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Picnic Watch (1975) is a Malayalam Classic Romantic Movie release. Directed by J Sasikumar, starring Prem Nazir, Adoor Bhasi, Jose Prakash, Vincent, Bahadur, MG Soman, Unnimary, Meena, Radhmani, Lakshmi & others. The Movie is a typical classic movie of tribes to the construction of Pulikkannan Dam. Prem Nazeer is doing double role in this movie. Rajan is a College student , Shakunthala is his classmate and lover. His father is A. V Menon a retired Water authority Officer. Altogether with his college friends and Professor. In the tribal cast, Mooppan is their head, Chudala Muthu is the youth leader. mala is Moppan’s daughter. Malli is her friend. Shankarappilla is the watch man of Pulikkannan dam.A. V Menon , Shankarappilla, Ravi is Old naseer, Chudala Muthu, Maala,  Malli Friend. Rajan & Shakunthala.
The movie starts with the Picnic trip of some college students altogether with their professor. They are engineering students too. They reached Pulikkannan dam. The movie then goes through their joy and celebration mixed with some romance. One girl gets in to accident in the dam river Shankarappila saves her and he noticed Rajan. He recollect his memories he tell him his real father is Ravi, who was the Man behind the Dam. A. V Menon is his friend. He skips to flash back. Ravi and crew were appointed to study about the dam project years back. On tht times there were tribal groups in the forest. They warned them to find another spot since the whole place will go under water.And they dont mind t also they tried to harass the investigation crew but hence they had weapons they could not do much. Ravi & Mala gets in to affair which was punishable under their tribal law. But they got caught. Mooppan sentenced them to death. What may happen next? How they escaped? How Rajan lost his parents then? Watch full movie and find them out. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Movie Channel.


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M. K. Arjunan the creator of Sweet Malayalam Melodies