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Solo is an upcoming Malayalam drama film written and directed by Bejoy Nambiar, starring Dulquer Salmaan, Shruti Hariharan, Dhansika and Arthi. Shot simultaneously in Malayalam and Tamil, production began during November 2016.

Malayalam Full Movie Info Solo

Malayalam Movie Review Solo

Solo released, the movie is basically an exposure of one man show as per the title mentions. There are more than one cinema in one cinema is really an adventure or visual strive. The movie Zolo tells four different stories with separate entity.

Dulqar the very promising actor of Malayalam cinema and the younger super star in the making plays the key role. The film is anthology visualization and such movies are not common in main stream cinema world especially in Malayalam. Bijoy Nambiar not so familiar in Malayalam cinema but well known in the Mumbai cinema directs the movie.

The film holds four characterizations of DulqarSalman and undoubted the movie is an experimental movie in Malayalam or the movie can be describe as a brave attempt.

Zolo travels on an isolated roadway, but it has something say special that the characters are the synonyms of the same denotation of lord Shiva. If only the film have to divide in to four, we would able to find there is a soul in the movie.

The film gives only hope with Dulqar Salman and there is nothing more to get a special feel in Zolo, in to a certain extent the film is like a Mumbai movie. Zolo , Dulaqar Salman takes four characterizations and all the names are substitutes of lord Shiva, the name are Shekhar, Thrilok, Rudra, Shiva.

Director Biju Nambiar found the possibilities of Dulqar as the furious young man of Malayalam cinema. In the first half of the film presents the intense fury of romance and vengeance.

There are two half portions of the movie particularly meant for love, romance and for revenge. There are enough sequences ensures the rejoices for Dulqar fans,The film Zolo tis a bi linguistic movie, the audience can see the movie both in Malayalam and Tamil, even there is not a common thread in the movie, the film have everything to entertain the Dulquer fans.

The first story is telling about the romance of vocal cord problematic Shekhar and with blind Kapali (Dhansika), the second subject tells about the revenge of veterinary doctor Thrilok Menon, the second part is starting with an accident, the visualization is very noticeable with the stunning visual effect and the thrilling presence. There are only a few actors are in the frame, Dilqaur, Renj Panicker, Anson Paul, Aarathy Venkatesh etc.

After the interval and in the third movie Dulqar acts as a rowdy , he is talking only with the gun and there is some un expected detours in the film. Manoj K Jayan and Praksh Balbadi also holds some characterization and Solo is not an utter boring movie, the film has something to entertain the Dulqar fans, Solo the movie is an experiment and there is nothing wrong with seeing the movie, the film never disappoints you.

The last part also somewhat interesting, well-known actors like Nasar, Suhasini, Deepthi Sathi, Neha Sharma, Dino Moria, Suresh Menon etc are participating, Any way Solo the one man show of Dulqar Salman is a very particular movie which shows the experimental innovations in the visual treat.

Edited by: HNS Team
Date published: 10/10/2017
3.2 / 5 stars

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Directed by Bejoy Nambiar
Written by Bejoy Nambiar
Starring Dulquer Salmaan
Music by Prashant Pillai
Cinematography Sanu Varghese
Edited by
Country India
Language Malayalam

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