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Movie Name
Directed by M. Krishnan Nair
Written by Dr Pavithran
Starring Madhu Jayan sridevi
Music by M. S. Viswanathan
Cinematography NA Thara
Edited by G Venkittaraman
Released Year

“Oru Raagam Pala Thaalam” (1979) is a Malayalam Romantic & Dramatic Family movie, Directed by M. Krishnan Nair. Starring Jayan, Sridevi,Madhu, Jagathy Sreekumar, Shankaradi, Aaranmula Ponnamma & Others.This movie is all about the thick intimacy of relations which are not defined by birth.Vinod (Madhu) is a Multi Millionaire and estate owner. But unfortunately he has neither father nor mother. No siblings too. He was quite alone in life and deeply thirsting for pure love and care. Raju (Jayan) is a well educated young man, Vinod supported him in his studies. He was from a Poor family. Meena (sreedevi) is the daughter of Gopalan, who is a care taker in the estate.
The movie starts with a Tennis Game between Raju & Vinod. Raju realises Vinod could not bear the failure to any extend he gives up. But Vinod finds out Raju’s good attitude and he appoints Raju as his Personal Asst. Moreover he finds a good brother in him. From that day both lives got good nourishment. Raju and Mother shifted to Vinod’s mansion. Raju takes good care of Estate which makes Shankaran unhappy, since he was taking benefit by fooling Vinod. Meanwhile Raju tells to Madhu about his affair with an unknown girl. In the other hand Vinod saw a girl accidentally and he fell in love with her. Unfortunately both girl is same, Meena. On the other hand Raju goes for a Tennis tournament and Gopalan convinces Meena for the marriage with Vinod,. Raju had come back and came to know the real  picture, but he changes his mind, because of good & sincere brotherly love. Mean while Gopalan dies  and she is being taken to Vinod’s Home. Vinod asks Raju to teach her Driving. When they all gone for driving, the car get in to accident and Vinod’s Legs get paralyzed. In this moment the movie turns more dramatic, will Vinod Marry Meena? or Who will Meena marry? lots of confusions only one answer. For that switch to full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.”


Oru Ragam Pala Thalam
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