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Movie Georgettan’s Pooram

You have heard Thrissur Pooram, Now, there is Georgettan’s Pooram..

K.Biju is directing a movie after Doctor Love, popular actor Dileep is the hero – film: Georgettan’s Pooram. K. Bjiu was recognized through his debut directorial venture Doctor Love. The story, dialogues, script & direction handles by K.Biju and Georgettan’s Pooram is absolutely a Thrissur culture movie exposure. The shooting is progressing at Thrissur, and the film gives much importance to the language and culture of Thrissur and the story is very interesting filled with full of comedy. The producing banner is Chandini Creations in associate with Shivani Entertainments; the producers are Arun Khosh, Bijoy Chandran, Shivani, Suraj etc.

Director K. Biju, Dileep and the entire team of Georgettan’s Pooram are in much expectation; they believe the film will be a good visual treat to each and every Malayalee audience. The story happens at Thrissur’s Edaththuruththy panchayath , this place is middle type city, George is the son of Fr. Mathew (Marthomite Christian) and there is brother and sister below him. Fr. Mathews ambitioned to guide George in to the same as his way of godly, Fr. Mathews has a calculation about his son George, and it was his son to become a priest like fr. Mathews. But George has his own calculations about his future, he was a person not interested to taking responsibilities and he simply stayed away from family duties and responsibilities.

George loved his friends and enjoying and celebrations, he lead a hash bush life. George valued his friends, he has some friends, and from childhood, they are enjoying and they found special interest to celebrate their friendship. George has three childhood friends, they’re Vava, Pallan and Balu and their friendship is deeply rooted with love. Though George is young, he leads everything, that’s why everyone called him Georgettan. Now, Georgettan is a widely spread name in his native place. The story develops the naughtiest of George and his friends. Whether they do anything for good, it becomes problematic and worse.

George and friends continually makes various problems, once any of the problems they created gets solution, other problems will start, and such happenings cause troubles to their friendship and family life. In between such unpleasant problems, Georgettan involves in a love affair, his girl friend is Merlin and the love and romance between Merlin and Georgettan makes new detours in the story movement of the cinema. Now, they are engaging the work of planting tree sapless, but there is an interesting thing that they are planting trees in the digs where telephone company have to undertake cable works.

They influence the very innocent panchayath president and often creates such problems, at last the things worsened and the police came to the spot and they removes all planted trees. The said scene very beautifully filmed director K.Biju. Super star Dileep presents Georgettan, and friends characters Vava, Pallan, Balu are played by Vinay Fort, Sharffuddhin and Thiru etc.E. A. Rajendran is acting as the panchayath president and Shaju is acting as the S.I in the film. Thiru is a theatre artist; he has acted in seven films including Charlie. Rajeesha Vijayan (Anuraaga karikkin vellam fame) is the heroine opposite to Dileep in the film and her character is Merlin.

Renji Panicker acts as the character, Dileeps father in the movie. And there are many other well known stars who plays the important characters like: Aju Verghese, Chempan Vinod, Sudheer Karamana, T,G. Ravi, Ganapathi, Jeevan, Arunghosh, Jayraj Warrier, Sunil Sugatha, Kala Ranjini, Valsala Menon, Grace Antony, K.T. S Padannayil etc. are acting in Georgettan’s Pooram. Y.V. Rajesh handles the scripting, Lyrics: Hari Narayan, Music director: Gopi Sundar, Cinematography: Vinod Ellampally, Editing “ Lijo Paul. The shooting is progressing at Thrissur and the film Georgettan’s pooram proposed to be released on Chistmas, Decembar.


You have heard Thrissur Pooram, Now, there is Georgettan’s Pooram

K.Biju is directing a movie after Doctor Love, popular actor Dileep is the hero – film: Georgettan’s Pooram. K. Bjiu was recognized through his debut direct
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