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Bobby is an Indian Malayalam Movie Directed by Shebi

Malayalam Full Movie Info Bobby

Malayalam Movie Bobby

Bobby Review

The film goes through the inroads a younger boy in his 21, he has gone to the seminary to become as priest, due to certain reasons he has been forced to abandoned the theological studies, he came back avoiding the priest ambition, he is a youngster as like others, he has all the emotions of the adolescent boy, he has being trapped in the web of love, where age was not a constraint factor, he never thought what the others would think about him, the out casted from the seminary being love sick,

the story Bobby tells many thing not common, as you know this is India, a country very conservative never allows immoral freedom or extra liberal activities, in western countries, there is no restriction, where there is no age barrier in the matter of love and romance, here in this film Bobby, the hero Niranjan loves Mia, she is seven years senior than him, finally he married her and the film exposes many interesting events. The film Bobby has everything to entertain the Malayalam audience, love, comedy, good songs and more over the film ensures all the Masalas , the film will be of course a very good comedy family entertainer.

Love is not mere an immature emotion, Love is pure and as we know the adolescent age is the proper time for the natural sprout of love in hearts, whether in male or female, whether in boy or girl , but her in this film Bobby, the main character the younger boy, handsome Niranjan loves a woman seven years senior than him, it’s not common in India, love and marriages are nothing new to say, but an emotion love towards a woman seven years senior than the boy is a very exceptional case,

in this movie Bobby the hero loves the heroine seven years age over than him, with the same reason the film Bobby tells a very different story, yes Bobby is a very different love story in every aspect, but it has everything that you would prefer from a pure love story, Niranjan and Mia are the main role holders in the movie, as you know Niranjan is a very younger man, but Miya is something matured actress, perhaps not only in Malayalam cinema, but the entire history of Indian cinema there will be very rare stories with similar subject filmed in to cinema. Bobby the movie will be discussed in the future only because of the theme, Love the pure emotion of every hearts takes new wings in Bobby.

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Directed by Shebi
Written by Shebi
Starring Niranj,Sinoj Varghese,Miya George
Music by Rony Raphael
Cinematography Prasanth Krishna
Edited by Babu Rathinam
Country India
Language Malayalam

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