Newspaper Boy is a Malayalam–language Indian film released in 1955. It is the first neo realistic movie in the language.The film, a drama of stark realism, narrates the life of the common man on the street. The film is noteworthy in that the entire production programme from script-writing to direction was controlled and executed by students. The group of students were from Adarsh Kalamandir[clarification needed] and was written and directed by P. Ramdas. The screenplay was based on a short story written by Ramadas himself.

Though the film had a shoestring budget of ₹175,000 (US$2,600), featured mostly amateur actors, and was made by an inexperienced crew, Newspaper Boy was a critical success. Influenced by Italian neorealism, the film is also remembered for being the world’s first commercial film made by students

Newspaper Boy (1955)
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