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Special Features In Cinema Industry

This is the Writers Corner, mentioning some special aspects about cinema. Various zones mentioned in here shall be a good catch for all cinema lovers, which includes the whereabouts of Directors, Actors and all others who are related to cinema. A horoscope view about their life and life style has portrayed in this. All the informations furnished here are fetched by us through personal contacts and other concerned sources. There might be some slight errors, but we hope this corner will be mighty handy to the public.
In this section we have mentioned about the story lines of people who fetched success and who are currently in it’s pursuit. Technical informations like Camera, Edition, Direction, Post Production, Pre -Production are also illustrated in here. This category has been created in Hotnsourmoviechannel as a preamble about Cinema, which covers almost everything about cinema including it’s different aspects. Interview programs with celebrities are also the highlight of this section. We hope our efforts will help you to snatch an informative eye about Cinema.


The Romantic Nooses in the Film Field

The media cinema and the cinema actors are taking remarkable influence in the political field and also in the society, it’s not so simple and we have to

“Yeh, Dil He Mushkil” the Movie Still on the Way of Controversies

Mohanlal, hotnsourmoviechannel

The Films Produced By Mohanlal

Mohanlal is not only the super star of Malayalam cinema, Mohanlal is a good singer, good businessman and more over Mohanlal is a successful producer of

A procession Through the Characters of Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan is one of the favorite heroine of Malayalam cinema , she is cute and beautiful with big eyes , she has acted in so many super hit movies in

The Heroines Who Surrendered to Prithviraj

Super stars & their Magnum Opus Movies , mohanlal-hotnsourmoviechannel

Mohanlal the Indian Cinema Super Star Acts as “Bheema”


Gopi Sundar A Music Director Engaged with Creating Hits

In the Malayalam film world, there’s a young music director with enormous talent and who became very popular in a short span of only some years, he is none other than Gopi Sundar. He is one of the blessed musical directors who conquered the hearts of new generation

The Actors Who were Obtained the “Best Actor Award” from Kerala State

The Kerala State Awards for the Best Actor in Malayalam cinema, have begun in the year 1969, the Kerala Government is the organizing body of the Kerala

The Indian Directors Who were Obtained the National Award as for Best Direction (1967 to 1981)

The award for the best director of Indian cinemas (all Indian languages) evaluated and considers after many tough quality criterions. From 1967 the best

“Randaamoozham” the M.T Vasudevan Nair Scripted Movie Tolls Controversies

M.T Vasudevan Nair’s Randaamoozham starts like this, the sea was colored black, it swallowed a palace and a big city, even though with the sign of hungry

2017: The Heroines Who Were Shined in the Half Portion of the Year

If we have search on the history of Malayalam cinema, there is the presence and involvement of beautiful and strong heroines and their unique

The Sub Heroes and Anti Heroes of 2017

The first six months of 2017, there is certain specialists – in the first half of 2017, rather than the heroes the sub heroes and antiheros enjoyed the
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