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This is the Writers Corner, mentioning some special aspects about cinema. Various zones mentioned in here shall be a good catch for all cinema lovers, which includes the whereabouts of Directors, Actors and all others who are related to cinema. A horoscope view about their life and life style has portrayed in this. All the informations furnished here are fetched by us through personal contacts and other concerned sources. There might be some slight errors, but we hope this corner will be mighty handy to the public.
In this section we have mentioned about the story lines of people who fetched success and who are currently in it’s pursuit. Technical informations like Camera, Edition, Direction, Post Production, Pre -Production are also illustrated in here. This category has been created in Hotnsourmoviechannel as a preamble about Cinema, which covers almost everything about cinema including it’s different aspects. Interview programs with celebrities are also the highlight of this section. We hope our efforts will help you to snatch an informative eye about Cinema.

11 March, 2017
The Last Temptation of Christ-hotnsourmoviechannel

World Cinema and The Controversial Movies

In the history of world cinema until today, certain films of certain directors have given strong impacts; such movies shocked the world and raised the
22 February, 2017
Vineeth Sreenivasan, a Phenomenal Actor

Vineeth Sreenivasan, a Phenomenal Actor

2 February, 2017

Bibin George From Mimicry to cinema

1 February, 2017

Mukesh a multi-faceted artist

For the last 36 years, Mukesh is in the field of Malayalam cinema, he has acted as hero, sub hero and he shined as a very successful star in the Malayalam
14 December, 2016

Kerala International Film Festival

In the Kerala International Film festival, there will be cinemas focused on migration and the painful impacts and the packages of migration. The main subjec
10 December, 2016

Nadhirshah , in touch with hits to hits

Once Nadhirshah was a mimicry artist, then he tried to expose his singing talent, Nadhirshah is a good singer, and though it was a failure Nadhirshah tried
9 November, 2016

25 years & Dileep, the Super star

25 years & Dileep, the Super star.Malayalam cinema’s popular actor, and super star - Dileep has completed 25 years in the film industry, he has conquered
6 November, 2016

The Milestone Movies of Megastar Mammootty & Charecters

13 October, 2016
M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies

M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies

In the Malayalam cinema world, there are many talented music composers and Sri. M.K Arjun is one among them with exceptional composing caliber. Everyone in the film industry calls
13 October, 2016

Sex Movies: Hits & Box Office disasters

Cinema is an art, and as a visual treat, we have to enjoy the physic, sexual exposures in the movie with an angle of artistically inspired.
5 October, 2016
Super stars & their Magnum Opus Movies , mohanlal-hotnsourmoviechannel

Super stars & their Magnum Opus Movies

Mohanlal has entered in the Malayalam cinema through the film “Manjil Virinja Pookkal” and Lal’s character Narendran was the first milestone character of Mohanlal and the film was a highest grossed box office hit,
4 October, 2016

Some revealing on Indian legendary singer Dr. K. J. Yesudas

Indian’s all over the world well knows the legendary singer K.J. Yesudas and he is a gift of god to the entire Keralites, and as a singer Yesudas is a
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Some revealing on Indian legendary singer Dr. K. J. Yesudas