S Thettu | Sathyan | Sheela | K.P Ummar | Adoor Bhasi Thettu | Sathyan | Sheela | K.P Ummar | Adoor Bhasi
Movie Name
Directed by KS Sethumadhavan
Written by P Ayyaneth
Starring Sathyan , Sheela , Adoor Bhasi, K P Ummar
Music by G. Devarajan
Cinematography C Namasivayam
Edited by PV Narayanan
Released Year


“Thettu” (1971) is a Malayalam Classic Family Romantic  movie. Directed by Sethumadhavan. Starring Sathyan, Sheela, K.P Ummar, Adoor Bhasi and others. The movie is itself a classic but the central theme has a bit modern strategy. Movie’s story explores the theme of family relations.Moli and Mathew are in affair for years. Where as Moli is from a very higher family. Mathew is searching for a career. Soni is a rich business man who has business firms abroad. Thankamma is a Doctor and close friend of Soni. Thankamma was from a very poor family. She started her career as a Nurse and later she was forced to do prostitution for bread winning. Soni is very ambitious towards life. He dreaming a happy life with his spouse.
The Movie starts with the scene from the hostel of Moli. She finished her studies and going back to home. Meanwhile mathew and Moli decides to spend some private time together. They first go to beach and when it’s night they goes to a Hotel and decides to return the next morning. At that night they commits the physical relation. Mathew ows to marry her within two months after he is back from Mumbai. Mathew goes and camera swifts to Moly’s home. She tells to her father about Mathew when he proceeds with new marriage proposals. Her father enquirers about him and he says he is a fraud. Because he already got a wife and kid.She married Soni with disappointment. At the very first night she told him that she is pregnant. He got totally down hearing this. He took her with him in a so called Singapore trip and he kept her with Thankamma and gone for Business in Singapore. Moli gave birth to a baby girl. One day he came back and took them with him. What may be the next in his life? Will the smile of that child change his mind? Switch to full movie and reveal the mystery.


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