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Saint Thomas
Hot N Sour brings you with prayers the saint movie “St Thomas” . Casting actors are Mohan, Muralidas, Thikurushi, Bahadoor, Jose Prakash etc. This is not just a movie this is the biography of the great saint “Saint Thomas’. The movie is about St. Thomas’ arrival to India and Kerala to promote Christianity. The movie starts with Lord Jesus Christ together with his devotees. Upon the wish of Jesus , his devotees agrees to go around the world to convey his words about god. St Thomas goes to India. At first he saves a Arabic Merchant from pirates. Under his request St Thomas goes to nearby kingdom,. and he started devoting people about Lord Jesus. The king himself invites him to his palace and requests to stay there. A little dramatic situations passes from this point. St Thomas cures many sick people,which make more and more people to follow him and accept Christian Religion.The neighboring country plans to attack. The spies tells this to the king, but St Thomas disagree to  fight back and the king agrees with it. But his Minister and Spy head brainwashes him and puts St Thomas in to Jail. meanwhile his Daughter gets into unconscious after having the milk from the Palace Dancer. St Thomas Comes out from prison with the bless of Lord Jesus and saves the Daughter. The king apologies and St Thomas continuous his travel to Kerala. In Kerala he gets many opposition from other religious people. But seeing his spiritual magics many people gets ready to follow him. Upon his request many Churches are made including Malayatoor  Church.You may find many dramatic visuals in this part. Finally he reaches Paravoor.The rulesr of paravoor sends a Wild Elephant to kill him, but St Thomas comes to him in that elephant. The Ruler of Paravoor also becomes his devotee. Next he proceeds to western India. He continues the same in every where. Finally some culprits decides to kill him, they stab him when he was praying. The Movie ends with his return to heaven. The total feel of the movie is beyond words. This is a spiritual movie which reminds us about the power of god. We are so polite to bring this movie. With Prayers …Hot n Sour Entertainment Company.


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kamal , madhavikutty

The realistic life of poet who enjoyed life in her own way.. Director Kamal again with a biopic film about Madhavikkutty, the same Kamala Surayya.