S The Actors Who were Obtained the “Best Actor Award” The Actors Who were Obtained the “Best Actor Award”

The Actors Who were Obtained the “Best Actor Award” from Kerala State

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The Actors Who were Obtained the “Best Actor Award” from Kerala State

The Kerala State Awards for the Best Actor in Malayalam cinema, have begun in the year 1969, the Kerala Government is the organizing body of the Kerala State Award s for the Best Actor, there is a panel, judging committee – Jury decides the best actor/actresses awards controlled by Kerala State Film Academy, the award distributing ceremony held every year and the honorable chief minister of Kerala distributes the awards for the deserved talented actors and actresses. The Best Actor Award includes an award monument and one lakh (1, 00000 Indian Rupees) , this feature gives you the details about the best actors who owned the Kerala State Awards, the special feature stars with Malayalam’s legendary actor Sathyan.

SATHYAN, (1969 & 1971) – the Legendary Actor of Malayalam Cinema Obtains the first Kerala State Award

Sathyan, the first super star of Malayalam cinema achieved the Best Actor Award organized by the Kerala Government, Sathyan is the all-time most valued actor of Malayalam cinema, he was the emperor of acting in the history of Malayalam cinema. The first Best Actor award organized by the Government of Kerala gone to a truly deserved artist in the year 1969, the actor is none other than the one and only Sathyan.

The film Kadalppalam directed by K.S Sethumadhavan being selected by the Jury and Sathyan became the first Best Actor Award winner of Kerala. In the award winning movie ASathyan has acted double role as father and son, Sathyan’s performance was stunning in all aspect, father character was Narayana Kaimal and son is Reghu, Sathyan performed superb as father and son, K.T Mohammed id the script writer of Kadalppalam, producer M.O Joseph, the film released under the production banner of Manjilas.

There was a natural and realistic film Karakaanakkadal released in the year 1971, and Sathyan again achieved the best actor award for his stunning performance in the film as the best actor, in this movie, Sathyan has acted the character as Thoma, the film produced by Hari Pothen, the film have directed by K.S Sethu Madhavan, The films story, script, dialogues etc are handled by Muttaththu Varkey and S.L Puram Sadanandan, the film was a box office hit all over the released Kerala stations.

Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair (1970)

In the year 1970, Malayalam’s blessed actor Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair obtained the Best Actor Award from the Kerala State, it was the second best actor award after the first in the year 1969.The film “Ara Nazhika Neram “have given him the disservice as a best actor,

Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair’s character in the film is Kunjonaanchan , he performed exceptionally well as Kunjonachan, the film is based on the novel narrated by Parappurath, a well-known Malayalam novelist. The film directed by K.S Sethumadhavan, the film Ara Naazhika Neram’s story, scripting and dialogues handled by novelist Parappurath himself, he was an anormoulsy talented narrator, the film produced by M.O Joseph.

Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair (1972)

In the year 1972, it was Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair obtained the Kerala State award , the film is Maya, the film directed by Ramu Karriat, produced by T.B Vasudevan under the production banner of Jay Maruthi Pictures, the story, scripting, dialogues handled by K.Surendran, Thikkurissi’s character was Shankara Pillai, the film was not a box office hit in Kerala, any way Maya the movie casted Urvasi sharada as heroine was a good family entertainer.

P.J.Antony (1973)

The film based on the novel Pallivalum, Kaalchilampum released in the year 1973 as titled Nirmalyam and P.J Antony obtained the Best Actor award, he has acted the character of an oracle in the film, the film produced by Novel films, the film’s basement novel Palliuvalum Kaalchchlampum narrated by M.T Vasudevan Nair,

the script, dialogues etc were handled by novelist M.T Vasudevan Nair himself, P.J Antony handled the character of an oracle superb and stunning, he obtained the state and national awards for the film, in the year 1973, the film Nirmalyam obtained many Kerala state awards and P.J Antony being honored not only in Kerala, but also all over India because he was the national award winner .

The Actors Who were Obtained the “Best Actor Award” from Kerala State
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