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Debut to stardom 2016

The sons and daughters of stars who makes their first entry to cinema industry.

Kalidas Jayaram

Padmasree Jayaram is very talented and popular actor in Malayalam and Tamil films, and he has married to Parvathy, who were a busy artist in eighties and nineties, (1980 to 1990) acted as heroine in so many films. The star couples were acted together as hero and heroine and they both fell in love and got married. They have two children, the elder one is Kalidas Jayaram and the youngest is Malavika Jayaram.

There is no doubt, that the offspring’s would have talented and Kalidas Jayaram has been signed to play the role of hero and he has a proven background in acting, he first acted as a child artist in the film “Friends”(1999) directed by the dexterous Siddique. The role was the child age character of Mukesh. Then in the year 2000, Kalidas Jayaram has acted in a Sathyan Anthikkad movie, Kochu kochu santhshangal and in this film,

the original father and son Jayaram and Kalidas Jayaram were acted the same as father and son. He is blessed with talent and in the year 2003, he acted in “Ente veedu, appoontem”, directed by Sibi Mlayil. This was a very important role as a psychic child and Kalidas achieved the best child artist award in national level and he has been recognized. His first matured heroic venture is in Tamil “Oru pakka kathai”, the second film directed by Balaji Tharani Naran.

Kalidas Jayaram, the son of Jayaram is lucky with the sturdy backup and “Ulaka naayakan” Kamal hasan is the person who is introducing him to Tamil cinema. Kalidas Jayaram has acted in certain advertising films, The Cadbury Milk Ad film is a big hit and he has been owned hundreds of new generation fans. He is busy involving in acting for “Meen kuzhampum maan paniyyum”, the second hero oriented movie in Tamil.

Gokul Suresh Gopi

Suresh Gopi is a successful actor, and once he was an action hero and super star, now his off spring “Gokul”is acting as hero and his debut film is “Mudugavu” , directed by Vipin das and it’s also his first venture. Gokul Suresh Gopi’s “Mudugavu” the movie is coming under Friday films. Mudugavu will be a romantic love story presented by Sandra Thomas and Vijay Babu, who’re also acting in films.

Arthana Vijaykumar

Vijay Kumar is an actor selected by Shaji Kailas in “Thalasthanam” and he has acted with Suresh Gopi, the film was a biggest hit. Now, Vijay Kumar’s daughter “Arthana” is playing the role of heroin in her debut movie: Mudugavu” opposite to the son of Suresh Gopi – “Gokul Suresh Gopi”and the film is Mudugavu. Arthana is very beautiful and perhaps become busy, the two of the film (hero and heroine) to Mudugavu are the off springs of the two famous cine industrial personalities.

Nithin Renji Panikker

Everybody knows Renji Panicker , the noted script writer who were positioned the front line with super hits in Malayalam cinema, who created stunning dialogues for Mammootty, Mohan Lal and Suresh Gopi and the audience whole heartedly accepted his talents as super dialogue maker and of course Renji Panicker is a dexterous person who knows the pulse of the audience. Renji Panicker is also a good actor in Malayalam cinema.

Now, Nithin Renji Panicker, the son of Renji Panicker is trying the directorial debut with the movie “Kasaba” and the hero of the movie is Mammooty , one of the most valued actors of Indian cinema. The film is “Kasaba”, and Nithin Renji Panicker is lucky enough to cast Mammooty as the hero in his debut film, threaded with the inroads of Police tactics. Undoubted the film “Kasaba” will be run in packed houses, wait and see… greets to Nithin.

Anoop Sathyan

Sathyan Anthikkadu is a guaranteed director to every producer in Malayalam Cinema Industry and he has been directed films natural with family subject. He is one of the best directors in the Malayalam cinema, now his son “Anoop Sathyan” is stepping to direction and follows the path of his capacity proven father. Anoop’s debut movie is with Dulkhar Salman as the hero and the cine lovers of Kerala are eagerly waiting for the Anoop movie. It’s our duty to support him to become famous as his father Sathyan Anthikkadu.

Debut to stardom 2016
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