamo Devi, Kshamichu Ennoru Vaakku, Aavanaazhi etc, she has acted as heroine opposite to forefront heroes Mammootty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Jayaram etc., Geetha became a fully active heroine actress in Malayalam cinema,

her mile stone movies are Panchagni, Sukhamo Devi, Rareeram, Vratham, Rithubhetham, Sruthy, Amrutham Gamaya, Nair Sab, Oru Vadakkan Veera Gaatha, Valsalyam, Lal Salam, Pookkalam Varavai, Vaisaly, Kuruppinte Kanakku Pusthakam,Aadharam, Mafia etc, Geetha has acted in an approximate 220 films, its include Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi etc, she has acted in 82 Malayalam films and a majority of her charecters were important and heroine, in the year 1989, she has obtained the second best actress award from Kerala state, and Geetha is still active in Malayalam movies, she acts as sister and mother roles and though Geetha was an other language actress, the Malayalam audience whole heartedly accepted her.

The Heroines Entered to Malayalam Cinema from Other Language Movies
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