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Karinkunnam sixes ,Manju, Anoop menon,Deepu Karunakaran
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Directed by Deepu Karunakaran
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Starring Manju , Anoop menon
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A film based on “Volleyball theme “Karinkunnam Sixes.”

Manju warrier, the talent queen is acting again in a very special movie based on the theme Volleyball and the film is Karinkunnam Sixes. Anoop menon plays the hero role opposite to Manju Warrier and the film has a very special track on sporting, Deepu Karunakaran is directing the movie and the Karinkunnam Sixeshas a specialty that this is the first film where Anoop Menon and Manju warrier acting together as hero and heroine.

They both plays volley ball, yes they’re volleyball players and very close friends, also they both are volleyball coaches. The story goes through the relationship between Vandana and Abi and the film Karinkunnam Sixes will be a different movie with its theme and presentation. Deepu Karunakaran is trying to expose the bond of love between the two men. Their sorrow and happiness and the sturdy love, their co-operation etc. are the touching points of the story and off course Karinkunnam Sixes will be a movie which is obviously not in the same path of other Malayalam movies.

The film shows the success life of two characters, where the relevance of depending each other has to special mention. The life of Vandana and Abi become success, because of them both depend each other and one became support to the other one. The script writer Arun lal Ramachandran and Deepu Karunakaran are trying the reveal the real meaning of pure love and friendship and Manju warrier and Anoop menon are the center attraction of the theme.

After the success of “Vetta”, Arun lal Ramachandran is writing the scripting for Karinkunnam Sixes. Vanndan and Abi are best volleyball players, then Abi has changed as volleyball coach and Abi has a lifelong ambition and dream to form a volleyball team and he tries and wins. Abi has formed a volleyball team and he called it “Karinkunnam Sixes”, through the dedication and hard work, the Karinkunnam Sixes developed a lot.

Now Karinkunnam Sixes is the most talented and famous volleyball team in the field of volleyball. Unexpectedly, Abi is getting a shock, he has been forced to experience a bitter reality, an accident occurred and after,  Abi physically been tired and he lost his physical capabilities and became a failure in playing volleyball. In this situation where Abi is not active in volleyball, other players abandon Karinkunnam Sixes and they joined other volleyball teams.

Many of the players leave to other opposite team Masters owned by Kuriachan.  The dreams are broken and Aby loses his confidence, he found the reality that to participate in the premier league and to reap the winning is impossible, Abi became mentally more down and depressed. At this juncture of agony, Vandana  joins Aby to uplift his dreams in to reality and she wears the jersey of Aby and plays and Vandana strives to achieve the success, she only targets  to life gain to Abi’s Karinkunnam Sixes, to participate in premier league and  to obtain the No.1 position.

She has an intimate friend “Jail IG Hema Latha IPS” , she informed Vandana that, in the jail there is a team of volleyball players and if practiced them properly , they will perform best and it can possible to create a best volleyball team. As per the intention of Jail IG Hema latha, Vandana enters in Jail and try to select the volley ball players. The volleyball players in the Jail are Dougles, Lalu, Shashaankan, Kevin, Vasudevan etc.

Vandana select them in to volleyball and she give practice to the new team. These efforts are for Abi, and Vandana tries her maximum efforts to put Karinkunnam Sixes in to the forefront and to uplift to No.1 position. Through the dedication of Vandana, she managed to make the capacity to participate and play in the premier league. Hence, there are   a procession of interesting things are coming in to sequences and Deepu Karunakaran very dexterously creates so many beautiful moments in to film.

The film Karinkunnam Sixes would be an interesting movie, manju warrier and Anoop menon are acting as heroine and hero. Deepu Karunakaran is the director. The star casts include Babu Antony, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Sreejith Ravi, Baiju, Sudheer Karamana, Jacob Gregory, Padmaraj Ratheesh, Nandu, Bineesh Kodiyeri, Irshad, Vijaykumar, Sudev nair, Shaji nateshan, Santhosh Keezhattoor and above all something special, the directors, Shyama Prasad Major Ravi are also acting.

Script : Arun lal Ramchandran.   Cinematoography: JK

Editing:Sajan   Banner: Backwater Studios. Pruducers: Jaylal menon, Anil Viswas.

Direction: Deepu Karunakaran.

Karinkunnam sixes
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M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies

M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies