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Movie Introduction

Yathra Chodikkathe is a 2016 Malayalam film directed by Aneesh Varma, and starring Kalabhavan Mani and Reena Basheer.This is the only posthumous film for Kalabhavan Mani. The film was released on 8 April 2016.

A film “Poy Maranju Paryaathe” released all over Kerala, and the actor who reached heavenly abode “Kalabhavan Mani” is the hero and everybody knows he was an unparalleled actor with enormous talent. Poy Maranju Parayathe is the last film of Kalabhavan Mani and the film is directed by Martin.C. Joseph and this is his debut film. The story, script and dialogues – Pradeep Shiva Sankaran, Cinematography – Chella Dorai, Lyrics – Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma, Dr. Prasanth and music by Vidhyadharan master.

Kalabhavan Mani, the hero in this film acts a college lecturer and the film is the story of a misogynous His name is Rahul, he is something tough in character, and he has to face the bitter realities in his life and it’s the reason became the character of Rahul hard while behave with others. Though he looks rough and tough, he is a person hiding the love like the milky white of moonlight, and those who know him would say Rahul is person full of love in heart.

A middle aged woman “Ichchikkavu amma” is staying with him to cook and serve the meals to him and they both loves, often quarrels and obeys and lives and there is a perfect bond of pure love between them. Rahul, the college lecturer is an un married person and he hates women and he is a misogynous man and his friends and relatives are students. In certain occasions, the students enter in the home of Rahul, then they enjoys with music, dance and liquor.

Ichchikkavu amma very tactfully controls the celebrations in Rahul’s home, though he enjoys and celebrates life with his students and friends, he has no compromise on duty, he’ll finish all his lessons, and the syllabus in time bound. Another lecturer Swayam prabha is joining duty in the same college where Rahul is teaching and he makes dispute with her while in the first sight and Rahul shines with his wording throw to her and she felt pain and disturbed.

The thread of Poy Maranju Parayaathe, lying with the happenings after hurting Swayamprabha. Kalabhavan Mani acts as lecturer Rahul and Vimala Raman acts as Swayam prabha. Others in the cast are Salim Kumar, Babu Raj, Makbul Salman, gautham, Captain Raju, Kalsaala Raju, Mekha Naathan, Narayanan kutty, Sunitha Verma, Surekha, SanaBeegam, Kaviyoor ponnamma, Kulappully Leela etc. The Kalabhavan Mani starrer “Poy Maranju Parayathe”is presenting by Chelattu Sukumara Menon under the banner of Chelattu creations and the producer of the movie is Sooraj.S. menon.

The plot revolves around a Kuttanadu a girl’s moving to Ernakulam for her studies. She is the daughter of Balan (Kalabhavan Mani) and Indira (Reena Basheer).

Directed by Aneesh Varma
Produced by Shibu Maveli
Written by Haripad Harilal
Starring Kalabhavan Mani
Sadiq, Reena Basheer
Music by Kaithapram Vishwanathan Nambudiri
Cinematography Ramachandran
Edited by
Distributed by Angel Release
Country India
Language Malayalam

Malayalam Full Movie Info Yathra Chodikkathe
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