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The Super star

25 years & Dileep, the Super star

Malayalam cinema’s popular actor, and super star – Dileep has completed 25 years in the film industry, he has conquered the Malayalam cinema world, he has given lot of fun and laugh, his characters were not only mere comedies, but nurtured thinking’s, he became one of the busiest actor in Malayalam, and the film world surrendered in front of his enormous talent. Dileep is a born talented actor, he reached the super stardom in Malayalam cinema only through his hard work and dedication. Dileep is an ideal star to new comers.

Dileep well knows the way of comedy presentation; he has the special capacity to touch the souls of comedy characters. God has blessed Dileep, by extending him the capacity to present situational comedies, his timing for dialogue presentation is something special. Recently Dileep has completed 25 years in the Malayalam cinema world. Dileep entered in to the field of arts as a mimicry artist and he was very active with stage programs of Cochin Kalabhavan, Harisree theatres etc, he has been participated with hundreds of comedy cossets and with so many TV shows.


Dileep has joined as an associate director of Kamal, actor Jayaram has recommended Dileep to director Kamal and such a period became a detour in Dileep’s life. From there, he entered to the camera front of cinema by acting small roles ( a majority in Kamal movies), thus Dileep (original name Gopalakrishnan) root changed from associate director to acting in cinemas. He has shown his talent as acting in a college student role in “Ennodishtam Koodaamo”, the film directed by Kamal, and Mukesh was the hero in the movie.

Then he has acted in so many Malayalam films, small and big roles. Dileep has achieved a teenage hero image through “Sallapam” , a Lohithadas scripted movie, by Sunderdas, the film became a super hit all over Kerala, Dileep’s character was Sasi Kumar – the hero and Dileep successfully stepped in to a hero image in the Malayalam cinema world. Gradually, Dileep has grown to a status of a capable hero to participate individually for a hit movie. Remember, it was the years when Mammootty, Mohanlal, Sureshgopi and Jayaram were ruled Malayalam cinema. Hence he has acted in many hit, super hit films like: Ee Puzhayum Kadannu, Panjabi House etc. and became an integral part of Malayalam cinema. From the year 2000, the career graph of Dileep raised in to the forefront line of heros.

Dileep has acted best especially with comedy characters and by knowing his limitations, he stunningly acted serious characters and action characters, Dileeps released movies achieved large gross collection and entered box office hit chart. Between the eventual of success, he married to his lucky heroine Manju Warrier and lead a happy married life. Manju Warrier temporarily stopped her acting career, but Dileep enjoyed his acting career, a majority of released Dileep’s movies were super hits. Dileep has acted in his close friend Laljose’s directed movie” Meesha Madhavan” became a super hit, also the film Meesha Madhavan was the super break mile stone movie in the acting career of Dileep.

Dileep achieved the status of the most popular actor of Kerala, Family audience and ordinary people are the main viewers of Dileep. He has very especially talented to present comedy roles, the Malayalam audience being amazed witnessing Dileeps comedy movies like: Chanthu pottu, Kunjikkoonan, Parakkum Thalika, Pachchakkuthira, SoundThoma etc. All the characters in which Dileep has acted were different to each other. Now, Dileep is in his fifties, but he is still like a hero in thirties and he comes with un limited energy and dynamism to present new exposures. Once, years back , we have seen the Malayalam cinema was in a juncture of problems and suffered with certain critical conditions, but even in those years , Dileep’s films run packed houses all over Kerala.

In the year 2003, Dileep shined as a producer, CID Moosa was the film directed by Johny Antony – CID Moosa was a super hit all over Kerala. The he produced Kathaavashesan, a TV Chandran directorial movie, it was not a main stream cinema, but an art film. Dileep was the hero, then he produced a movie for AMMA, the Malayalam cinema artists association, the film was 20/20 (twenty twenty) and the film was a mass big budget movie produced by Dileep. He has shown that he is a success as a producer, Dileep never concentrated on himself as he’ll be the hero in his own production movies, he tried to became a part of good cinema production.

Dileep was the producer of of Nivin Poly’s debut movie “Malarvadi Arts Club” directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan, Dileep was an actor with very broad mind, he encourages new comers, he approves the talent of new comers whether they’re actors or directors (for examples: Vineeth Sreenivasan and Nivin Pauly), the movie Metro: Sharath Kumar as hero, and some younger’s are also participated, the film Metro was a hit movie. In the year 2016, Dileep has earned tremendous victory in the Malayalam cinema world; he has attained a position very closer to mega star Mammootty and super star Mohanlal, basically 2016 was Dileep’s year, he reached the peak Malayalam cinema super stardom, two of his films like : Two Countries and King Liar were super duper hits in Malayalam, Shafi directed Two Countries earned 50 Crores gross collection through all over the released stations. King Liar, the Siuddique Lal movie has collected a gross income near to 30 crores. (Will Continue..),

25 years & Dileep, the Super star
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