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Bibin George From Mimicry to cinema

Recently released two super hit movies, one is Amar Akbar Antony and the other one is Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan – the first one is a three heroes film Prithviraj, Indrajith and Jayasoorya were acted and the second one is Vishnu Unnikrishnan starrer – whatever be both the Nadirsha directed movies were stunning hits all over Kerala. Two mimicry artists are the script writers of these said movies, they both are very young, they are Bibin George and Vishnu Unnikrishnan. Right now, we’re going to know the revealing about Bibin George. Bibin George is a mimicry artist; he resides at Koonam maavu Ernakulam.

From his childhood, Bibin George tried his extra activities in art, he is never abandoned learning for art and never denied art for study, he successfully mingled art and education. Though he obtained a degree from college, he decided to lead a life of an artist. He has participated in skit writing and stage programs from his schooling days, he contested and frequently won prizes. Bibin was a fully family oriented individual , he got all support from his family her father and mother stood back to him, his sisters are also supported him to participating in contests and stage programs. While Bibin gets prizes his entire family enjoyed the happiness and they ‘re in proud to get such a son of talent.

Nadirsha has directed two hit movies; one is Amar Akbar Antony (PrithviraJ, Jayasoorya, Indrajith) and the another one is Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan and the hero was Vishnu Unnikrishnan. Both the said movies were run well and collected high box office gross income and director Nadirshaw confirmed his position as a capable director in Malayalam cinema. The two films are the creative scripting contributions of two younger boys, one is Bibin George and other one is Vishnu Unnikrishnan, he became the hero of Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan, both Bibin George and Vishnu Unnikrishnan are now too busy and in this feature it’s Bibin George is going to be reveal. He has started his talent exposer through mimicry and his native place Koonammavu of Ernakulam district.

From childhood Bibin George concentrated on art activities while continuing study, he loved too much art and talent shoes and he never abandoned study for art activities and art of study. Though he earned Bsc, but decides to continue with art activities like mimicry and stage shows of various. From school days Bibin George has wrote skits and actively participated in venues, he frequently achieved prizes, it was his parents and two sisters were lead him to venues to participate competitions, while Bibin performs stunningly on the stage and obtaining applause and prizes, his parents and sisters were shared and enjoyed much happiness. Normally a majority of artists are telling about the encouragement from their parents, but while telling about the encouragement from the parents, sisters and family – in case of Bibin it’s 100% a honest statement, when we get much closer to Bibin, we’ll be reaching a reality – his right leg is little bit problematic and health less, while Bibin is walking we can see the walking imbalance, Bibin is saying,

I never felt my physical disorder is a burden to my dreams, because of always my family is supporting me, while I am thinking of my father, I am painful – my father’s name was Vincent he was a mason, I have read the script of Amar Akbar Antony to hear my father. But, the project became a reality, my father died in an accident, my father was the happiest person enjoying my victories, father expired before the film released, he wept. Before I entered in cinema, I had prepared skits for TV programs. But no one recognized Bibin’s talents, and he worried of the ignorance. Often, I stopped the writings and being a teacher with the Bsc degree, and then entered in the same arena, now I am very happy an all my worries gone, I had given the skits for TV comedy reality show, for Rasikaraja No:1 and I had participated in the program and being noticeable. And Bibin is one of the script writers of mega hit TV program Bedai Bungalow, the program being a reason to enter Bibin in to cinema. While he was studying in the 6th class, Bibin George met Vishnu Unnikrishnan and they both became friends.

Though, they both were studied in two schools, they participated jointly for competitions, they both became friends through their common friend Sreenath, Bibin and Vishnu were studied in Maharajas’s college, and they both jointly participated in Cochin Hollywood mimicry troop, and thus their friendship widened and bloomed, then Bibin turned in to TV shows and Vishnu concentrated in cinemas, and they had continued their friendship, the scripting of Amar Akbar Antony is intended for them to act in the movie, and the casting and direction of Nadirsha being caused to contribute a big hit in Malayalam cinema, before the movie Amar Akbar Antony started the shooting, Bibin and Vishnu are jointly prepared the scripting for Kattappanayaile Hrithik Roshan, and to act in this movie was a desire to Bibin.

Now Bibin is talking like matured, he is telling, the opportunities would come in a suitable time, he has acted a small role with Dilip in Welcome to Central Jail and acted a small role in Kattappanayaile Hrithik Roshan and Bibin is telling the success of Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan gives the sweetness double, the movie overcome the demonetization and currency problems, thousands hit the theatres simply ignoring the demonization issues. The heart touching deep friendship is the main thing of the cinema; the super hit films like Amar Akbar Antony and Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan are the result of good friendship, Bibin is concentrating on acting while continuing scripting’s, Now Bibin George is acting in a Shafi movie, Role Modelz, he is acting a negative shade character with Fahad Fazil and the shooting is at Goa, Bibin is staying with his mother Lizzy, both his elder sisters were married while their father lived, Now Bibin is free, hence he has to write and act, all the best wishes.

Bibin George From Mimicry to cinema
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