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The emperor honors

36 Fruitful years of Mohanlal

The emperor in the Indian film field Mohanlal being honored by Mohanam 2016, held at Kozhikkodu. As everybody knows Mohanlal is the actor emperor of Indian cinema, and of course Mohanlal is one of the best actors in the world.

Director Sibi Malayail once commented that Mohanlal is the acting university of Indian cinema. At the juncture of completing 36 years in Indian cinema, there was a program Mohanam 2016 held at Kozhikkodu, in connection with the Independence day celebrations.

It was a memorable function and in the heart of the dream city Kozhikkodu , the enormously colorful function Mohanam being celebrated with the valuable presence of super star Mohanlal.

The programme Mohanam 2016 was organized under the guidance of a dexterous committees, the Chairman of Mohanam 2016 was Mayor Thottaththil Raveendran and with four (4) vice chairman’s. they are P.V Gangadharan, M. Bhaskaran, Maamukkoya, V.M.Vinu etc.

Director Renjith was the convener of the general committee. Others in the Mohanam 2016 committee are Chief Co-Ordinator: District Collector N. Prashanth IAS, Co Ordinator: K.R. Pramod, and Shajoon Karyal, Venu Gopal, NC Aboo Baker, Sudheer Ambalppadu, Jaya Devan etc. & Show Director G.S.Vijayan, Music Co-Ordinator Thej Merwin etc. are the back stage prime movers of the Mohanam 2016, the program was a super success.

In the dream city Kozhikkodu, the ground crowed and over whelmed time nearing to 6 o’clock in the evening. The songs and dances in the Mohanlal movies re incarnated in the stage, well known singers of Malayalam and dancers in the cinema are participated.

The stage show was a nostalgic experience of Mohanlal memories where the Malayalees favorite Mohanlal mannerisms again created. The venue of Mohanam 2016 was awakened with the enchanting show presented by actor Vineeth and group.

The dancing of Vineeth and Parvathy Nambiar was excellent in every aspect and the audience well applauded the stage show and after there was so many stunning dancing on the stage and all are taken from Mohanlal film situations and the music composed as per the dancing situational demand.

Asha Sharath and her group has presented Mohanlal’s His highness Abdulla ‘s song dance and Vishnu Priya has presented the Manichchithraththazhu film’s Shobhana dance.

Kailash and Rajath Menon are presented a song background on the stage by saying the famous dialogues in the movie Naadodikkaattu, “Entha dasa, namukkee budhdhi nerahththe thonnaaththathu” and heroine Remya Nambeeshan has stepped for dance with the popular song “Chandana mazha snadhyakalude”, and the audience thrilled while enjoying such stage shows.

Isha Talwar and Manikkuttan were presented a fast number song and dance in the film Naadodi, the song was japa, japa, japa, japa and Niranjana and the group has presented a song dance “Ampangam swara mukharam. The program Mohanam 2016 was an effective stage show which was like a jouney through the Mohanlal movies released decades back.

The songs of P. Jayachnadran, M.G.Sreekumar, Vijay Jesudas, Rimi Tomy, Nishad, Sithara, Raja Lakshmi etc. from the Mohanlal films became an added attraction and the program Mohanam 2016 was a wonderful stage show, perhaps the dream city Kozhikkodu never enjoyed such a visual treat recently. The audience has gone back to the nostalgic memories of the decades back Mohanlal movies.

The comedian cine artists like Suraj Venjaramoodu, Tini Tom, Nirmal palazhi, Hareesh etc. were extend their super comedy contributions on the stage of Mohanam 2016, and the program was a memorable event in every aspect.

Directors like Hariharan. Kamal, Sathyan Anthikkadu, Joshi, Renjith, Lal, Sibi Malyail, Renjith, Bhadran ,Lal Jose, Shaji Kailas, V.M Vinu etc. were participated and the artists like Madhu, Jayaram , Manoj.K.Jayan, Samudrakkani,Biju Menon, manju Warrier, Geetha, Kaviyoor Ponnamma etc.

were participated in the function to honor the emperor of acting in the Malayalam cinema. There was a suspense, while Mohanlal enters on the stage to accept the honor of Malayalees.

36 Fruitful years of Mohanlal
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