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Singam – 3, the most awaited Surya movie hits cinemas:

At last, the happy news, all waits are ending – most awaited Soorya movie Singham released today (February 9) and all releasing stations are filled with heavy crowd of Soorya fans. The audience are in festive mood, they’re all overwhelmingly rejoices and telling only Singam, the film is like talk of the town, any way Singam has started the victorious journey, undoubted the film will be a box office hit. Singam 3 is the best movie in the entire acting career of Soorya, the character DCP Dorai Singam is one of the powerful character in the acting life Soorya and he performed extreme well the character. Anushka Shetty and Sruthy Hassan are playing the heroine roles opposite to Soorya.

The story threaded through certain sturdy happenings. A police officer killed in Andhra, Radhika Sharath Kumar is the wife of the deceased police officer. The killing of the police officer created riots in the place, to arrest the culprits (the police officer’s killers) and nab them state minister has organized legislature meeting and the investigation case extends to CBI, but after some efforts the CBI failed to prove the case, then the minister organized a special meeting and bring DCP Dorai Singam from Tamil Nadu Police, he entered the situation for investigation and

he used certain wise ideas to protect his wife and family , he said false that he has divorced his wife and for the easier movement of the investigation. Durai Singam has arrived Hyderabad for investigation, the wife of the deceased police officer (Radhika Sharath Kumar) asked DCP Dorai Singam to stop the investigation about the culprits, otherwise the criminals would try to end the family, she has two daughters. She mentioned the DCP that the culprits are very strong and ruthless; they are capable to challenge any situation. But Soorya the DCP Dorai Singam doesn’t considered her requests, he courageously fight against the powers of the evil, he very effectively finds the real culprits behind the killing of the Police officer.

His center is Australia; from there he handles all worse and evils to India. It has proved that, behind the murder of the police officer, there is another minister’s son. He is in Australia he has many illegal activities; he is operating everything from Australia. After the interval Tamil Nadu police officer Dorai Singham has asked the Andhra Government ot appoint him as Andhra Police Officer. Then he has appointed as Andhra police officer, and he reached Australia to find the culprit, the minister’s son. Then he finds the villain, there is fights and actions finally DCP Dorai Singam conquered the villain and he arrested him and the film ends. The film Singam is an enriched movie, it has super songs, super action scenes, super fights, super comedies and there is no doubt about the success of Singam 3, the film will be a super hit, all the best.

HNS Team
Date published: 02/09/2017
3.75 / 5 stars
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