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The Great Father is an upcoming Indian Malayalam film directed by Haneef Adeni. It is produced by Prithviraj Sukumaran, Arya, Santhosh Sivan, and Shaji Nadesan under the banner of August Cinema. It stars Mammootty and Sneha in the lead roles.

Malayalam Full Movie Review The Great Father

Malayalam Movie Review The Great Father

“The Great Father”, Mammootty gets Lost Charisma

David Ninan is a builder, his character is something mysterious, he has good dressing sense, he loves family and keeps good attachment, he always tries to be a hero in front of her daughter and of course David Ninan is a Great Father at least in the intuitional consideration of her daughter, Whenever she talks about her father, there is un limitation because of her deep love and admiration on the basis of pure emotional psyche. A paranoid killer enters (as per the cinematic formula demands)in to their life, he tries to attack Sarah(daughter) but how ever surprisingly she escaped from the hands of death. Hence, while looking back the realities on the un pleasant event, David being understood the possibility for the effort to kill her daughter again, he became highly provocative. The first police officer who came for investigation surrenders death. Arya is the second character arrives for investigation, he strives to nab the criminal, but, David Ninan takes a decision, he doesn’t cooperative with the department of police, Ninan’s movements up gears Arya, the police officer, from the beginning to the end the killer denotes only as joker and the director never unmasks the killer’s face until the last, makes curiosity in viewers. Director Haneef Adeni gives much expectations, for the making of “Great Father” , he experimented a different treatment. Un doubted, the film can be denoted as a ”dialogue oriented thriller movie with extra ordinary making”, the film hoped to be get repeated audience.

Certain Draw backs:

Basically, there is no drawbacks in the movie, Hence those who tries to find the draw backs – In the movie there is nothing to say as story, the situations are filmed as story, As something draw back , the detailing in certain sequences being lengthy, only if criticize the draw backs of a movie.

Date published: 3/30/2017
3.75 / 5 stars

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Directed by Haneef Adeni
Produced by Prithviraj Sukumaran,Santhosh Sivan
Written by Haneef Adeni
Starring Mammootty
Music by Gopi Sunder
Cinematography Roby Varghese Raj
Edited by Noufal Abdullah
Distributed by
Country India
Language Malayalam

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