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Malayalam Full Movie Honey Bee 2

Sebastian (a.k.a. Seban) (Asif Ali), Abu (Sreenath Bhasi), Ambrose Perera (Balu), Fernandez de Silva (a.k.a. Ferno) (Baburaj), Angel (Bhavana) and Sara (Archana Kavi) are close friends in Fort Kochi. Angel’s brothers HC Michael (Lal), Martin (Amith Chackalakal), Father Collin (Suresh Krishna), and Antony (Assim Jamal), nicknamed “Punyalanmar”, are dangerous businessmen.

Malayalam Full Movie Review Honey Bee 2

Honey Bee 2 released

Most awaited Malayalam move, the second part of Honey Bee released , all the released stations are filled with heavy crowd of youngsters, as per the reports from all released centers, the film HoneyBee2 will be a super hit all over south India, the film with Kochi entity has lot to entertain the mass audience, it has everything that you would prefer from a good comedy family entertainer, Lal Junior proves he is also a non-detachable part of Malayalam cinema like his father Lal, he also a stunning performer in the movie, the film is absolutely the Kochi exposure of life turns, the speaking slang of the characters are very interesting, the film reveals the bold nature of certain Kochi residents, you’ll feel the same magic of success repeated again and the film has all the Masalas specially aimed to the young generation. In the film Bhavana as the same Angel, she married to Seban, and Lal plays the sturdy gangster Michael and obviously the film have everything to satisfy each and every audience. Certain new characters are also added and Sreenivasan is one of the said portrayal , he is acting as Thampi Antony the father of Seban, and Lena is in the cast as the mother of Seban, her name is Ruby in the movie. The character of Baburaj Ferno is very noticeable as in the old version. What ever be Honeybee 2, the celebrations is a good comedy family entertainer, obviously the film would create the waves of celebration, there is nothing wrong in suggesting to anyone, Honeybee 2, the film unmasks celebrations.

The second part of Seban & Angel love story has hit the theaters on today. Since the first part was a youth pack, the second part has brought some curiosity. The third directorial cinematography of Lal jr, the son of Actor – Director Lal, has succeeded in inviting the attention of the industry to a greater extent. He has executed the movie in an entirely new plot. In the first part Honey Bee has stopped with the exposure of untold love between Seban & Angel. Now the couple has decided to move forward with the marriage knot. Angle’s family (The Punyalans) has shown the green light too. But Seban was not confident about his father Thambi Anthony. Since he was far beyond than the status of Punyalans family, Seban was in a state of confusion and agony. But here comes the unexpected twist. When Michael goes to see Thambi Antony he recognizes him as his old classmate. So without much hazels, the marriage was carried out. But the vast difference of status & prestige between the two families leads to some issues. This is the core story of the movie.

Edited by: HNS Team
Date published: 3/23/2017
3 / 5 stars

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Directed by Lal Jr.
Produced by Sibi Thottupuram
Written by Lal Jr.
Starring Asif Ali,
Sreenath Bhasi,
Music by Deepak Dev
Cinematography Alby
Edited by Ratheesh Raj
Distributed by
Country India
Language Malayalam

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Malayalam Full Movie Info Honey Bee 2
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