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Movie Name
Directed by Sukesh Roy
Written by Sukesh Roy
Starring K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Kailash, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Neena Kurup, Malavika Menon
Music by Chandu Mithra
Edited by
Released Year 2016
Language Malayalam

Do your duty, but don’t have to wait for after effect, this is our duty and everyone performs their duty without expecting the after effect. The river bank of Bharathappuzha and Devammal is in a sitting position on the sand bed; she is worried and gloomy, thinking of something. Suddenly she felt a touch on her shoulder and she turned back – she saw Hari in a smiling look, he tried relaxing Devammal and said “everything are mere dramas , and we ‘are the characters still not completed our performance, come mother come ..

Hari is trying to relax Devammal from her sorrows. What’s our duty in this world? Without expecting the result of duties, just do your duty and it’s our duty in this world. Everyone in this world is performing actors, the life is a drama and, once the actors have to remove their attire and to leave the venue.

This is the cycle of life and death, the gone are gone.. In the river bank of Nila, the daughter of Hari is coming closer to him her name is Kanchana, Hari takes her and hugs – Hari is told the essence of pyre ash dipping in the water to Devammal. In the life span of everyone “the body is a reality”, but after death the body become only a grip of ash.. If the body turned ash, the ambitions remain.

Hari adds his words to Devammal, “pyre ash dipping is a rite (jalanajali) mainly for those who gone and abandoned their ambitions, the living are taking their ambitions and act for them by dipping the pyre ash in to water. This is an awareness of Hari, he revealed the mysterious spiritual secrets to Devammal very simply. Hari is a person simply wandered to Gangothri, Varanasi and Kudajadri , and all for spiritual thirst.

Now he is a teacher in the Kalpaththi padashaala and it’s also a part of his role which he has to perform and once he’ll be forced to remove the attire of life and to leave the earth. This is a part of his journey to achieve the spiritual knowledge. Hari told the spiritual secrets to Devammal and she is is awaken and it’s like a revelation.

The mentioned are the characters for Devayanam, shot in the river bank of Nila. KPAC Lalitha is acting as Devammal and Kailash as Hari. Their daughter Kamnchana is Baby Akshara. Devayanam is a movie dealing philosophical threaded sequences and the scripting and dialogues of this film are handled by Advo. C.R. Ajay Kumar and the director of Devayanam is Sukech Roy, he is also the story writer. Advocate Shobi Joseph is the producer, and Devayaanam is coming under the banner of Angel Boys Creations.

Cinematographer – Chris Kaimal, The music composer is Chantu mithra, Lyrics – Rajiv Alunkal and the singers are Madhu Balakrishnan, Sudip Kumar and Jayshree Ranjith.
Devayanam will be a different movie which goes through the spiritual philosophy, and it’ll be a film with quality. KPAC Laitha and Kailash are the main role players and baby Akshara also in the key role.

The renowned actors like Suraj Venjaramoodu, Malavika Menon, Kalashaala Baabu, Neena Kurup, Devi, Ajith, Munshi Venu, Shantha Kumari, Saritha etc are also participating with this movie. The locations of Devayanam are Palakkadu, Chittoor, Kalppaaththi, and Varanasi and the Malayalam cinema is awaiting a film holds the possibility for many awards.

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