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Malayalam Box office King Dileep

Dileep is an actor with unique talents, the Kerala (malayalam) family audience whole heartedly accepted him, and he is now the King of Box-office hits.. The amazing rise of a Super Star in the enlarged sky of comedy.

The Siddique Lal movie King Liar is still on move to super success and in disputably Dileep is the Box office king, his last released Two Country’s also running packed houses, it has changed the collection records and targets super hit boom and again another hit “King Liar “happened, now this movie has been earned a gross collection 8 Crores within 5 days of the first week of its releasing. Dileep has proved, he is the Box office King and there is no looking back

Here is the words of Dileep “ It’s great pleasure to me that the people of Kerala are enjoying my films and they like me very much”, he also continued – the family audience of Kerala needs simply enjoy and laughter, they want to sit in theater seats to forget everything and to cheer and joy and this basic fact is not my statement, but many were shared with me. So,

I am interested to co-operate with such movies and I have my own mode of choosing entertaining movies. Moreover, if my movies are themed same way the audience may feel monotonous and purposefully I’ll strive to select different scripts or themes. I often ask the producers to think different and try to take a film not so common.

This obvious stand of Dileep has proved, he is right and the films with big collection records – Two Countries and King Liar are the examples. Dileep is an actor with tremendous scope of talents; he is taking comedy roles and acting very realistically and easier and it’s a fact that Dileep is a pet to family audience.

He is taking very humane roles without superman showiness and quiet natural he became favorite to family audience. People believes Dileep’s movie would have all the formulas to entertain them and they want to forgets everything and to laugh or in other words

the Malayali family audience needs simply sit and enjoy a lot with sufficient laughter (in two and half hours) and they know Dileep film could have everything to meet their particular interest. Dileep is a biggest show man and entertainer and above all he is an actor with enormous talent.

It’s easy to find the differences of characterization in certain films like Panajabi house, Meesha Madhavan, Kunjikkoonan , Sound Thoma and Pachakkuthira etc, and there will be no other conclusion “Dileep is a complete actor”. He always strives to give perfection to characters.

While at some extent, he is very conscious to cope with serious characters, not so ordinary but the films have the intellectual threads and apart quality. Vellari praavinte changaathi, Kathaavasheshan , Kolkaththa Diary, Arike are some examples and the film Vellari pravinte changathi was the film from which Dileep has achieved the Kerala State’s

Best Actor award. The biggest Box-office hits of Dileep were full length comedy entertainers and the fact about this wonderful actor has to underlined as “there is no substitute for Dileep” and he deserves the position which we called “Super Star”. Best wishes, the new heights of stardom is still on his way.

Malayalam Box office King Dileep
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