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Nilavu, Haridas, Sunita Nedungadi, Sreelekha
Movie Name
Directed by Ajith Nair
Written by Ajith Nair
Starring Haridas , Sunita Nedungadi , Sreelekha
Music by Reji Gopinath
Cinematography Ajith Nair
Edited by Nikhil Venu
Released Year 2010
Language Malayalam

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Genre Romantic
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Nilavu  is a 2010 Malayalam romantic film written and directed by Ajith Nair. Nilavu is the soul touching story of an indefinable relationship between two lonely individuals, who meet by chance. The whole film revolves around the strange bond that develops between them and how their relationship evolves.Krishnan Haridas as ‘Hari’ and Sunita Nedungadi as ‘Lakshmi’ bring to life the emotional complexities of expatriate life in the Gulf.

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Malayalam Full Movie Story Nilavu

No man is an island. We live to love and be, loved. Even as the mind weaves its own fantasies and the heart layers it with different emotions, we are journeying on, searching for an anchor in the ebb and flow of time, in the different shades of Nilavu.

Hari is the protagonist of Nilavu, caught in the solitude of his own emotional disconnect. It is a journey that has led him away from the lush green, simple environs of his native Kerala to the lonesome, lost world of people brought together in a strange land, living in the shadows of synthetic dreams. Nilavu unfolds as a poignant story of the expatriate migrant workers in the Gulf countries.

Lakshmi, the other protagonist, is a nature lover, married to a rich businessperson, living in Bahrain. Lakshmi enjoys all the material luxuries that money can buy, yet feels lonesome and lost in a strange land of glass and concrete, caged in a dysfunctional relationship.

The magic of Nilavu is thus woven around the lives of Hari and Lakshmi and the solitude that brings them together, each searching for an emotional anchor. How their relationship evolves and where it leads to forms the core of Nilavu’s journey, exploring human emotions and the different shades of love, perception and belief.

Krishnan Haridas as ‘Hari’ and Sunita Sunil Nedungnadi as ‘Lakshmi’ bring to life the emotional complexities of expatriate life in the Gulf countries. Delving deep into the psyche of the Indian community, Nilavu, through a strong supporting cast, captures the dreams, desires and aspirations of the migrant workers and families as well as the cultural ethos of the region.

Malayalam Full Movie Cast Crew Nilavu

Directed by Ajith Nair
Produced by Krishnan Haridas
Written by Ajith Nair
Starring Haridas , Sunita Nedungadi , Sreelekha
Music by Reji Gopinath
Cinematography Ajith Nair
Edited by Nikhil Venu
Distributed by Convex Productions
Country India
Language Malayalam

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