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Good Time for the heroines aged over 30 (thirty)

Good Time for the heroines aged over 30 (thirty), Nayan Thara, Anushka, Thrisha, Kajal Agarwal
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Good Time for the heroines aged over 30 (thirty)

The heroines entering their middle age gets plenty of opportunities and they’re too busier now. It’s amazing the glamorous heroines like Nayan Thara, Anushka, Thrisha, Kajal Agarwal etc. are getting so many chances and they’re all above the age over to 30, and very busy with acting in movies. At the same time, the younger heroines are knocking doors to get a chance in movies and really it’s a contradiction.

It’s a common seen in cinema that the heroines aged between 18 to 20 starts their career as heroines in the movies and they’ll remain in the cinema field for about 5 years and when they reach in 25, their glitz will down and became fewer chances. There is a saying in the cinema industry that the heroine who reaches age 30 is a limitation and their career as heroine ends. But it’s amazing that the super glamorous heroines like Nayan Thara,Anushka, Thrusha, Kajal Agarwal etc. are aged over 30 and still they’re getting so many opportunities to act as heroines, they’re really enjoying their career and too busy. The four of them are not resting for a while and they’re flews to set to sets and acting.

Special Feature on heroines aged over 30 (thirty)

Nayan thara

Nayan Thara is a super heroine actress, who was aged over 30 years right now, and she is still busy because her market is steady always. She is the highest paid heroine actress in south India, and she is the No.1 super heroine in Tamil and Telugu movies. Last year she has acted in many films like Nanpen da, Mass,Thani Oruvan, Maaya, Njanum raudi thaan, Bhaskar the rascal etc., yes Nayans is the No.1 not only in Tamil, but in Telugu also and the films she acted were become big hits. .

This year Nayan Thara is acting as heroine opposite to Jeeva in Thirunal, and she is acting opposite to Chimbu in Ithu Namma aal, and opposite to Vikram in Irumukhan and also in two other films, she is acting in 5 films this year. And in Telugu she is assigned to act as heroine opposite to Chiranjeevi and it’s her 150th film.


Anushka is entering to her 34th birth day and it was the 11th year, she has been in the field of cinema or in other words Anushka has a tradition over 10 years in the cinema field. In the cinema Anushaka is still getting so many heroine characters and the roles are created by Anushka’s intimates and loving ones in the cinema.
The year 2015 is really memorable to Anushaka and it’s the mile stone year of Anushkas’s acting career and the reason is it’s the year of Bahu bali released and Anushka was the heroine. As everybody knows Bahubali is a big budget movie and it has collected hundreds of Crores rupees and it was become the most collection record breaker movie in the history of India. The credit goes to Anushka that she were the heroine in Bahu bali.

Her other movies released in the last year were Inchi ittu pazhaki and Rudrma Devi and the films like Bahu bali and Rudrama Devi were enormously spend 100 crores big budget movies. In these two films she was acted as queen and the two films are legendary films, she has done self-martial arts without duping and she suffered too much to act in these films like Bahu bali and Rudrama devi. Anushka eat a lot and became fatty for the film “Inchi ittu pazhaki” and she suffered much for the characterization in the movie. Anushka is now acting with super star Soorya and it’s for the film Singam – 3, and with the same team under the captaincy of Raja mauli for the film Bahu bali.2. In Telugu there many producers are waiting to get the date and for assigning Anushka and a film is coming in Telugu named Bakmathy and the tram is also waiting for the date of Anushka.


Thrisha is reaching her 32 years of age and she is still an evergreen heroine, she looks so young and it’s the same as the beauty she keeps while she entered in the cinema industry. Amazingly still Thrisha is too glamorous and she cares her facial beauty and body curves. She is now 32 years old, but her face is like a sixteen year old girl and her body curves are still like a youngster in twenties.

Thrisha is very keen and alert to keep and protect her beauty and perhaps this will be the reason, she is getting so many assignments in cinema world to act as heroine. Thrisha has large number of films to act as heroine and she has achieved much wealth and fame, right now she is acting in a film Nayaki, and shooting is progressing in the prime locations in India, the cine lovers are eagerly waiting for the releasing of Nayaki.

Kajal Agarwal

Kajal Agarwal has covered her age over 30, and she is right now acting in two Tamil films at the same time. She is also acting as heroine in a Hindi movie with the Telugu actors Pavan kalian and Mahesh Babu. The Tamil cinema audience doesn’t likes younger heroines acting opposite to super stars, may be this will be the reason that the entire Tamil and 0Telugu cinema world flews around these super heroines aged over to 30 years.

Manju Warrier

Manju Warrier: Now, Manju Warrier reached her age at 38,she has started her acting career in the year 1995, the film was director Mohan’s Saakshyam. Hence she has acted in many films like sallapam, Ee Puzhayum kadannu, Dilliwalla Rajakumaran, Thooval Kottaram, Kaliveedu, Kaliyaattasm, Sammanam, Aaram thammpuran, Kudamattam, Krishnagudiyil oru pranay kaalam, Pranaya varnanagal, Daya, Kanmadam, Summer in Bethleham, Pathram, Kanneshuthi pottumthottu etc. Manju warrier was once Malayalam’s heroine queen, she was the lady super star and most favorite actress of Malayalam cinema. She then started love and courtship with Dileep,later in the year 1998,

Dileep and Manju warrier were became married. Hence she stayed away from all art and cultural activities, especially from the cinema world. She had kept a silent family life, after some years she divorced from actor Dileep, then she again entered in to Malayalam cinema, in the movie Roshan Andrew’s “how Old are you? “ was her re entry movie to the cinema world. Then she has acted in Sathyan Anthikkad movie : Ennum Eppozhum, in the movie she has acted as heroine opposite to Mohanlal, she has acted in Ashiq Abu’s Rani Padmini,, Joe and the Boy, Vetta, Karikkunnam sixes etc., she has acted in many heroine prominent movies, Now she entered into Tamil cinema, her date of birth is 1978 September 10, Manju Warrier is now acting as Amy, director kamal’s Biopic Movie, based on the life story of Madavikkutty (Kamala Surayya) Now, in her 38 – undoubtedly Manju Warrier is the super heroine of Malayalam cinema.


The second coming actress aged over 30 is Jyothika, she has started her acting career through the Hindi movie: Doli Saja he Rehana, hence she entered to Tamil film world, she became so busy and famous in Tamil movies, she has acted in Khushi, Poovellam Kettu par, Vali, Rhythm, Snehithaye, Uyire Kalarthanthu etc, she very successfully touched the super heroine position in Tamil cinema, she was a heroine queen of Tamil cinema, the films like Thenali, Dhum Dhum dhum, Poovellam Ulvasam, Dhool, Priyamaana Thozhi, Kaakkka Kaakka, Thru Malai, Perazhakan, Chandra mukhi, Pachaikkili moonnu, Charam, Mozhi, etc.

Jyothika then became courtship with Tamil young super star Soorya, in the year 2006 Soorya married to jyothika, then Jyothika stayed away from cinema world, hence she came agin to tamil cinema through the Roshan Andrew directorial Tamil movie 36 Vayathinile, the same movie Roshan has presented in Malayalam as How Old are you?manu warrier has acted in the movie as heroine, Jyothika has acted in the Tamil version of the movie, Now, as a heroine Jyothika is very active in Tamil, though she has casted in a Atly directed movie , Vijay as hero, But she has demanded certain changes in the script, due to the dis approval of director Atly Jyothika abandoned the Vijay starrer movie. Right now, she is acting in a Tamil movie Magaliar mattum.

Meera Jasmine

As you know, once Meera Jasmine was the most star valued actress of Malayalam cinema and of course, she was the super heroine of Malayalam cinema. Her debut movie released in the year 2001, the film was Soothradhaaran, directed by Lohitha Das, Then she has acted in Run, Kasthuriman, Outhiya Geethai, Gramaphone, swapnakkoodu, Aanjaneya, Joot, Ammayida Gundi, Aayudha Ezhuththu, Maurya, Perumazhakkalam, Achuvinte Amma, Bhadra, Sandikkozhi, Rasathanthram, Thirumugan, Ore Kadal, Kolcutta News etc, Undoubtedly Meera jasmine was a heroine with enormous talent, she was very busy – frequently acted in multi linguistic cinemas like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada etc and she was a very noticeable heroine actress acting in many languages cinemas at same time.In the year 2004, she has achieved the National Award as the best actress fir the film Paadam Onnu Oru Vilaapam.

Between his busy acting schedule she has involved in certain love affairs, she then stood away from cinema world, and in the year 2007, Meera Jasmine obtained the Kerala State Award for the Best Actress, film Ore Kadal, directed by Shyama Prasad, During his short span of acting life Mera Jasmine has obtained lot of Awards and approvals, in the year 2008, Meera hassaid her romance and love with Mandolin maestro Rajesh, she then announced she is going to marry Rajesh, but the love affair failed and then in the year 2014, Meera has married Anil John Titus, he was a software engineer.

After her marriage and a short gap, Meera jasmine again trying to active in cinema world, in her second coming to Malayalam cinema, she has acted many films like Innaththe Chintha Vishayam, Raathri mazha, Paattinte paalazhi,Four Friends, Mohabeth, Lizammayude Veedu, Ladies & Gentleman, Mrs.Lekha tharoor kaanunnathu, Mazhaneer thullikal, Onnum Mindaathe, Paththu kalpanakal, etc, and many of the said movies being noticeable, Now Meera jasmine is ate her 34, she continues her acting carrier.


In the year 1982, Meena started her acting career as a child artist (film: Nenjengal), gradually she has captured the hearts of Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada audience, Meena is very beautiful actress and she has the acting capacity, Meena is now at her forties (40, but she is still the senior super heroine, particularly to mention Meena is the lucky pair of Malayalam’s super star Mohanlal. Meena’s debut movie in Malayalam cinema was Saandwanam, a Sibi Malayil directorial venture and then she has acted in an I.V Sasi movie, Varnappakittu – she played the heroine opposite to Mohanlal in the movie and she got appreciations,

then she has acted friends, Olympian Anthony Adam, Dreams, Raakshasa Raajaavu, Mr. Brahmashari, Naattu Raajaavu, Udyanaanu Thaaram, Chandrolsavam, Karuththa pakshikal, Katha parayumpol, Black cat, Drishyam, Balyakaala sakhi, Munthiri Vallikal thailrkkumpol, etc. and she has acted with the senior heroes of Malayalam and she still shines as a senior sour heroine, she is also a busy and enriched actress in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, Meena’s daughter also became child artist, she has acted in a Vijay hero Tamil movie, in Malayalam Meena has acted as heroine most with Mohanalal and they both are the lucky pairs of Malayalam cinema. Drisyam and Munthiri Vallikal Thalirkkumpol , the two movies in which they both acted are super hits in Malayalam cinema.

Asha Sharath

After Shobhana and Manju Warrier, perhaps Asha Sharath would be the actress came in to Malayalam cinema with exceptional dancing skill, she is a beautiful actress carries enormous talent. Asha Sharath entered Malayalam cinema comparatively late, years back Asha Sharath has got the opportunity to act with Mohanlal as heroine, the film was Kamaladalam, directed by Sibi Malayil.But due to the un expected arrival of certain matters she was not able to act in the movie. Hence she has married and settled in Dubai, she then started a dancing school at Dubai, it runs successfully at Dubai – during the time she has acted in a TV serial Kumkumappoo, she then acted in some Malayalam cinemas, the films are Friday, Buddy, Sakhariyayude Garbhinikal, Drisyam, Varsham, Papa Naasam, Thoomkavanam, Paavada, King Liar, Anuraga Karikkinvellam, Anandam, Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumpol etc. She has acted as heroine and equal to heroine characters. Now Asha Sharath is getting many chances to act in Malayalam, Tamil movies. Though Asha Sharath is in her forties (40) she is a permanent presence in super star movies.

Good Time for the heroines aged over 30 (thirty)
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