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Genre Drama
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Malayalam Full Movie Ezra

Malayalam Full Movie Info Ezra 2016 Indian Malayalam language film directed by Jay K. The film stars Prithviraj Sukumaran, Tovino Thomas, and Priya Anand. Tirru handles the cinematography while Rahul Raj composes the music. Malayalam movie ezra

Malayalam Full Movie Review Ezra

Ezra, A Horror Movie with Exceptional Quality..

The Prithviraj movie Ezra released, the reports says from all corner “ A very good horror movie”, tells the story very different from the released movies in the same genre of horror, the film has a Jewish back ground and the film Ezra is a studied and observed visual treat only deals horror, the film has everything that you would prefer from a best Malayalam threatening movie. As the crew announced, the film is a straight mode visualization perhaps after Bhargavee Nilyam , the decades back released super hit ion Malayalm. Esra, the movie can be say as the best horror movie in the nearest history of Malayalam cinema, Prithviraj, the younger super star is proving he is still in the forefront of the best actors in Malayalam and ofcourse he deserves the seats with super star Mammootty and Mohanlal.

The approach to the cinema makes Esra very different, the film purposefully avoids the repeated poojas and witchcrafts. The film goes through the beliefs and traditions of Jews, the film gives awareness of the newish beliefs and D Book Box, the film has to experience the viewer, Prithviraj performed much better, and the film esra would say why Prithviraj earned huge volume of fans in Kerala. Priya Anand, the heroine has acted superb, Priya is same her name in the film, she has acted very controlled herself, Tovino Thomas is an ACP in the movie, he has acted well, perhaps in future Tovino would have the possibility to come in the lead roles frequently.

Sujith Shankar, the actor of Maheshinte Prathikaaram plays a noticeable role in Esra, , he acted best , whatever be the film Esra started the journey of success, obviously the film will be a super hit all over Kerala. The film has three beautiful songs and all are in suitable situations, the film gives un expected scare jumps, the script has some fearful sequences, after the second half Esra is sowing horrors – the film is very different, it never makes you boring, the film ensures full satisfaction even to an average film viewer.

The last 30 minutes of the movie is very interesting, in theater fills with claps. The situation in screen summersaults to new things. Esra is Horror thriller, the film has everything to satisfy everyone, the film has horrific back grounds and obviously Esra is a visual spreading’s of thrilling horrors. The cinematographer Sujith Vasudev deserves special approvals, he does best camera movements, the film is like a Hollywood movie. Esra is indisputably best and the film spreads the fragrance of a super hit. Come and experience the wonderful horror thriller.

HNS Team
Date published: 02/10/2017
4 / 5 stars

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Directed by Jayakrishnan
Written by
Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran Priya Anand Tovino Thomas
Music by Rahul raj
Cinematography Thiru
Edited by
Country India
Language Malayalam

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