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Saavitriyude Aranjaanam (2002) is a Malayalam comedy movie. Directed by Mohan Kupleri, starring Harisree Ashokan, Innocent, Jagathy Sreekumar, Kalabhavan Mani, Sudheesh, Vijayaraghavan, Machan Varghese, Salim Kumar, Aswathi, KPAC Lalitha, Dhanya & others. Savitriyude Aranjanam (Savitry’s waist string) is a simple movie. To be frank it has any so called messages or central idea, it is an entertainer. Like most other comedy movies, it has a story which is not so serious. If stand as a hard core criticizer we may find the script a little wiered as well as weak. But If we watch with movie with a simple humour sense, any one can fall in love with the script. Movie is about a typical family man, who got lots n lots of debts and he is font off with his wife, who is so beautiful. The story goes around her waist string. Neelakandan is the guy we are talking about. Savitri is his wife. Before her marriage, a fellow called Raghavan loved her so much from child hood. But she was not much interested on him. Later he appears in the movie as a semi hero. Achu was Neelakandhan’s school teacher.He is a widower and his son is Dushyanthan, a 20 year old bachelor. Neelakandan’s neighbor is Ravunni. His wife, Sarojini. Their 18 year old daughter Damayanthi. Dushyanthan is in love with Damayanthi. But both families don’t know about it. Kanaran is a small business fellow in that village. Moreover the movie is set to be shot in a remote village. So far it gives a much significance to the movie’s humorous atmosphere. Appachan is a fake boxer. Moythu is a fish seller. These all are the character back up.
Movie starts with a scene from temple. Neelakandan is a Mahout by profession. But he drinks a lot. Hence he dumps all money into the liquor shop. Hence the Mahout profession does not earn much, he borrows money from native people for a living. Mainly he borrows money from Ravunni. He is also a helping hand of poor and needy of the village. So lets back to the story, the committee members are in search of the mahout for possession in temple. But he is busy in liquor shop. Hence all are fed up with him. Hence he got fired. Followed by many humorous scenes, which draws the so called debt life of a typical mahout. And moreover we can see , how pathetic is the life of a alcoholic. The camera swifts to his home, he got a beautiful wife, Savitri. But she is not much happy with her husband. Moreover their marriage was an arranged one. Her mother in law scolds her for any thing and everything. This is the life of Neelakandan. The director has won his part in sketching an unhappy wife. Later the movie curls along with her waist string.One day he steal her waist string and borrows money from Ravunni. On the other hand he tried to commit suicide because of his debt. Things got changed very soon. The people gathered and decided to conduct a boxing championship to un-tie his debts. Appachan claimed himself as a boxer and stayed in Achu’s house. One day he tried to molest Damayanthi. Luckily Raghavan saved her. And he drawn Appachan away. Mean while the things got worse in Neelakndan’s home. Savitri lost her temper when she came to know about the theft from her own husband. Neelakndan some way arranged the money and paid back the debt of Ravunni on the string. But when he came to his house, he her with her naked waist. He got crazy with the string. He don’t give that back and he returned to home and started dreaming the same looking the string. This became the big pandemonium. Finally Ravunni decided to get in to the competition for the string. But Raghavan was gone away. So Neelakandan himself got into the fight. So who will be the tittle holder? Not much serious climax . But unfolds some simple humor. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.


Savithriyude aranjanam
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