S The realistic life of poet who enjoyed life in her own way.. Director Kamal again with a biopic film about Madhavikkutty, the same Kamala Surayya. | HotnSour Movie Channel The realistic life of poet who enjoyed life in her own way.. Director Kamal again with a biopic film about Madhavikkutty, the same Kamala Surayya. | HotnSour Movie Channel

The realistic life of poet who enjoyed life in her own way.. Director Kamal again with a biopic film about Madhavikkutty, the same Kamala Surayya.

The realistic life of poet who enjoyed life in her own way.. Director Kamal again with a biopic film about Madhavikkutty, the same Kamala Surayya.

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A film based on the real life story of Madhavikkutty, renowned story writer and poet all over India, is now under planning to become as a movie under the direction of Malayalam’s best Kamal. This is the second biopic movie of Kamal after J.C. Daniel. The life of Mabhavikkutty was very special with lot of sexual experiences and in her autobiography she has well mentioned many of her instincts, and perhaps the readers of her self-exposing book may feel like a life story of a nymphomaniac. Kamal’s biopic moves with cinematic formulas. .

Her auto biography “Neermadalam Pooththappol” is very sensational and it has everything to satisfy each and every reader, the real life incidents filled with passion and sex and she very openly reveals the relationships with men and her thirst for sex. Kamal’s biopic movie about the poet Madhavikkutty would be naturally with some added realistic situations and no doubt it will create sensation all over Kerala. The name of the film is not yet decided, and those who read and gone through the Madhavikkutty stories has been very intimated to her, because she has nothing to hide, she very frankly unwraps life is meant for enjoying and sex is very precious to her and of course she has enjoyed her life so much, besides she is a person always appetizing for sex. This movie from Kamal will be 100% realistic and it will say the real life of Madhavikkutty including the individual essence of Madhavikkutty, many writers have featured her in many types and a majority of them are with the abnormal intense sexual desire of an abnormal woman, but she has been proved in her life that she has an obsession with sex and until her death – she has the thirst for manly joining.

She thought love and sex are the main concern of life and she has been leading a life enjoying the varieties. The critics says, in her stories an observer can easy to find the struggle of a soul to fruit the biological needs, but it’s abnormal and there is no doubt that she was a nymphomaniac. Or she has always the thirst for love and to love others, but she never thinks of platonic love, her bold thinking’s are to getting het the odor of manly. Kamala’s biopic movie would be a film with all natural human instincts. Her character can be defined in other words as she was an angel who were in strong desire to experience love and to extend love to others. This movie, the Kamal’s biopic gives very special cinema feels to everyone. She was a mesmerist who amazed the world of literature, her wordings and dialects are with unique entity of a fabulous writer. Initially she was Nalappat Kamala, then Kamala das and Madhavikkutty.

At her last chapter of life she was Kamala Surayya. She lived much life, but all are in one life and she was Malayalam’s own in every aspect, she was Amy, the Madhavikkutty or Kamala Surayya. She amazed us and seduced us a writer and she was like a queen of fairy tale and she rejected and denied the orthodoxy and traditional she was always reluctant to accept the hypocrisy and ill values of the society. Madhavikkutty was a woman; writer, mother and lover, and she always fight against orthodox life proceedings.

At last everyone found her frenzies’, majority with sex and passion and she expressed her passion in her writings, in her talks and discussions, and she very courageously showed in her life. Director Kamal’s biopic visualizes with his own view points. We have seen Madhavikkutty in many exposures, many were wrote about her, we have seen Madhavikkutty in documentary, in short films and she has been exhibited in front of us in many ways, categoris and perhaps a majority of her admirers and fans in Kerala were enjoyed such portrayals about Madhavikkutty, but this is something different a full length movie ion Malayalam is coming to expose her real life story, a biopic of Malayalam’s Amy, the Kamala Surayya none other than Madhavikkutty.

But this is very relevant and special, director Kamal is in an effort to fruit the real story of Madhavikkutty in to celluloid and such an attempt is appreciable, because to take film through the life span of Madhavikkutty needs some courage, it’s really a big challenge and naturally director Kamal will be a victim of fructification because the film on Madhavikkutty will going to invite criticism from all corner and it includes her most favorites readers, family members and perhaps the most harm awaiting from the circle of Kerala Literal geniuses. One of the best director of Malayalam movies sri Kamal is taking a challenge, but we sure the venture will be real success and he has convinced with J.C.Daniel biopic Celluloid, the Pritiviraj starrer. Kamal, the favorite director of Malayaless all over the world is preparing for a strive, he is going to reveal a new facet of Madhavikkutty , and it’ll never be the olden format of her presented by others , the film will be the new one and it will hold an entity of Kamal, and no doubt this film will be entirely different and no one would find any similarity to any other mirroring of Madhavikkutty. Kamal’s biopic will be a different experience.

This film will be a celluloid version within the knowledge of Kamal about Madhavikkutty. This would have everything that you would prefer from a Kamal film and he ensures his film on Madhavikkutty never nearing to the nature of a documentary, and it has love and sentiments and the cinematic formulas, but he never thought of compromise with quality. May be this film on Madhavikkutty would have the chance to touch with Kerala archives and it’ll be very beneficial to new generation especially to the youngsters and college students. But there is a reality, that Madhavikkutty is not a person holds any estimation of the public, and she has a hidden world not yet revealed and after her death. Madhavikkutty has a personality of her own, but mysterious and perhaps if she lives in this century, she will be a person whom the Malayali doesn’t showed interest to understand her and there is no need of suspicion that she is an individual enriched with all humanely instincts include love, sex, passion, mercy etc, and director Kamal says this film will be a picturing of his on concepts on a distinct literary personality and he believes the audience in Kerala would whole heartedly accept the movie on Madhavikkutty.

Kamal reveals the story of a poet, short story writer, an unparalleled literacy achiever – but it will be celluloid version of an unknown Madhavikkutty but in the idea and conceptualization within the control of him, any way the effort of Kamal deserves all compliments, because Madhavikkutty is weakness of majority of Kerala women, they loved her and admired and enjoyed her literary out puts. Whatever be the Keratitis awaits a good movie from Kamal and he is a favorite director of Malayalees, and we know Kamal is a director genius and he’ll never spoil our dreams on the movie based on Madhavikkutty.
The full credit of this Kamal’s biopic There will be the chance of explosions after the releasing of this movie, because while she were lived Madhavikkutty was an individual who never cares orthodoxy or traditional followings , she was absolutely a women with her own entity which never copes with the societal hyprcacy.

The script of this movie is the result of the quest for two years, during this period director Kamal has collected lot of strange and unfamiliar realities about Madhavikkutty and these life realities of her life became as the script to create the biopic of Madhavikkutty in to cinema. In this movie, there will be sequences include her writing seen and her frenzies, and the life of others who were shared and related moments with Madhavikkutty also comes naturally to this visual effort. Kamal’s biopic movie would have some other relevant real life characters like Balamani amma (mother of Madhavikkutty) V.M. Nair (her father), Nalappat Narayana Menon (elder uncle), Madhava das (husband) etc. and he says these mentioned individuals are an integral part of this movie, and he will present these characters with their deserved importance. The film presents the childhood of Madhavikkutty at Punnayoorkkulam, and the film would go through the important happenings after her conversion in to Islam.

Kamal has already talked and discussed with her offspring’s and relatives and they agreed to take a film about Madhavikkutty and to fruit this film, Kamal has too much communicated with her younger son Jaya Soorya Nalappat and director Kamal promises this film will be a historical documentation of Madhavikkutty. The cinema is not about an ordinary individual, but with an extra ordinary genre and it’s about Madhavikkutty, so naturally there will be anxious to know the actress who is acting as Madhavikkutty? Those who read the books of Madhavikkutty have so many faces in their mind to perform the favorite writer and perhaps these cine actresses were popular and beautiful. But, when Kamal entered writing the script, he has been found the actress who has to act as Madhavikkutty and it’s none other than Vidhya Balan and everybody knows her, she is a complete actress and much popular all over India. Vidhya Balan’s debut film in Malayalam was under the direction of Kamal and the hero of the film was Mohan lal, but due to certain unexpected reasons, the film was not finished, and then she reached Bollywood and became a super heroine actress and she is the close friend of director Kamal and he is now in search for an actress for the role of Bala mani amma, the mother of Madhavikkutty and Kamal has to shoot from the 40 years of her.

Murali Gopi is acting as Madhava das, the husband of Madhavikkutty, and Kamal says Murali Gopi’s style of acting is suitable to Madhava das and he is look like Madhav das. This film is also the story of the couples, and Madhava das has supported her very much to uplift her writing talents and Kamal has decided Murali Gopi is to play the role of the husband of Madhavikkutty. Prithvi Raj is also acting an important role in this film and director Kamal doesn’t said anything about the role of him and Kamal says he involved certain suspense in this movie and the other star cast suitable for characters are under procedure. Kamal himself scripted for the Madhavikkutty movie and it’ll be very typical. Other technicians are coming under consideration, but not yet decided. Kamal is also preparing for an English version of this biopic on Madhavikkutty. Soon after the releasing in Malayalam, the English version of the same movie will come to theatres. This film will be a big budget movie and the locations are Calcutta, Mumbai, Thrissur, Ernakulam, Ottappalm etc. Kamal’s biopic hugs the very essence of womanly aspires.The shooting of Madhavikkuty proposed to be start on October 1st, and the Madhavikkutty waves will happen soon all over Kerala.

The realistic life of poet who enjoyed life in her own way.. Director Kamal again with a biopic film about Madhavikkutty, the same Kamala Surayya.
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