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The divorces due to broken relationship in Malayalam cinema

The divorces due to broken relationship in Malayalam cinema
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The divorces due to broken relationship in Malayalam cinema

There are so many love marriages in Malayalam cinema and some are still bloomed like flowers and some other are in the shadow of detaching and nearing to divorces. In this article we’ll be going through the failed marriages of stars and become met with the fate divorce. We know, our life is not in our hands and our destiny is in the hands of almighty god.

There is no security in marriage lives, problems will come, and the couples have to adjust from both side and try to understand each other. A majority of divorce problems occurs due to suspicion – wife has always doubt about her husband that he has illicit behavior with other women and at the same time husband suspects wife, he thinks she has sexual affairs with other men. But while comparing to other fields, in cinema there are lot of chances for sexual availability and for follow un ethical life.

Egocentric mannerism from both side become cause for problems arise in family, and no doubt the main reason of divorce is the couples are not keen to understand each other and personal interests are not coming in equal. These mentioned reasons are the base of star divorces. Whatever be, in Malayalam cinema not much divorces are happening like other language films, and it’s time to observe the life of divorced stars in Malayalam cinema.

Sreenath – Shanthi Krishna

In the year 1978, Sreenath and Shanthi Krisha were entered in to Malayalam cinema, and it was through the film “Shalini ente koottukari”and then the two were become famous in Kerala that they have acted in so many Malayalam films as hero and heroine. Both Srenath and Shanthi Krishna were accepted by Malayalam cinema and the audience all over Kerala. Sreenath was a very charming hero and Shanthi Krishna also a lean and cute heroine.

In the year 1982, there was film directed by P.G. Vishwanbharan released all over Kerala and the film is “Ithu njangalude katha”. Sreenath and Shanthi Krishna were the hero and heroine and the film was a success. In the set of the mentioned film Sreenath and Shanthi Krishana become attracted each other and the spark of love starts and gradually they have been lovers in the cinema industry.

They loved and romanced each other for 2 years and finally they decided to marry, in the year 1984, Shanthi Krishna and Sreenath were tied wed lock, they married in Guruvayoor temple and become couples. Unfortunately, after marriage Sreenath has to face a situation where his career is diminishing and chances was less. Sreenath has been forced to acting other roles and slowly he lost hero chances in Malayalam cinema. He then acted character roles and become a character role artist and he has been in a situation to fix his career for character roles.

Hence, Shanthi Krishna stands aloof from Malayalam cinema for two years after her marriage and she tried for a coming again as heroin in Malayalam film Nimishangal in the year 1986 and in the year 1991 she became active and she has acted in films like ennum Nanmakal, Nayam Vyakthamaakkunnu, etc. Then she was continued as heroine opposite to Mammootty and Mohan Lal and acting forward. A short time span over a decade, Sreenath and Shanthi Krishna were lived together as husband and wife , only 11 years. They discussed their problems and finally decided to detaching and in the year 1995, Sreenath and Shanthi Krishna was divorced and they both married again, but in the year 2010 April 23th Sreenath has been a victim by kill himself, he suicide in hotel room at Kothamangalam.

Jagathy Sreekumar – Mallika

Mallika is the first wife of Jagathy Sreekumar and in the year 1975 Jagathy Sreekumar entered in Malayalam cinema, his debut film was Chattambikkalyani. It was a good start to Jagathi Sreekumar and as we know he became most star valued actor in the Malayalam cinema. Once in Malayalam cinema, there was a debate that Jagathy Sreekumar is the super star in Malayalam cinema, and Mammootty and Mohan lal are behind him.

Mallika entered in Malayalam cinema in the year 1968, and her debut Malayalam film was Kaarthika and she started her carrier as an actress through the same film. Though Jagathy Sreekumar entered in cinema as a comedian, Mallika acted as heroin and anti-heroine in Malayalam cinema.In the year 1975, Jagathy Sreekumar and Mallika were acted together in some films like Hello Darling, Kanya Kumari, and Boy Friend etc. They romanced and loved each other, and then they married in the year 1976 and became couples.

But, it lasted only for 3 years, and their marriage life was a failure and in the year 1979, they both detached their relationship as husband and wife, they divorced and turned their life in two ways. And then, they both have married, Mallika married to actor Sukumaran and Jagathy SreeKumar has married two times after divorcing Mallika. He has married Kala and divorced, then to Shobha.

Mukesh – Saritha

The debut movie of Mukesh is Baloon and it was in the year 1982, and he was the hero in the film and hence he acted in so many Malayalam movies as hero and antihero and he fix his step in the film industry. Saritha entered in the Malayalam cinema in the year 1984, and the film was “Oru Kochu katha, aarum parayaaththa katha”, and then she acted in many films and she became busy in the Malayalam cinema.

Before entering Malayalam cinema, Saritha was a busy heroine in Tamil films, she entered through K.Balachander film. If compared the two, Saritha is a complete actress, at the same time Mukesh is not coming up to her talent. Mukesh was once a busy artist in Malayalam cinema and he is better to handle with comedy and Mukesh is not only a hero actor, he is a good comedian also.

Then in certain films, Mukesh and Saritha were acted together like PC 369, Thaniyaavarththanam, Vilambaram, Samgham etc. they became close friends and then to romance, as you know – then to real love and they got married. It was in the year 1988 November 2nd, Mukesh and Saritha were tied wed lock and they were happily lead a life together and they have two children.

A time span nearing 2 decades (19 years) they were couples and after 19 years they were separated, Mukesh and Saritha were divorced. They have two sons Sravan and Thejus, and now Saritha and her Children lives in Dubai. Mukesh then married to renowned dancer Methil Devika and Saritha still living without marrying anyone.


In the year 1988 Manoj .K. Jayan has entered in the Malayalam cinema and his debut film is “Maamalakalkkappurath”, the film is an average movie. As an actor, Manoj.K. Jayan uplifted his career from a single movie Sargam and the film was a super hit in Malayalam directed by Hariharan. After Sargam, there are a lot of films came towards Manoj.K.Jayan and the movie Sargam is the film caused he has to be noticed.

He acted as hero, antihero, and in character roles and villain roles and once he was a busy actor with Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada movies. Hence Urvasi came to cinema in the year 1977, and she debut as a child artist and the film was “Vidarunna mottukal”. She became a major artist in the year 1983, the film was Hello Madras girl and then to heroine roles. Then Urvashi has acted so many Malayalam films like Daivaththe orththu, Paththamudayam, Karimpinpoovinakkare etc.

and she became the forefront main heroine in Malayalam films. Once Urvashi was very busy in Malayalam and she has achieved hundred thousands of fans from Kerala alone. She has acted in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu movies and she was a busy artist in other languages films. In the year 1992, Manoj .K. Jayan and Urvashi were acted together first time, the film was Ulsava melam and then they acted together in many films like Venkalam, Paalayam, Pidakkozhi koovunna noottandu, Aayiram meni etc.

Their relationship became deeply rooted; they loved each other and finally Manoj.K.Jayan and Urvashi were married and they lead a happy family life. They have a daughter Theja laxmi, but the things have changed and there were problems raised in their family life, their family lost happiness due to many reasons, and they decided to detach their relationship. Their relationship lasted only 9 years, and in the year 2008, they were divorced and married to other ones.

Dileep and Manju warrier

In the year 1992, Dileep entered cinema field and it’s with Ennodishtam Koodaamo, directed by Kamal. Then Dileep acted in Sainyam, Sindoora rekha, Swapna lokaththe baalabhaskar, Pidakkozhi koovunna noottandu, Thoovalkkottaram etc. Dileep became a hero actor through Maanaththe kottaram and then he acted in certain films like Sallapam, Ee puzhayum kadannu, Kudamaattam etc. He became lifted to act as hero opposite to teenage heroine characters and turned a forefront Malayalam cinema hero.

Manju Warrier was a good classical dancer and she won the title of “Kalathilakam”in school festivals. She entered in Malayalam cinema in the year 1995,and the film was Saakshyam, and gradually she has been noticed, the films Sallapam, Ee puzhayum kadannu, Dillivala raajakumaran, Thoovalkkottaram etc has given her the star value and she were stood in the position of No.1 Malayalam heroine.

Her debut film as heroine is Sallapam, and she played the role opposite to Dileep as hero. Then she acted as heroine opposite to Dileep in Kudamaattam. In the sets of these said movies Dileep and Manju were enjoyed the friendship, and slowly they became loved each other. In the year 1998, dated October 20th, Dileep and Manju warrier were married at Sreekrishna temple in Aluva.

After the marriage, Manju Warrier stopped the cinema acting, in the relationship they have a daughter Meenakshi, but unfortunately, the black fate played on them – Manju Warrier and Dileep have been forced to detach their relationship as husband and wife. After 16 years, they separated through the court and it was in the year 2015 january.

Every separations are painful, and there is a question mark hints, is the relationships are for detach? Then what’s the meaning of joining together. It’s easier to detach relations, but it’s too difficult to understand each other, to conquer the heart and to join together.Anyway, the marriages in heaven won’t detach by men on earth. Our relations better joining at heaven and not to separate on earth. Say goodbye to pains of separations.

The divorces due to broken relationship in Malayalam cinema
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