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Movie Introduction

Vettah is an Indian Malayalam-language thriller film that was directed and co-produced by Rajesh Pillai. The film stars Kunchacko Boban, Manju Warrier, Indrajith Sukumaran and Sandhya. The script was written by Arunlal Ramachandran with A. V. Anoop co-producing the film. The director, Rajesh Pillai, died the day after the film was released.

Vettah (EnglishMeaning : Hunt) is an Indian Malayalam-language thriller film directed and co-produced by Rajesh Pillai.The film stars Kunchacko Boban, Manju Warrier, Indrajith Sukumaran, and Sandhya in the lead roles.The script is written by Arunlal Ramachandran while A. V. Anoop co-produces the film. Principal photography of filming began on October 7, and the film was released on 26 February 2016.The movie getting positive responses from both critics and audience. Unfortunately, Rajesh Pillai, the director of this film, died the day after the film was released. The movie is loosely based on the 2012 Spanish thriller The Body. On the same day, a Kannada-Tamil bilingual titled Game in Kannada (Oru Melliya Kodu in Tamil), was released, which was also based on the same Spanish thriller.
The story revolves around Commissioner Sreebala IPS (Manju Warrier) who is investigating the death of an actress with the help of her colleague ACP Xylex Abraham( Indrajith). She found that the culprit is Melvin (Kunchacko Boban). During the process of investigation she discovers many other shocking things including her father’s accident. The movie also gives a glimpse of dark side of society in which we live.
Date published: 03/31/2016
3.5 / 5 stars

The story revolves around two members of the Indian Police Service (IPS), Commissioner Sreebala (Manju Warrier) and Assistant Commissioner Xylex Abraham (Indrajith), who investigate the disappearance of an actress. Sreebala and Xylex arrest Melvin (Kunchacko Boban), a legal assistant, as the prime suspect. During the interrogation, Melvin reveals he killed both the actress and her companion. However, he claims he has forgotten where he buried the bodies, leaving the police officers forced to negotiate with him in order to close the case. Melvin also says that he lost his daughter 4 years before leaving his wife, Sherin a drug addict, who committed suicide. Melvin later confesses to Sreebala and Xylex that his wife did not commit suicide. Instead, she was killed by himself after he found her in an extra marital affair with Emil, the companion of actress Uma, whom was also killed along with Emil.

It is later revealed the victims were only kidnapped and not killed. Sreebala also learns that Melvin is a psychic patient who was redirecting both her and Xylex. Later, Sreebala and Xylex gets trapped in a game where it happens to affect their personal life. Melvin successfully misleads Xylex and makes him think that his wife is also having an affair with another man. Whereas Sreebala is in a quest to find the truth behind her father’s accident. Her father happens to be like a autistic person after that. Sreebala later learns that her father’s assassination was planned by Xylex.

Xylex on the other hand kills the boyfriend of his wife who later turns out to be her best friend’s husband. It is also revealed that they were not having an affair. Xylex happens to regret for the sin done by him. Sreebala also learns that Xylex was not the real man behind the plan of killing her father.

After a series of mishaps, Melvin reveals that his daughter Angel was a poor student especially in her studies and often used to get locked in a kennel by her principal and the owner of her school, who happens to be the man who was killed by Xylex when he thinks that his wife is having an affair.

It is also revealed that Melvin’s wife was murdered by the owner of the school when he tries to explain his deed of locking her daughter in a kennel. Sreebala also accidentally kills a lady while driving in a woods along with Xylex and Melvin who later turns out to be the principal.

Finally, it is revealed that Melvin used both Xylex and Sreebala for his revenge. Later, Melvin gets arrested for one year for kidnapping Uma and her companion.

Directed by Rajesh Pillai
Produced by Haneef Mohammed,
Rajesh Pillai
Written by Arunlal Ramachandran
Starring Kunchacko Boban ,
Manju Warrier,
Indrajith Sukumaran,
Music by Shaan Rahman
Cinematography Anishlal
Edited by Abhilash Balachandran
Distributed by Red Rose Creations
Country India
Language Malayalam

Malayalam Full Movie Info Vettah
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