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Genre Thriller
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Radio is a 2013 Malayalam–language drama film directed by Umer Mohammed and starring Iniya, Sarayu, Nishan and Sreejith Vijay in pivotal roles. The film was produced by S. C. Pillai whose previous production Passenger was a critical and commercial success.

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“Tune in for a change” is the tagline attached to Radio in the credits. The storyline is about a girl Priya who comes to the city for a job as a salesgirl in a jewellery shop,with a load of debt to pay off, played by Sarayu. She is new to the ways and customs of the city life. Her co-worker, Iniya character Shweta, gives her accommodation, since she has no place or relative home to stay in the city. Shweta goes out at every night, where Nishan’s character Manu, comes to pick her up. Whole picture of the storyline is clear, Shweta. a five star prostitute and associate Manu as pimp,for securing her business. It is a shock to Priya when she realizes the truth about Shweta and decides to leave her friendship and apartment.

A set back comes to Priya because of her need of cash,for her mother’s operation,which Shweta supports by her extra -profession. Since Priya’s trouble is cash, she too falls for lucrative offer to trade her body,if she wants to,for a psychiatrist doctor to provide him company for 1 or 2 years.

Meanwhile,Shweta family decides to go with a marriage proposal for her. She tries to avoid engagement. But the bridegroom is determined to take her in,and forget her past. She agrees for marriage,and they marry. Her one of the clients happens to be her husband’s friend,and his visits to their home,adding up slight sparks of fire.

Priya follows her pro-life with the doctor and finally ends up cheated by her family and the doctor when his wife and daughter who abandoned him, returns from States. At last Priya became mad

Maniyan Pilla Raju’s character as Priya’s father and Harisree Ashokan as a broker agent are similar set of masks which they have worn before.

The film belongs mostly to Iniya, on the performance side. She plays her part with conviction. Sarayu is good, but there are moments where we see her doing it as if she is doing some boring television serial. Yet, she is OK. Nishan is good and so is Jayakrishnan. Thalaivasal Vijay appeals to us as he gets to do something different, but you feel his portion could have been handled a bit more effectively and could have been a bit trimmed and toned down. The rest of them don’t have much to do. Irshad, in his brief role, is good.

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Directed by Umer Mohammed
Produced by S. C. Pillai
Written by Nizam Rawther
Starring Sarayu
Suraj Venjaramoodu
Music by Mohan Sithara
Cinematography Deepu S. Unni
Edited by Linson Raphel
Distributed by
Country India
Language Malayalam

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